It Was Never About Believing All Women


In case you’ve taken a trip to the outer dimensions in the last week or so, I’ll let you know that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, after making the pitch that perhaps “non-viable” babies who’ve somehow managed to survive being born should be aborted anyway, was called on the carpet before the perpetually aggrieved of America for possibly appearing in either blackface or a KKK costume in a photo found in his college yearbook. Damn, the Internet is undefeated. (Also, please don’t doxx me. Thanks.)

But, surprisingly, the drama didn’t end there. After a long, perplexing news conference in which the governor refused to resign (and also came seriously close to moonwalking), the attention turned to some allegations against his potential successor, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, that had been reported to the Washington Post over a year ago. Vanessa Tyson, an associate professor of politics at Scripps College and a graduate fellow at Stanford University, is the woman who made the accusation that Fairfax had sexually assaulted her in 2004, and she has now hired the same legal team that represented Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony against then-Supreme Court Judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It should be noted that Professor Scripps appears to be solidly left in her writings.

In short, both the Governor and Lt. Governor of Virginia might be taken down by tactics previously employed by the left in this country to get rid of Republicans they don’t like—difficult to prove, possibly spurious accusations of racism and sexual assault.

However, the same group that told us we must #believeallwomen just a few short months ago seems hesitant to believe Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s accuser. In fact, they don’t even want to discuss it.

Not a single prominent Democrat has come out in support of Professor Tyson. Not one. On Capitol Hill today, Dianne Feinstein said she “didn’t want to discuss it.”  Bernie Sanders ran away and pretended to be on the phone when asked for his comments. Doug Jones said, “I haven’t even looked at the details about that. I really haven’t. I just know the high level. I haven’t really looked at the details about any of that.”

Why didn’t any of them, all of whom seemed so very sure about Dr. Ford’s testimony, rush to Professor Tyson’s defense? Simple. They never cared about Dr. Ford, an obvious fact made even more obvious by the fact that she has completely disappeared from public discussion after Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment. #believeallwomen was just a tool. The Left cares no more about women than they do about any other topic du jour. The absolute lack of sincerity they’ve displayed would be nothing short of disgusting if it weren’t also perhaps so incredibly predictable.

To all minority groups, be it women, blacks, latinos, LGBT, whatever—get this through your skulls. Politicians don’t care about you. You are being used. Steered. Your rage and your causes, regardless of whether they are valid or not, are simply being utilized as Weapons of Mass Accusation. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama only supported gay marriage once it become obvious that it was politically advantageous to do so. Cory Booker only had his “Spartacus moment” when he thought it would help launch his Presidential nomination.

A black woman who appears to be 100% credible in her allegations is being completely ignored by your righteous political saviors. Think about that. And then wonder if any politician has ever taken any of your causes seriously at all.

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  1. stingray65

    I love how some are defending Northam because he has used taxpayer money for various government programs that support black people – so of course he can’t possibly be a racist. I’m sure we will soon hear that Fairfax has generously used taxpayer money to support rape crisis centers and free abortions – so of course he should be forgiven for being a rapist. Isn’t it time that the public and the media stop attributing generosity and kindness or granting forgiveness to politicians who simply use the coercive power of government to pick our pockets so that they can get credit for generously “giving” money and support to various “victim” groups?

    • CJinSD

      Generosity with other people’s money isn’t generosity at all. Christian charity isn’t about taking other people’s money at gunpoint. Robin hood stole from the tax collector and gave back to the unfairly taxed.

  2. Athos

    Politicians don’t care about you

    Warm water, this is Bark. Bark this is warm water. Now you 2 have been formally introduced.

    I’ll tell you which one is next: you’re an enemy of the State. Plain an simple.

    • Preston

      You are spot on. These democrats are so hypocritical it is unreal. The voters have no attention span and no memory. They will get to their election and claim how they are for women, LGBTQ, minorities, blah, blah, blah and everyone ignores what they’ve done, or more importantly not done! They do use and abuse minorities to get and keep power.

      I’m shocked that creeps like Sen. Mendoza are still in office. I’m sure all three of these idiots in Virginia will still be in office for the foreseeable future.

