I Really Liked The Peugeot RCZ


Sleek, sexy, fun to drive, not terribly quick but on the streets of Singapore it was irrelevant. To find out more about the French Audi TT, check out Road&Track Online today.

Incidentally, I notice that one of the search terms used to find this site yesterday was “D cup Malaysian Hooker”. Well, friend, if you’re back today, all I have to say is this: they’re out there.

(I’m Not Really A) Youth in (Mal)A(y)sia

Black Baron.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce my partnership with Mohamad Azman to run his “Black Baron” Proton Satria at Sepang for MEGALAP in May. I don’t know how well I’ll fare on a brand-new course after a 23-hour flight in the cheap seats… but to me this is what autowriting is all about. Going someplace great, meeting great people, avoiding the pre-written PR story. I’ll let you know where to read all about it soon.