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  1. Avatar-Nate

    Thank you .

    A sad day for America and sad that these two great vehicles were only saved because of it .

    I owned a 1962 Ford Ranch Wagon, it was indeed a very nice car .


  2. Avatarstingray65

    Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theater in 1865. Henry Leland was a huge fan of honest Abe and cast his first vote for him, and much later took over the failing Henry Ford company and changed the name to Cadillac and built up its reputation for quality with his precision machining. After falling out with pacifist GM President William Durant over the use of Cadillac assembly plants to build weapons during WWI, Leland started the Lincoln Motor Car Company named after his favorite president, which unfortunately met with bad financial results during the brief post-war depression and was taken over by Henry Ford. Thus Henry Leland has fewer than 6 degrees of separation from 2 assassinated presidents through the car brands he was associated with that are featured in this interesting story.

  3. AvatarCarmine

    I recall reading an article that it took years for O’Neal to be paid for the very expensive, (maybe $12,000 in 1963) bronze casket, after trying to get the government to pay for it for years, send them bill after bill he finally received a check in the early 70’s.

    The bronze TX casket used from Dallas to Washington wasn’t the one JFK was buried in either, in order to get the huge casket into the 707’s passenger compartment, the had to break the handles off the sides and when they got to Washington, they discovered that the fancy interior had been…..soiled.

    Robert Kennedy ordered the casket dropped into the ocean to keep it from becoming an attraction somewhere(come now come all and see the blood and other fluid stained box the President rode in for a few hours….only $5!!!) the story is he had holes drilled into it and filled with sand bags and then thrown off a C130 several miles off the US coast.

    There is a 3rd wagon in this story, the somber gray 1963 Pontiac Commercial Chassis Navy Ambulance that was used to haul JFK from Andrews over to Bethesda for an autopsy and then prep, it was also used to deliver JFK to the White House early Saturday morning around 3am. Sadly that was also destroyed by the Kennedy Library in 1986.

    • AvatarTony LaHood

      Carmine, good seeing you. Actually, the bronze casket cost $4,000 in 1963, or just over $33,000 in 2019 money. The President was buried in a Marsellus No. 710, a mahogany coffin that’s known as the “casket of presidents”, several other US presidents having been buried in it.

      The Navy ambulance, as I recall, was the subject of controversy when Barrett- Jackson sold one that claimed authenticity but was later proved a fake. An embarrassed Barrett-Jackson gave the buyer a complete refund.

      • AvatarCarmine

        Good too see you too, I thought the $12,000 seemed high for 1963, but I knew it had to be pretty expensive.

        Marsellus No. 710-I didn’t recall that name, but I had heard that they were very expensive and high quality.

  4. Avatartoly arutunoff

    at the time of the ’60 ford sales failure I read an article about a survey that was taken of ’60 chevy buyers; many said they liked the ford but it looked too ‘upper-class’ and they thought their friends would feel if they bought a ford they were showing off etc.


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