Refurbishing The Ark: 1970 Fleetwood Brougham Update!

Last year, I shared my friend Laurie Kraynick’s relationship with her 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. While the Caddy looked great in the pictures, it needed refurbishment. New top, new headliner, some metalwork and eventually, a repaint in the original factory color of Lucerne Aqua Firemist. Such things take time, but progress took a huge jump forward this winter! If you missed the original Broughamtastic post, you can find the link right here! Read on, in Laurie’s own words. -TK

And now for something really important… The Ark is done with Restoration Phase 1 (vinyl top removal/sheet metal work/vinyl top replacement/NOS script installation/new headliner/restored original visors/painting of trims exterior and interior). Phase 2 is next winter, proper paint color and body work. The receipts have been tallied and the cost for Phase 1 exceeds what some folks make in a year, and it was a bargain at twice the price. The top of the car, in and out, looks like its 1970 again. Blisteringly extraordinary work performed by the best in the auto restoration business, you get what you pay for.

I supervised the shipping of The Ark yesterday from Paul’s Upholstery in Chatham back to the world famous Hyannis Vintage Auto so Car God and The Ark’s crew chief Michael Amster can apply the lipstick and final spray of perfume to this make over. The Ark should be home to KKBTS in a couple of weeks. There will be no car shows in April, May – October are turning into complete chaos. When the dates are finalized of where The Ark and I will be, I’ll post them, probably in a month. As always, if its raining, or a threat of rain, we’re staying home.

Now here’s the pics of the new and improved Ark, its only money.



Damn, that’s a lot of moldings!

Before and after. ā€œIā€ did this work, never again, that fucking HALO paint job on the roof trim!

Roof trim was taped after a bench buffing to get all the scratches out, then bathed in paint thinner, THEN taped for 2 coats of paint.

When the tape came off, there were multiple areas of stainless steel and black paint that had to be touched up. Total time on all trim, 60 hours.

And After!

I put a lot of elbow grease into those lights! Polish, cleaned the lenses, new bulbs, touched up the script, cleaned the electrical contacts on both sides with DeOxit.

Factory correct! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

A whole lot of work, but damn, The Ark looks good!

6 Replies to “Refurbishing The Ark: 1970 Fleetwood Brougham Update!”

  1. John C.

    I love the care being taken as to the cars restoration and preservation. At the bargain price you got the car for, there was a risk of the kind of ham handed changes that ruin it, big wheels, loud exhaust and silly paint jobs that makes you wonder if the owner is actively trying to destroy the bit of heritage in his care. Originality is more expensive, but allows us to recall what these cars were and better remember the great people they were built for and why they chose Cadillac. Have fun at the shows.

  2. stingray65

    Beautiful work, but interesting to see how vinyl top fad, which was built on the desire to simulate the look of an always leaky convertible top, also provides the same leaky effect on the steel roof beneath, but then again I don’t expect the car makers ever expected anyone to keep a vinyl top car on the road for 50 years.

  3. Glenn Kramer


    Having just finished a ’60 Lincoln restoration, I congratulate you on sticking to original. Harder and far more expensive, but in the end, you get a true representative of the era.

  4. Laurie Kraynick

    Tom I didn’t know this article had gone live yet, thank you!
    And thanks guys, its been a lot of work, money and aggravation.
    But like everyone says “you’ll only do it once”. Very pleased with the
    great work by Hyannis Vintage Auto and Paul’s Upholstery. You get
    what you pay for. Looking forward to show season!

  5. Tenley

    Your love and passion for the Ark – so awesome keeping piece of history alive and well, and feeding your soul. Best wishes as you continue the process. <3


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