Rodney Writes: 77 Cents On The Dollar

A reminder to our readers: I’m not Rodney, I’m his former co-worker and current friend. This stuff is HIS opinion just like the stuff Bark or Mental or Brendan write is THEIR opinion. Got it? — jb

“Enough is enough is enough.” It’s a line from the song No More Tears by Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand that talks about the shovel loads of shit that they put up with when it comes to the men in and around their lives. Whether it was the husband that wouldn’t stop beating his wife, the boyfriend that couldn’t or wouldn’t keep his dick in his pants, or the boss that couldn’t find a way to keep his hands to himself, let alone take his female employees ideas seriously.

Well almost forty years later women are still dealing with the same issues. One would probably ask themselves how could that be? Well I gotta tell ya, last week I received a revelation as to why this remains an issue decades later.

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Rodney Writes: Sometimes We Should Be Quiet


Everybody please welcome “Rodney”, my old Ford-selling pal, to these pages. We’ll be hearing quite a bit from him in the near future. At the end of the piece I’ve included a gallery of video captured from a trip we took to Woodward Skate Park back in 2003, just for fun. Rodney’s not afraid to crash, even though he was forty years old when we made the trip — JB

One evening last week I was listening to the radio. Normally I’m listening to either NPR or Sports Talk Radio but for whatever reason I decided I had enough talk. I was tired of talking. Sometimes it happens. I wanted some music so I turned the dial to one of the eight Oldie/Classic Rock stations here in Central Ohio. I had not been listening long when I heard the familiar acoustic guitar of Jimmy Page. One only needs to hear the first 4 notes to know this nation’s true national anthem was on the radio, almost 8 minutes of pure listening bliss, ahh lay back close my eyes and take it in.

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