How Long Until the American Flag Becomes a Symbol of “Hate?”



Of all the buzzwords that have been embraced by the Liberal ThoughtCrime Police, “Hate” has to be my least favorite. Anybody that has an opposing opinion is now guilty of spreading Hate.

Remember this guy?

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He really thought that the country would get behind his berating (and then, awkward flirtation) of a teenaged girl for her willing Hate spreading. Turns out that his employer didn’t much care for his video—they fired him. But that was three years ago, and much has happened in those three years. Would they have fired him today? Or would he have been a hero?

Just for the record, I’m not anti-gay marriage. If Hillary and Obama can “evolve” on gay marriage, then I guess I can, too. But I didn’t switch my Facebook profile picture to the rainbow of fruit flavors—partially because I didn’t feel like being part of the latest Zuckerberg social experiment, but also because I didn’t agree with the Supreme Court decision. It’s possible to be both pro-gay marriage and anti-SCOTUS, and that’s kind of where I find myself.

However, decided to give people the option to display a different flag on their profile picture as a form of protest. You can pick between the Stars and Stripes, the original 13 Colonies flag, a Gadsen flag, or a cross. Personally, I wouldn’t mind changing my picture to the American flag to celebrate Independence Day (which, by the way, is the correct name for this holiday, not the Fourth of July), but in this climate, I have a slight fear that I’d be labeled as a homophobe for doing so—you know, a purveyor of “hate.”

It seems crazy to think that displaying the American flag, the flag of the greatest and freest country in the world, could potentially be controversial. But that’s where we’re heading. All it took for the Confederate Battle Flag to become a universal symbol of Hate was one evil man who had a Confederate flag on his license plate. Within days, supporting the display of the flag of Robert E. Lee became an untenable position. Even the Duke boys had to be taken off of late night reruns, despite the fact that nobody was actually offended by the General Lee—somebody might have been, and in this day and age, that’s enough reason to take action.

Of course, nobody takes Louis Farrakhan seriously… but will they soon enough? If Southerners, who are a much brighter and more educated bunch than the Yankees like to make us out to be, can’t wrap themselves in the CSA flag anymore, how long with it be until they switch to the Stars and Stripes Forever? How long until a charismatic speaker convinces us all that the American flag flew over a country with Jim Crow laws, a country where Trayon Martin and Michael Brown and Eric Garner were killed, and that it’s a symbol of Hate?

Sadly, it’s no longer unimaginable. We’ve become so overwrought with White Guilt that it seems like we can no longer be proud of Washington and Jefferson and Adams. We’ve done a historical doxxing of all of the Founding Fathers. We’ve convinced ourselves that America, and all it stands for, is a nation of Hate. We stomp on flags in classrooms. We’ve convinced ourselves that solving a social issue or two, mostly by simply being the guy who was in the Oval Office when the SCOTUS ruled on the issues, Obama has become as historically significant as Reagan or Roosevelt.

Hate can only go one way—oppressor to the oppressed. And in the case of the American flag, from those who love America to those who are ashamed of it.

Mark my words. The American flag will become a symbol of Hate, and it won’t take long, either. So enjoy waving your flags this holiday. This time next year, you might just be spreading Hate by doing it.

25 Replies to “How Long Until the American Flag Becomes a Symbol of “Hate?””

  1. Harry

    If you figure out a way to explain to people how the way SCOTUS is making decisions right at the moment is very bad, even if you agree with the intent or outcome of those decisions socially, that would be a fantastic post.

    And the argument has to be boiled down small enough that you can get it out before being labelled an “-ist” of some kind.

  2. Disinterested-Observer

    After 9/11 the Star Spangled Banner was more or less replaced by “America the Beautiful” It was sickening.

    • VolandoBajo

      And the subsequent verses fell completely off the map. Check out all the verses of the Star Spangled Banner sometime. It might surprise you.

