It’s Your Annual Chance To Prove You Know Basketball Better Than Bark Does

I’m a little tardy on this one, but you’ve still got time to join the Riverside Green NCAA pool. And in order to incentivize you, I have a nifty prize for the winner. Click the jump to find out what it is.

If you are the winner of the RG bracket, I’ll offer you the chance to have a guest post published at Riverside Green (subject to my editorial review, of course). You can talk about whatever you like—you can even write a post where you call me a Trump balllicker, if you like.

So go here and join the contest! I look forward to beating everybody again…oh, wait, I lost last year. Well, I won the year before that.

6 Replies to “It’s Your Annual Chance To Prove You Know Basketball Better Than Bark Does”

  1. TJ

    I suppose this is as close to pro sports as Kentucky has

    I literally have the knowledge that can be picked up from sports radio, so of course I will probably do far better than I should before totally flaking out.

  2. kvndoom

    As long as it isn’t duke, I don’t care who wins. Fuck duke.

    Last year’s championship game was the best since NC State / Houston. I can but hope and pray for another game of that caliber.


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