Jason’s Latest Find: 1974 Eldorado

Note: we last heard from Jason while he was working on his gold 1971 Caprice Sport Sedan. But as usual, his favorite car is always “the next one.” Here’s a sneak peek of his next one. -TK

After looking at a million things online and damned near everywhere-I have decided to resurrect another Eldorado. Here’s a 1974 that has been sitting in this spot since around 1995 or so. All of the cars in my friend Dennis’ collection have ran and drove perfectly after basic stuff to get them going again. If you have seen his cars after they have been cleaned-they all look amazing. This one will be no different. Best part? I don’t need to ship it. It’s close……

I guess I’m gonna resurrect another Eldorado. I want a front wheel drive car-old of course. I’m excited to mess with that thing. With the white top-it should look so sweet! I know Dennis’ cars-that Eldorado is damned near a show piece under all that dirt and grime. People are going lose their minds. Lol!

Note the factory 8-track stereo tape player.

It’s going to look insane once I clean it. I know how nice it is under that dirt and grime. Thanks to Dave Smith (a mutual friend and MAJOR Broughamophile) as he broke down that Cadillac. That ’74 Eldorado paint is called Conestoga Tan and it is 1 of 459 ’74 Eldorados painted that color. And only 1.4% of 1974 Eldorado coupes were Conestoga Tan. That’s correct folks-you’re never going to see another one. Dave has never seen the coupe in that color….until now. I couldn’t even find one on Google searching. So this dusty old thing right now is the only one floating around.

As Dave related: “It was one of three colors discontinued in the Spring of 74. So it wasn’t even offered for the full year. There is a notation on the Spring color chart that shows the three new colors added. In small print below it lists the three colors dropped. What is even stranger is they brought back a very similar color in 75 called Knickerbocker Tan.”

The funniest thing is Dennis is a Cadillac collector and he didn’t know it was super rare and he already made the deal with me-and stands by it. Oops. Lol!

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  1. -Nate

    Looks in good shape, hopefully no mouse chewed wires .

    Is that an ‘A’ Model Ford next to it ? .

    My heart flutters .


  2. Erik

    My dad almost bought an Eldorado in the 70s. Maybe a 1971 or 72. Funky medium green colour. I still remember the test drive, as it was my first time ever in a Cadillac. And people don’t get what a Cadillac meant back then. You didn’t just buy a Cadillac. You had to have achieved a certain place in life. The proper station. Money was just not the only issue.
    Anyhow, ever since then, those Eldos. Hold a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. It’s definitely in the right hands.

  3. LynnG

    Jason, nice find. Careful with those rear quarter extensions. They appear from the one photo to be original. They will self district if exposed to excessive scrubbing or heat and bright sunlight. Also you may want to pull the, from the one photo the front carpet appears to have gotten wet. There is a thick layer of sound deading material under the carpet and will hold a lot of moisture and will not dry out. Great color and last year of round headlights.

  4. Carmine

    Nice find, reminds me of my own 1975 Eldorado which was a one owner car owned by a friend of mines father since October 1974 was in similar laid low conditions having been parked in the 1982 or so and then briefly brought back to life in the mid 1990’s just to be moved around the warehouse and then she sat again until 2013 when I got her for free.

  5. John C.

    I wish Jason the best with his Eldorado. I am excited to see her back on the road and looking her best. Old cars of a type they don’t make any more really show the flag for yesterday, when troubles seemed so far away. I believe in yesterday.

  6. bullnuke

    A former boss of mine in Albuquerque owned a ’76 Eldorado convertible. She had it stowed away in her garage believing the current rumors of the time that this would be one of the last of the convertibles to be built forever. She figured she was sitting on a future gold mine. It was purchased new had less than 200 miles on it and resembled this one as it was covered by a layer of the dust so common in the Southwest US. I have no idea what happened to it after I moved on to bigger and better adventures…

  7. Ryan

    I wanted one of these in the worst way when I graduated high school. Probably would’ve been stolen on my third day street parking it downtown. This is almost sinful.

  8. Tom Klockau Post author

    Update: Unfortunately Jason isn’t getting the car. He and the owner had a gentlemen’s agreement but the owner reneged. Classy.

    Apparently he wants it to accrue 17 more years of dust on it instead. *shrug*

    • John C.

      It is too bad about this Eldorado.

      Tom, are you still going to be posting here, or are you no longer under contract, Steve Crowder, Blaze-Daily Wire style?

  9. LynnG

    At least Jason will know where it is. Hopefully the owner will come to realize he is never going to do anything with the car and it will only become worth less over time.

  10. LynnG

    John C, good question it been crickets for a few weeks. Oh by the way when are we going to see you and your new Cadillac on Riverside Green???? Inquiring minds want to know, model, color, dealership adventure????? 🙂 🙂

  11. Josh Echt

    Love these stories from Tom and Jack. I grew up in CLE and live in Columbus now. Lots of neat cars in both cities.

    Any answers why the ’74 had like dozens of roses on the dashboard? Odd and unusual design. But a beautiful, powerful FWD Caddy!


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