Ask Bark LIVE with the Boost Brothers!

I’m thrilled to bring you the first of two Ask Bark LIVE installments with our good friends, the Boost Brothers. Today’s installment features a letter from a gentleman who’s looking to get a new car for his growing family (and he also has a RAV4 project car!). Somehow we manage to discuss the Crazy/Hot index, Craigslist personals, breast pumps, and Obamacare along the way. Check it out!

Ask Bark: Where Should My Boys and I Go For “Guys’ Weekend?”


In what should become a really awesome regular feature on this here blog, I am taking a question from a reader. Here it is:

Dear Bark,

Long time reader, first time writer here. Im looking to go spend the weekend with some friends of mine somewhere fun. We are all about your age (mid-30’s) and some of us are single and some are not but have been given a “hall pass” for a weekend. They’re all thinking Vegas but I think that’s kind of cliché. Where would you go if you could pick somewhere in the US to go for a guy’s weekend and do it relatively cheap?



Oh, dear Redacted, I have just the answer for you. But you’ll have to click the jump (or look at the above picture) to find out.

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