Hershey 2018, Part II

Since I posted the last Hershey photo set, not only has Dave Smith posted even more pictures, my friend Sal Darigo, Jr. was there too! So I have a whole bunch more photos, and why not share them with all you fine folks? So here we go!

57 Cadillac

As with the earlier post, this is simply a virtual tour, short on text, but long on most excellent photos! Enjoy.

60 Cadillac

1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible.

51 Lincoln

1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan convertible.

57 Imperial

1957 Imperial sedan.

38 Lincoln

1938 Lincoln V12.

31 Chrysler

1931 Chrysler Imperial.

1931 Chrysler

1931 Chrysler Imperial.

1961 Chrysler

1961 Chrysler New Yorker convertible.

1957 Chrysler

1957 Chrysler Saratoga.

1961 Falcon

1961 Ford Falcon.

1979 Mercury

1979 Mercury Cougar XR-7.

1956 Chrysler

1956 Chrysler sedan. A Windsor, I believe.

1958 Packard

1958 Packard Hardtop. Final year of Packard production, and this is one of 675 coupes. More on this car at some future date!

English Ford

English Ford from the late ’50s. It almost is like you crossed a 1949 Ford with a 1960 Falcon.

I want to say maybe a Consul? I’m not super knowlegeable on these.

But I know what I like! What a cool little car.

1960 Lincoln

1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V. We just discussed one of these, but this one doesn’t have the incorrect Premiere/Capri side molding that the black car had.

1960 Lincoln

The 1960 Lincolns, you either love them or hate them, there’s no middle ground. I love ’em!

1976 Nova

Immaculate 1976 Chevrolet Nova with 11,000 miles and landau top. Wow!

Dodge Magnum

1978-79 Dodge Magnum XE. Love the color combination!

Dodge Magnum

My grandmother special ordered a 1977 Thunderbird in this exact combination, black with white and red interior and red pin striping. Only difference is her car had a black top. I’ve loved this combo ever since! Heck, I wanted that T-Bird when I turned 16!


1952 Nash Ambassador Country Club hardtop.

1959 Cadillac

1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special sedan. Wow!

1957 DeSoto

1957 DeSoto Fireflite.

The end!

10 Replies to “Hershey 2018, Part II”

  1. Sal Darigo Jr

    Unfortunately, I neglected to copy down which model that English Ford was. If memory serves correctly, it was an Anglia, and was produced for export to the US, hence the steering wheel on the left (right) side.

    It was a sweet little car and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

  2. CGHill

    We had a ’59 Anglia. (The infamous Ford Prefect was basically a 4-door version of the Anglia.) This was Dear Old Dad’s first step into gas-saver land; as the five of us became seven of us, he wound up with a succession of VW Microbuses,

  3. JMcG

    I’m 53. Hershey is around 50 miles from me. I’ve never been there.
    At least two of these statements won’t be true a year from now.

    Thank you for your writing. I very seldom comment, but I read every word. The first car I remember my father having was a 1965 Galaxy 500. I am waiting patiently.


  4. John C.

    The 1976 Nova with the Landau top is interesting. Most survivors of the 70s compacts are either Commie level base from an low annual mileage old person or given the Starsky and Hutch treatment from some kid.
    This edits out the luxury being added to these smaller packages at the time. With the inline six and V8s still available and by now ubiquitous smooth three speed autos, a smooth, quiet, but more manageable package was possible. These must have given the domestics a road map of how to accomplish the coming downsizing of the bigger lines without losing the American luxury feel.

  5. CliffG

    Too bad it wasn’t a Ford Consul. When my dad was posted to Japan in 1956 we brought over our ’55 Buick Century. We did drive it around for a couple of years, but it was a challenge so he sold it to a Japanese businessman, and we ended up with a black 4 door Consul. It was memorable for being completely unmemorable. But at least it had the steering wheel on the right side. Funny story about Japan back then, my mother was driving the Buick and a bicyclist came careening out of an alley and rammed into the side of it. The attitude then was the car driver was always at fault, so a Japanese gentleman ran up to my mother, told her to throw some money at the bicyclist and get the heck out of there. I think she gave him $20 American (nothing to sneeze at for an E6 and Japan at that time) and drove off.

  6. ArBee

    That Packard hardtop is downright handsome in that color scheme. I like the Anglia, too. I don’t know much about the 100E pictured, but my brother had a 1960 105E in Sharkskin Blue, and that little Ford was game for anything. I particularly remember a trip to Virginia Beach with four up, and enough room for all with an overnight grip. The little 997cc four with the crossflow head never missed a beat. Happy days!

  7. George Denzinger

    I should really go to Hershey someday. It’s only about 12 hours from the house, so it’s not a bad ride…

    As much as I like the Packardbaker, it really looks like a 7/8ths Forward Look Chrysler. Still, I like them a great deal.

    But… That 1961 Chrysler New Yorker! Wow!


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