1990 Cadillac Seville: Classy In Cameo Ivory

It is well documented that I am a fan of the Cadillac Seville. All of them. No, really. Part of it is that one of my first toy cars as a tot was a 1980 Seville made by Tomica, which along with my 1/64 scale Continental Mark III, Fleetwood Brougham and Mercury Cougar Villager station wagon, introduced me to Brougham at a very early age. My favorite? The 1976-79. But I like them all to some extent.

90 Seville

And when they’re in that classic Cadillac color known as, depending on the year, Colonial Yellow, Cream Beige, Light Yellow and finally, Cameo Ivory, this author takes note.

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Spot The eBay Idiot


Here’s something that makes me feel old: eBay informs me that I am a Member since: Feb-15-99 in United States. The girl who occasionally looks after my son in the evenings wasn’t yet born when I bid on my first online auction. I can’t remember what it was, but I’m reasonably certain it was a part for a BMX bike.

Three hundred and fifty-eight transactions later, including three serious disputes, a $42,000 car purchase that went perfectly, a $5,000 car purchase that went to Dispute Hell, a $51,000 car sale that originated on the site but completed elsewhere, and a considerable number of interactions with hugely unpleasant people later, I’m still here. I’ve seen the site go from fundamentally being the Wild West to being a seller’s paradise to being a buyer’s paradise to the current state of affairs, which completely and totally sucks.
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