  3. rambo furum

    I can think of one group that is not being used by politicians. In Zionist America, minority group uses politicians.

    • Ronnie Schreiber

      Why on earth would Jews want to control you? It would be one thing if you had some kind of skill worth using.

      • rambo furum

        Such a nasty little man, but still one of the hardest working and most honest of his kind around.

        Feel free to list all the politicians that don’t cower to the foreign agents of AIPAC.
        You may change my mind if you can near the 1% mark.

  4. ScottS

    Being a resident of Virginia this first order political theatre indeed! It is ironic that Ralph Northam ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in memory blatantly accusing his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie of racism. The democrat party are willing to burn Northam at the proverbial stake as they see Justin Fairfax as a more electable candidate in the future (i.e. one who will draw enough black votes to handily defeat any Republican opponent in a state that is turning an ever darker shade of blue). The Blackface/KKK incident came just in the nick of time to draw public attention away from ugly truth about late-term abortion which Northam either stupidly or ignorantly waded into last week. The Party will sacrifice Northam without blinking. Northam too will realize that the political ruling class does not care about him beyond his short term utility to achieving the end game.

  5. Netsy

    “To all minority groups, be it women, blacks, latinos, LGBT, whatever….”

    Might want to double-check the numbers there regarding women…

  6. CJinSD

    The idea that a meaningful number of people still in the thrall of cultural Marxism will come to their senses because the Democratic party is moving ever further satanic at the speed of smell might just be a fantasy. Vladmir Lenin said, “give me four years to teach the children and the seat I have sown will never be uprooted.” We gave these monsters more than twenty years with the kids in some cases, and then let the Marxists reinforce their conditioning through control of our culture. It is no wonder that every garbage person in the country doesn’t understand why we need the constitution as it was written.

  7. Stillwillin

    “And then wonder if any politician has ever taken any of your causes seriously at all.“

    The only metric in DC is money.

  8. brawnychicken

    Politicians, of any and all parties or persuasions, have two priorities and two priorities only.

    The first is the single most important one: TO GET ELECTED.

    The second is similar, easier, and almost as important: TO GET RE-ELECTED.

    Everything they say, do, demand, or legislate is in service of these two goals.

    If Trump thought slave reparations would have gotten him elected, he would have been for them. If Pelosi though being against abortion would get her (re)elected-she would have been against it.

    That’s it. That is all there is to it. That’s all there ever has been and all there ever will be.

    • CJinSD

      Your moral relativist excuse for the Democrats when their masks are slipping ignores that Trump is no standard politician. He has private sector accomplishments and entered politics to stop the evils being done by career politicians. Blocking the wall is only about getting reelected if the Democrats are convinced they can replace the educated electorate they’re betraying with an ignorant one that will reelect them through voter fraud.

      • brawnychicken

        I’m not making excuses for Democrats, Republicans, or Trump. And while Trump is not a standard politician (IE, not a career politician), to think that he ran for president for any reason other than power is delusional.

      • Dirt Roads

        Agreed. Since Trump never held any other public office I believe he’s the exception to chicken’s rules. Which otherwise are spot on.

  9. Clifford G Classen

    I gather the AG in Virginia has also appeared in blackface. Making the Speaker of the House (R), the new governor? Which is the reason at least one of them will survive the purge. What is it about liberals and blackface? I am older and conservative and I don’t remember anyone I knew dressing up in that fashion. Wasn’t Cindy Sheehan a thing back in the Bush day?, But as soon as the new warmonger was Democrat, poof, she disappeared. Such also for inconvenient accusers, always.

  10. dejal

    Virginia AG also a D has also admitted to wearing Black Face in 1980.

    What is wrong with these people?
    The vetting process for high office is a joke.

    In 1980s America it was not ok.
    In 1970s America it was not ok.

    George Wallace had more humility about his actions then these clowns and in far less time than 35 + 39 years.

    • CJinSD

      Democrats are completely unvetted, to the point that the MSM won’t run stories about their crimes and demonstrated character failings. That’s why they’re getting caught out for the very transgressions they falsely accused various conservatives of committing. Some places are so blue that they’re still getting away with it. Has Keith Ellison paid any price for being a typical Democrat?

