Made In the USA: Noble x Massdrop In-Ear Monitors


It’s the kind of thing we’re told just doesn’t exist anymore: American-made earphones. (Sorry audiophiles: In-Ear Monitors.) Noble Audio still makes them, however. Although their traditional entry-level set is $399, they’ve coordinated with Massdrop to build a special set for $249. If you use earphones for more than brief periods, it’s worth checking these out. I’ve already ordered mine. When you register through my referral link, you give me the chance to get fun stuff. So far, referrals through this site have gotten me: a Pilot fountain pen, several American-made Vapur water bottles, and a titanium spork! You know you want me to have more titanium sporks, so get shopping!

8 Replies to “Made In the USA: Noble x Massdrop In-Ear Monitors”

  1. AvatarBigtruckseriesreview

    SONY PS VITA earbuds for $20 are the best headphones I’ve ever owned.

    Ultimately, earbud buyers are looking for powerful bass, undistorted/ clear mids and clear highs. I’m not paying $100+ for these things. Sony has a great product in those Vita Earbuds. The masses don’t know about em.

  2. Avatarjz78817

    I plunked down for one of those “mattress in a box” sellers about a month ago. ‘cos when I looked up the part of their site where the FAQ lists “where are your mattresses made?” the answer was a direct “we mold the cores in California. source the fabrics from mills in the Carolinas, and assemble and package it in California.”

    no bullshit about “Well, we have a warehouse in Massachussets and some of our designers are here…”

    • AvatarFelis Concolor

      As one who recently joined (June) the mail-order mattress crowd, I’m thoroughly enjoying my Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid, although that was the 2nd choice once I discovered the Loom & Leaf simply would not fit upstairs.

      Whose mattress are you resting on?


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