It’s Been a Long Time, I Shouldn’t Have Left You


I know some of you haven’t missed me that much (Hi, Volando!), but I’ve been super busy and stuff as of late and, as a result, haven’t been doing much writing at all. I’m incredibly fortunate that I don’t have to write for a living. That sounds like a strange statement to make—after all, who wouldn’t want to do his or her passion for a living?—but, in many ways, it’s a blessing to be able to keep one’s avocation exactly that.

Allow me to explain.

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When Did The Cops Become The Bad Guys?

Today at the local library, they had “Heroes Day” as part of their Summer Reading Program. My mother-in-law took my kids over to meet a police officer, and they were thrilled to have to opportunity to sit in a police car.

It would never occur to either of them to be wary or afraid of the police. The police are there to help. They protect us from the bad guys. They keep us safe.

Most people in this great nation would disagree with them, it seems.

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