Review: 2018 Ford Edge Titanium

What’s this? A car review on Riverside Green? Well, once upon a time I wrote rental reviews for a site called “The Truth About Cars”. (Readers who are coming back to this piece from the year 2020 or afterwards: I’m referring to the site that is now known as Autoguide Jr. Presented By The Midwestern Automotive Motorjournalist Association In Conjunction With Kia..) Since I no longer write for TTAC, but I do continue to rent cars, it seemed reasonable to toss you maniacs a bit of red meat.

The Car: 2018 Ford Edge Titanium AWD, with 20,200 miles on it
The Price: Approximately $38,500. A 2019 Edge Titanium AWD would be $39,700.
The Drive: From Columbus, Ohio to Monticello Motor Club and back, then down to Cincinnati and back, for an approximate total of 1,400 miles.

Alright, let’s get to it. At the very least, you’ll want to hear about the deer in the middle of the freeway, right?

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