  3. Steve taylor

    Want to understand these people ?Read .The True Believer by Eric Hoffer explains our village idiot Obama and the people who believe largely inanimate objects[flags ] wield some great power.
    Farrakhan and others of his ilk spout hate every day yet we worry about flags.
    Black folk in general are worse off under the policies of Obama but they say nothing.
    The press in general kisses Obama’s rear but the libs say nothing.
    Largely the dog and pony show goes like :this “sure ,you dont have a job ,but its not your fault its the [rich,white,corporation,other] fault.
    Largely the kerfuffle, over the flag is another chapter in the Obama,its not my fault nothings done for you its[confederate flags] holding you down.
    Next week we made need a new symbol of failure and the American flag may be the one for the rabble.

  4. Orenwolf

    serious question: Why are Americans so obsessed with their flag, relative to, like, every other country everywhere?

    • jz78817

      we’re a nation in its late adolescence. we think we know everything, we think everything we’ve ever done is the most incredible example of awesomeness, we think we can tell everyone else how things should be, and if they won’t listen we’ll throw a fit and go break their stuff.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      Ever watched/been to an F1 race in Europe? Been to/watched a soccer match there?

      Try it, then maybe rethink your comment.

  5. kvndoom

    The New American flag should just be a colorless white piece of cloth.

    …except someone would find it offensive because it was white…


  6. Athos

    “Anybody that has an opposing opinion is now guilty of spreading Hate.”

    I lived through this garbage for ~12 years. And it will only get worse. My understanding, from suffering a different nomenklatura, says they won’t do a head on attack. The flag is usually a symbol that anyone in the country can relate to and a straight attack would be VERY unpopular.

    However, what they will do is ‘update’ it to reflect the current ‘ideals’. Then, yes, they’ll explain that in its current form the flag does not represent ___________ (i.e. whatever the f@#$%^ they want), it is a symbol or hate/oppression/freedom/war/democracy/whatever and it needs to be changed to better represent the present times. I saw this happening, with both the flag and the shield, and el pueblo stood behind the government on this nonsense.

    And if you think for a second that gun controls won’t come to the US…

  7. rambo furum

    Sadly, the author’s fear of being labeled is exactly what will enable further ruin of America. All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
    NYC had some wussies that burned a Confederate flag, and then a United States flag. Obviously this is the same crowd of anti-Americans, but the important part is that a few real American bikers showed up to confront them and they scurried away like the rats they are.
    Don’t stand for it. Call them out, loud and proud. Tar and feather them if need be.

  8. jz78817

    “How Long Until the American Flag Becomes a Symbol of “Hate?””

    sometime after Jack becomes a full-time writer for Jezebel.

    honestly, I’m reserving any predictions on how the future will be until after the Boomers mostly die off.

  9. MrFixit1599

    I grew up in southern Ohio, and yes there is a “Northern” Ohio and “Southern” Ohio. Not just literally, but by attitude. In many ways I consider myself “From The South” I tend to get along with people of the Southern states better than Notherner’s, even though I now reside in Wisconsin. The Confederate States of America flag, of which there are many versions, hasn’t represented slavery ever really. To me it has always been a sign that you believe in a southerners way of life, not northerners, and there is a difference. When I travel down south for work, people hold doors for you, they say thank you, they don’t get pissed off because you can’t get that part TODAY. They just roll with what is dealt, and they deal with it. Eventually we will move back south, maybe Texas, maybe South Carolina, maybe Virginia (even though I hate their speed limit laws). I don’t know that I would ever fly the Stars and Bars, but I believe I should have the right to without ridicule, just because the media has turned it into a sign of hatred.

    • Derek Kreindler

      “When I travel down south for work, people hold doors for you, they say thank you, they don’t get pissed off because you can’t get that part TODAY.”

      You might like Canada. Even my Southern friends have remarked how polite people are here. And it gets better the further you get outside of Toronto.

  10. Mopar4wd

    Seems a bit out there. I think those that would put the stars and stripes as a sign of hate are incredibly small and a fringe element thou the right thinks otherwise. Just like how the left thinks the entire right are gun totting hillbillies with 2-3 billionaires dictating policy to their blind followers. In reality both are far from the truth but it sure sells well in the media.

