Quick Look: 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park: Pre-Crossover Artifact Espied

Another one from my pal in Texas, Lee Wilcox! -TK

By 1992, Ford and Mercury had gone Aero; the last year for bricks, including the squared-off Colony Park wagon, was 1991. These wagons came with 302 V8s and were underpinned by evergreen Panther platform. When this car was new, wagons were losing out to minivans for many reasons. Fuel economy was high on that list, but utility was not. But these are workers, despite being favored at the time by country club ladies and doctor’s wives.

This one looked to be fairly well maintained.  A bad repair on the taillight and a little worn paint on the hood about sums it up. Texas summers are hard on both paint and Di-Noc woodgrain trim alike.

These abound in Texas, thanks to the absence of winter salt and the tin worm. This one shows a bit of fading of the wood and the interior. As to be expected.

I wished her well, and told her I think she managed to find the workhorse she was looking for. I just think it might be a little thirstier than what she expected, but to each his or her own.

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  1. John C.

    It is interesting to think back to 1991 and the full size wagon decision. GM redo of the B body included wagons with the Olds being wagon only and the Buick Roadmaster wagon predating the sedan, so they were making a point of it. Ford had no aero panther wagon. Wonder who had the regrets?

  2. George Denzinger

    I had a 1991 Grand Marquis GS sedan for several years in the early 00’s. I bought it off of an iron lot here in Grand Rapids. It had a touch over 100K miles and looked and ran good, at least through the test drive. I bought it shortly after 9/11, when fuel prices were high and big old boats like this were cheap. I liked the Grand Marq a lot because it reminded me of the Mercurys my father had owned; big, solid and comfortable. It was super quiet with the windows up and the A/C on.

    However, that car had numerous mechanical issues that I had to address. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but there were constant overheating issues and a problem with the AOD trans, just to start. It was nickel and diming me to death and I had to cut it loose. I know it’s wrong to bitch about a used car; you pays your money and you takes your chances, but I really had high hopes when I bought it. It’s probably going to be the one and only Brougham-type of car in my ownership, ever.

  3. Jeff Zekas

    My neighbor had one of these, and I lusted after it for years. I’m sure when he passed away, the kids sold it for a song.


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