1976 Buick LeSabre Landau: Bid on Bagge’s Buick

1976 Buick LeSabre Landau: Bid on Bagge’s Buick
1976 Buick LeSabre Landau: Bid on Bagge’s Buick

My pal up in Spokane, Jason Bagge, he of the ’76 Caprice Landaus, caramel colored ’76 Bonneville Brougham and 454-powered ’74 Monte Carlo, is letting one of his cars go-to make more room for more, of course.

It’s a ’76 LeSabre Landau two-door hardtop, with those excellent optional Road Wheels, power windows, sport mirrors and other refinements. No ejector seat, but then, this isn’t a totally loaded car, ha ha.

Anyway, it went up on that electronic bay this morning, and he asked if I’d give the car its five minutes of fame, so here we go! Buy it, and float down the highway. Just remember to plan ahead fuel stop-wise, with that 350 4BBL V8 and all that sheetmetal to haul around. But hey, it’ll always be a cinch to spot in a parking lot!

I’ll let Jason fill you in on the details: “You are looking at a really, really clean 1976 Buick LeSabre Landau. It’s a true 2 door hardtop as all 4 windows roll down. This car is pretty much untouched. It has a little age showing-but not much. Interior still smells like a new car. It sat for some time and needed a little carb work to run perfectly, but that did not stop me from cruising at 60 mph on the freeway comfortably. The AC was working-until the clutch fan decided it had enough-so it will need a rebuilt or new AC compressor.”

“The paint and interior is original. It has some nicks and the dash has a few cracks from age-which BTW-is a typical GM trait from this era of cars. Original spare tire is still in the trunk. The owners manual is in the glove box. This car does NOT need much to be super, super nice. The vinyl top is also original and showing some age-there is a little rust forming on the channel-but it’s not terrible-not yet at least.”

“I changed every vacuum line under the hood I could find and also it has a fresh oil change. It does not leak. The transmission shifts great and the brakes are also tight and ready to go. This car still has all the emissions stuff and convertor on the exhaust-so passing inspection or smog will be free and clear.”

“The body has no rust I could find. The frame and floors look like they just rolled off the line being built. She is DRY. I like the car myself-but I have 5 cars and I have no need for this one. I’d rather see it go to a good home and a little TLC added to really make it pop.”

“Thanks for checking it out. This car is clean in person as well-there is no funny business with my photos. What you see doesn’t really do it justice in person.”

And if you don’t need a home cabin cruiser, feel free to just gawk at the pictures. Have a great morning. I need a coffee refill, so until next time, keep calm and always tip your bartender-or barista, as the case may be.


  1. Tom, Just had to add a comment since no one else has.

    This final full size Buick has one of the best designed dashes of the 1970’s. Notice how it is balanced with the Climate Control and headlight switch to the left of the steering wheel and the radio and the lighter to the right. Also, Buick did not delete the operational rear quarter windows, by 1976 most two door cars only had two windows that would go down. Of the few cars that had rear passengers’ windows, most of the rest (Mark V, Thunderbird, etc) were fixed in place and did not roll down. Also Buick did an excellent job of incorporating the oversize “opera” window into the C Pilar to enhance the look of the car from the side creating an forward leaning angle that makes the car look like it is moving while parked. Also, while this example has a crack in the mid point of the dash originating at the front spearker grill, the Buick dashes were less prone to cracking then the Cadillac dashes of this time period. The Cadillac dashes were prone to crack due the narrow design of the top layer on the dash on the Cadillacs.
    This is well optioned car (Power Windows, Tilt Wheel, Climate Control, digitial clock, 40/60 Split Bench Seat, AM/FM/Stereo 8 Track, Cruse Control, Sport Wheels [great looking wheels for the period], Delay Wipers, Bumper Dress up Kit, Body Side Molding, Door Edge Guards) Wish it was 3000 miles closer, I am sure Jason will have no trouble selling it.

    1. hi everyone im david im in the uk id like to say ive bought this buick from jason bagge its at the dock waiting to be shipped to me in the uk cant wait ive got to say he done me a very good deal when i want to buy something else i will certainly get in touch with jason very nice man to deal with.

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