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  1. AvatarJohn C.

    Nice story, I remember reading it on the old site. There is an old 560SEL down the street in the hands of an elderly gentleman. He also keeps a current Civic for his caregiver. When I see him we usually talk about his dog, who is getting up there himself. I will have to ask about the 560 the next time I see him, I bet he is the first owner.

  2. Avatarstingray65

    Good story from the days when MBs were engineered with little regard to cost, and the dealer had the same attitude with regards to servicing. Today the cars are definitely engineered with regards to cost, but unfortunately the dealer attitude is still the same.

  3. AvatarSal Darigo

    Great story, Tony. I never saw this one over on Luftstalag 6 7/8, so I’m glad you’re bringing back your greatest hits (no pun intended). Welcome!

  4. AvatarGeorge Denzinger

    “At first I was annoyed that this exchange repeated every few minutes; eventually, I became grateful that he still recognized me…”

    Yup, that was the most important thing…

    I read this over on the other site, too. It was good to see it again.

  5. Avatar-Nate

    I understand of not share, the W126 love .

    I could have suggested a body shop tht’d do the repair had I but known .

    A 560 ?! .

    You’re nuts .


  6. AvatarDave Mitchell

    I’ve had a few 126s and know exactly what you mean. Dad had a 560SEL in Nautical Blue with grey leather that I put some miles on and really enjoyed it – wonderful burl wood set it apart from all the others, but still perhaps my favorite was the Signal Red 88 420SEL that I got when it was about a year old. My grey 86 420 would top out at 144, (the 560 at 155) and the red one would only hit 138mph, but it did it very quickly and with no fuss at all and would run triple digits all day in total comfort and still deliver great gas mileage. It handled perfectly and had a wonderful balance that the others never quite matched, even the silver 89 I had later, and I missed it instantly when I traded it for a 38 Packard Twelve. There are 3 of them still sitting around my shop – and I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of them – so if you need any parts, give me a call – I have 2 parts cars. Thanks for a nice article.

    • Avatar-Nate

      @Dave ! .

      I need a non air bag W126 steering wheel…….

      Please help, Jack will give you my E-Mail address .




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