Last Car Show of the Year: Cloudy in Clinton, Iowa

Well, it was winding down. There was no doubt about it. As we entered October here in the Midwest, things were cooling off, leaves were changing, and the car shows were dwindling. And so it was that on Sunday, October sixth, I headed about thirty miles north to the Hy-Vee supermarket in Clinton, IA, to attend the final local show of 2019.

As I was passing through the small river town of Port Byron, it appreared that Magnum was following me. I figured the car might be on its way to the same show as me, but I saw no Ferraris on arrival.

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Hershey 2018, Part II

Since I posted the last Hershey photo set, not only has Dave Smith posted even more pictures, my friend Sal Darigo, Jr. was there too! So I have a whole bunch more photos, and why not share them with all you fine folks? So here we go!

57 Cadillac

As with the earlier post, this is simply a virtual tour, short on text, but long on most excellent photos! Enjoy.

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