    • Spud Boy

      Sorry, but impersonating someone is not necessarily a slight, and wearing blackface is not racist. We’ve defined racism down so far that now the mere act of being born white is considered racist.

      • dave

        If you don’t understand the history of blackface in this country, then maybe you should refrain from speaking about it. Also, white people, please stop telling others what is and isn’t racist. You don’t get to define something you never experienced. You don’t get to punch me in the face and then tell me how much it should hurt.

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          You don’t get to define something you never experienced.

          So psychiatrists have to be mentally ill in order to be able to define mental illness?

          Congresswomen Rashida Tlaim and Ilhan Omar insist that they aren’t anti-Semitic. By your logic, since they aren’t Jews and have never personally experienced Jew-hatred, they have no standing to say what is and what isn’t anti-Semitism, and we should treat their denials as meaningless, correct?

          • David Biagas

            Have you ever had an actual argument with a point, other than sophistry and deflection into issues about the Jewish community?

          • Bark M Post author

            No more than you’ve ever had a point that wasn’t sophistry and deflection into issues about the black community.

        • CJinSD

          I have been in black majority countries where I experienced racism. What’s your next stupid argument dave? The whole idea that whites are somehow the only people who can be racist is extremely racist. If you’re offended by racism, expect it to be rejected with prejudice when you assert it to someone who isn’t a brainwashed liberal pussy.

  11. stingray65

    The Fairfax accuser is claiming she was forced to give him oral sex. I’ve heard this before, but I don’t understand how it can possibly happen. A women who is supposedly being raped/assaulted and hence very angry, scared, and looking for the first opportunity to get revenge or escape, and this is the person the raping/assaulting man is going to “forcibly” put his delicate and valuable organ into a body opening lined with sharp knife like attachments that are designed to tear and crush meat. Does that sound like a good strategy or a believable story?

      • stingray65

        If that is the case, then Fairfax should feel lucky that she didn’t come out of shock and bite down hard during the sex act instead of 15 years later.

    • carrya1911

      You are assuming that everyone who is assaulted fights back. That is an incorrect assumption. For evidence of this, look at the criminal complaint filed against the shithead who abducted Jayme Closs. After blowing her father’s head off, he demanded that her mother use Gorilla Tape to bind Jayme. He demanded that this woman gift wrap her daughter for him…and Jayme’s mother **complied**.

      It would be nice if every intended victim fought an assault tooth and nail, but they don’t. And so a woman forced to her knees with a penis shoved into her mouth can absolutely not fight back because she’s terrified that if she attempts to fight back the violence against her will get worse.

      A man who is willing to force his dick in her mouth is certainly willing to do more awful things to her.

      • stingray65

        1911 – you raise a very good point that I can’t disagree with, but I still think that over and above the evil of rape/assault, it is very stupid strategy for a guy to risk his manhood by assuming his victim won’t decide to chomp down hard out of a desire to fight back or simply as an involuntary action caused by being scared out of their mind. I suspect it is far more likely that most such cases involve I guy believing he is getting some definite signals of consensus and that it is only sometime after the act is completed that the “victim” changes her mind and decides she was raped or assaulted.

    • dejal

      Squirrel !!!!!

      I do. Which has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
      I’d much prefer budget cuts or level funding to even make a dent in the debt.
      I’m also interested in leaving the M.E. and Afghanistan.
      I see there’s a bi-partisan support for war mongering in Congress.
      So, on some things they can shake hands across the aisle.

      I suppose we could follow the Green policy of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Corte.
      Her solution is Modern Monetary Theory, Print “More”. Spend “More”.
      Build train tracks basically everywhere there’s a regional airport.
      Then close the airports.
      Not sure Hawaii will be on-board even though they are a hard “D” state.
      I suppose a tunnel could be built from Cali to Hawaii.

      I saw a proposal. New York prides itself as being Progressive. After all they elected AOC.
      Upend the US Constitution and every Federal Law in New York.
      Give NY a 10 year trial period to “Go for it!!!”.
      Lock the gates to NY for 10 years.
      After 10 years open the gates to see what happened.
      Either it will be an utopian society or the Walking Dead.
      Or Venezuela.


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