It’s Substack Time. Autobots Assemble! (Decepticons, too!)

Some of you already found it, of course: my Substack is called Avoidable Contact Forever. The formal launch is tomorrow, with new daily content beginning on Sunday.

Some time this evening, depending on my bulk mail provider’s competence, many of you will be getting a discount offer in your email. The offer is permanent and you can share it with friends if you like. It does not apply to the “Trackday Club”, which is roughly the equivalent of that one gold-plated wrench from Harbor Freight and entitles the subscriber to one coached trackday per year at a place that works for both of us. (Bring your own car, unless you want to drive a Neon without power steering and with 48psi rear tire pressure.)

If you do not get your offer by this time tomorrow, look in the “Promotions” or, maybe, “Spam” folder of your email. If it’s not there, comment below and I will send it to you personally by the end of the night Friday.

I’d like to thank the madmen who figured it out ahead of time and signed up immediately. That’s more than I deserve and I won’t forget.

Click the jump for a detailed explanation of what you’ll get with your subscription.

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Where did Alex go?

While there are many back stories and rumors flying around about my departure from TTAC, I’m not going to answer any of them today. Why? Maybe because I want to let bygones be bygones. Maybe I get off on watching the comment-sphere conspiracy theorists speculate. Maybe I’m just a click whore that keeps promising “I’ll tell you later.” All I can say is: someday all will be known. Until then let’s talk about Alex on Autos.
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