3 Replies to “Quick Look: 1965 Plymouth Belvedere – With 440 Power!”

  1. AvatarGreg Hamilton

    That looks like a great car. Just put on some disc brakes (if it doesn’t have them already) and you’re good to go. That would be a fun car for an older adult otherwise that 440 makes too much power for a young man brimming with testosterone–speaking from my personal experience. Maybe a younger version of Jack or Bark would express more self control with that sort of power than I did in my youth. Luckily the only damage I did was to my self esteem when I pulled a few unintentional 180s in traffic. Great find.

  2. AvatarDonald Curton

    My Dad bought a 65 Dodge Coronet 500 new off the showroom floor. In 69, he pulled the 383 and dropped in a 440 big block from a wrecked GTX. He still had it in 1980 when I hit high school. Once I started learning, he got the hot rod bug again and we souped that baby up.

    So yeah, drum brakes. It’ll stop. Once. I glazed over several brake pads doing emergency stops from 120 plus. Got pretty good at swapping them in parking lots in the middle of the night.

    Burned up several clutches. Put an auto in there, destroyed several of those. Trashed a differential. Twisted several axles. Shattered some u-joints, twisted a drive shaft. But on drag slicks with good pavement, I could get at least one front tire off the ground. On street tires with the 4-speed, could light the tires at will. Under hard acceleration could break them loose on the 3-4 shift at 120 mph. That’ll wake you up when it goes sideways at speed.

    New cars may be faster and more reliable, but not near as fun.

  3. AvatarDirt Roads

    I had a Coronet of similar vintage when I was a kid. Pushbutton transmission, 318 V-8. Loved that car, wish I still had it. Looks a lot like this one.


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