Now Arriving At Gate J: Two Splendid PRS Guitars


I was in San Francisco on business last week. I’ll be reviewing the interesting Nissan Maxima that I rented on TTAC this week. While I was gone, two new (to me) PRSi showed up. One of them was made just for me by the Private Stock team; the other has had four owners in just two years and sold to me for much less than it originally cost.

Naturally, if you don’t care about guitars or if you’re the sort of fellow who thinks things like “beeswing sipo”, “chaltecoco straight grain”, “mammoth ivory and 14k gold inlays on dark chocolate Brazilian rosewood”, and “gold-inlaid saddles on a solid brass stoptail” represent a despicable foppery that spits in the face of true rock and roll, you won’t want to click this jump.

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