Ask Bark LIVE with the Boost Brothers!

I’m thrilled to bring you the first of two Ask Bark LIVE installments with our good friends, the Boost Brothers. Today’s installment features a letter from a gentleman who’s looking to get a new car for his growing family (and he also has a RAV4 project car!). Somehow we manage to discuss the Crazy/Hot index, Craigslist personals, breast pumps, and Obamacare along the way. Check it out!

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  1. Jeff Smith

    Clickbait! I wanted to see Mark set a lap on fire in that thing. But learning that Obamacare has decimated the second hand best pump market made it all worthwhile.

  2. silentsod

    The chemistry in what I listened to (I didn’t watch it while at work) was pretty rough and made your writing come across as much stronger. That said, the writing is considerably shorter form and it was interesting to hear you veer off into your own ownership experiences, breast pumps, etc…

  3. Paul M.

    Bark, if I may suggest relative to format, it would be good to include a narrative of the video Q&A. Nineteen minutes is too long to listen to something. I listened to it though. I am glad you are getting back in the saddle.

    A few points, RAV-4 with the V6 was for a period of time the fastest Toyota available in America for sell. Amazing fast little SUV.

    Second, As much as people want to talk about Mazda, the fact is most people in America (read women) who drive little SUVs, have graduated from compacts like Corrolla and Civic or mid-sizers like Camry and Accord. They trust those brands. I think it is really hard for people to choose a brand (Mazda) over Toyota and Honda when those brands and their compacts and sub-compacts have been good to people with reliability for so long. My sister bought a RAV-4, after owning Corrollas and Camrys, she didn’t even think of another brand.

    I do agree with your friend that Equinox just seems like a lower tier of SUV, like a rental. As for Escape, I liked the boxy prior generation version better. This current version just looked strange from outside, and as you state the interior is stranger. The redesign has improved it, but not enough. And it sounds flimsy. The doors close with that thin sound previously reserved for Japanese small cars of many years ago.

    I just don’t think the Koreans have the same reliability record or perception as RAV-4 and CRV. But they generally look great new, and seem to have numbers that are competitive relative to horsepower and torque. Fact is, I think Koreans have priced themselves in a strange place. Most people won’t buy them compared to Honda and Toyota and for valid reasons (resale and reliability).

    • Bark M Post author

      A CX-5 doesn’t seem like an odd choice to somebody who already wants a Miata, though, does it?

  4. Economist

    I’m happy to see some Bark content. I would bet we still have a breast pump somewhere in the house, too.


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