Sons And Gullwings


So… I’ve been gone for a while. Part of it was that I got sick again. This pneumonia is proving tough to beat. But another part of it is that I was working with a friend at Nelson Ledges and then participating in the first-ever Road&Track Performance Car Of The Year. Please tweet that as #pcoty, thanks. It will make Alex Kierstein, our brilliant and fearless social-media guy, happy.

As part of this deal I had access to everything from a Ferrari F12berlinetta to a Fiesta ST at a racetrack and on some fast back roads. It was critical that we pick a winner from a very diverse group and that our impressions be both correct and comprehensive. I was down, totally willing to push the F12 to a stunning 138mph through a dicey Kink turn before smoking it down into a rough, narrow-apex hairpin. But as much as I wanted to do all that, I wanted to hang out with the boy for a little bit even more.

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Spotter’s Guide For The September Road & Track


I’m always one of the last people to get my subscription issue of Road&Track, and I’m also not important enough at the magazine to know anything about how my articles are going to look before they come out. So I had to wait until today to prepare this comprehensive Spotter’s Guide to the September issue. Which, by the way, is the one with Tony Stewart and a Corvette on the cover. You should read that article first; it’s the most interesting one in the book and it wasn’t written by me!

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My Favorite Wagon


Those of you who are kind enough to read me in Road&Track, or even subscribe, (hint hint! Please subscribe! We need the five bucks!) should be aware that I’ll be continuing to contribute to the magazine and the website in the months to come.

One of my first reviews from Malaysia can be found here. The Peugeot 508GT wagon captured my affections during the time we spent together. If they’d bring it here, it would make a great way to drag my kid around. Check it out.

Oh, Look, I’ve Done A Slideshow List


I am sooooo not a fan of Top Ten lists and slideshows. I consider them the cancer of the Internet: click-bait with no redeeming value. Just for the hell of it, however, I’ve come up with one, and I hope it’s slightly more interesting than the usual “21 Things About Sex You Won’t Believe” Buzzfeed list. Check it out: Five Race Cars For Less Than The Price Of A Penguin. And be gentle, okay?