SCCA Targa is GO This Weekend

Happy to report that Riverside Green will be well represented at this weekend’s SCCA Targa Southland event. If you remember, last year I piloted an Acura NSX to the overall victory. Well, this year I won’t be the only Baruth entered. In fact, there will be three of us.

Jack and Danger Girl will be driving the former Smoking Tire Little Red Corvette in Touring 1, and I’ll be joined by sometimes TTAC contributor and always Hello Kitty fan Rebecca Turrell in a Honda Civic Type R in Stock 2. We’ll be in Charlotte at ZMax Dragway tomorrow morning for an autocross and at Charlotte Motor Speedway tomorrow night for a Track Night in America, at Atlanta Motorsports Park Saturday morning for a time trial, and at Memphis International Speedway Sunday morning and afternoon for some lapping and trackcross. If you’re in the surrounding areas and you’d like to come check out the Type R, go for a ride in the passenger seat, or just say hello, I encourage you to review the schedule and come out. We’d love to meet you! Or at least, I would. Jack is a little anti-social.

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  1. Bojangles, M.

    Good luck to all.

    Meaningless side note, 2 weeks ago I was lurking on IG and went from Jack’s to Bark’s to Rebecca’s, where the first thing I see is a car I had been parked next to 15m earlier at a car show (the rare Civic “SPECIAL ED Si HYBRID”.) Small world I guess.


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