    • Ken

      Mopar4wd’s comment is entirely spot on.

      And Bark – this was a bit hyperbolic. Seriously, if you think the flag would ever be a symbol of hate you’re letting the craziest of manufactured media liberals get to you. You are playing their game.

      I’ve traveled through many different parts of the country and by and large people are people. The vast majority are in the middle just trying to live their lives, day by day. Sure, those of us in the middle might lean one way or the other depending on the topic. But really, the extreme, and these “issues” are manufactured to play to those leans, create strife, and be “news worthy”.

      I would absolutely love to see REAL mainstream news about the poisoning of our food supply or campaign reform. Instead its ZOMG Bruce is a chick and Gays can marry. Sure, it’s an interesting human story- but come-on. Anyone catch the other “historic” Supreme Court rulings about the EPA and Healthcare that happened prior? Nah, that’s too much thought. Let’s just focus on right vs. left.

  11. Domestic Hearse

    The Confederate Flag, the Stars and Bars, is a symbol of hate, so says the PC mainstream media and those of a liberal bent. In the tragedy following the church shooting in Charleston, SC, the rebel rag simply cannot be tolerated in polite society any longer.

    But see, it’s also the flag of states rights, as in all the way back to the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, to the American Civil War. It’s now a political battle which is in its final phase at this very moment in history. Look at the SCOTUS rulings of late. They’ve taken what were once under the purview of the individual states (and the the decisions of the citizens therein), and moved them to federal control. Marriage. Healthcare. You name it.

    So by eradicating the symbol of “hate”, the Confederate Flag, we’re also eliminating the final vestiges of states rights. All control is basically federalized.

    It’s all in the propaganda spin. Nobody backs “hate” do they? No, the only thing we hate is hate. So get everyone to agree to abolish the hateful flag, all while the federal government usurps more state power. It’s all quite clever; Goebbels would have approved. In fact, it’s working so well a millionaire golfer named Bubba is sanding the flag off the original General Lee Dodge Charger.

    As for the U.S. flag, Old Glory? I can see the hate propaganda coming for it as well. Just erase those 50 stars. They’re not really of much consequence any more are they?

  12. VolandoBajo

    Well, Domestic Hearse, you definitely hit that nail right on the head.

    You are a dangerous man to be out there just laying down the naked, unadulterated truth. I’m sure that knees will be jerking left and right as knee-jerk liberals turn apoplectic in trying to paint the PC spin on the situation, but what you have said about states rights, which are really the rights of people to govern themselves according to local “folkways and mores” as they used to say in my Sociology 201 course, rather than to have their governance managed from a central planning and control administration.

    So in the end, you probably also nailed it by what you implied, but left unsaid: it will not be the American Flag per se that will begin to be treated as a symbol of hate, it will be the stars, representing the states, that will become the symbol, not only of hate, but of backwardness, of anachronistic “old values” that, as Hillary recently said about our “deep-seated religious convictions” that she told her backers “must be made to change.”

    In other words, not only no more freedom of speech, no more freedom of thought. You must evidence conformity with correct thought, or you are an enemy of the people, the people of the brave new world where only politically correct thinking will be tolerated.

    And then, instead of having states’, i.e., the local people’s, rights, you will have only the rights of THE State. State planning, State mandated land use (does it rain on your land? Now it is part of the EPA regulated watershed), the State Uber Alles.

    “Comes the revolution, there will be no revolution.” “The revolution will not be televised, because the revolution of peoples’ thinking will be installed one mandate at a time.”

    Who needs chips to control peoples’ thoughts and behaviors, when you can just decree what they must think and do to be accepted in “polite” society.

    Until that “vision” becomes a total reality, I think I am going shopping for a Gadsden Flag decal for my car…you know, the coiled snake with the legend “Don’t Tread on Me!”. The central planners will have a harder time trying to manufacture a “hate circus” to defaime that one…perhaps they will succeed one day. But for now, with you, Domestic Hearse, I say “Don’t Tread on Me!”


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