Mad Maxine Waters Is Starting A War She Can’t Hope To Win

We may someday look back at Sarah Sanders’ expulsion from the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, as the moment that started it all—the Franz Ferdinand of the Second American Civil War, if you will. Sure, Kirstjen Nielsen and Stephen Miller were recently harassed at their favorite Mexican joints by some protestors, but Sanders’ case was unique in that it was the business owner who asked her to leave rather than an angry mob. Perhaps she preferred the Obama method of giving immigrant children to sex traffickers.

Maxine Waters decided to capitalize on this event, encouraging liberals to “create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Of course, she says this representing a relatively poor district of California while she chills in a mansion that is worth anywhere from $3-5 million dollars, according to her own tax forms.

Of course, this is so idiotic that even Nancy Fuckin’ Pelosi reprimanded her in public for saying it. But it’s even more poorly thought out than most things that Mad Max has said, and that’s saying something. Here’s why.

Trump’s policies are specifically designed to help a few groups of people, and one of those groups is small business owners. Everybody from Forbes to CNBC agrees that Trump’s tax plan will help small business owners keep more of their money, reinvest in their business, and even keep more of their money when they sell their business. They voted for Trump en masse, not only to relieve their tax burden but to relieve them of the millstone known as ObamaCare. Depending on which exit poll you read, anywhere from sixty to eighty percent of small business owners voted for Trump in 2016. Even black business owners were more than twice as likely to have voted Trump than your average black citizen was.

In other words, if you want to start drawing lines in the sand—if you want to have businesses and restaurants where Republicans aren’t welcome, then you better be prepared for the opposite to happen too, and there are far, far more small businesses where Republicans are in charge than ones where Democrats sign the checks. If Democrats want businesses to be segregated, they’re going to end up being stuck outside more often than not.

Of course, this assumes a world where Republicans and Democrats act the same, and nothing could be further from the truth—for now. Republican business owners are more likely to take a dollar from anybody, regardless of creed or belief. And Democrats are historically far better at organizing and executing these sorts of protests. Despite my disagreement with pretty much every press release Disney has had in the last decade, and the fact that their CEO is a likely opponent for Trump in 2020, I still took my kids to see The Incredibles 2 (and its overtly feminist message) this weekend, because I like The Incredibles. In fact, I can’t remember ever not going to a movie or downloading a song just because the actors or musicians were anti-Trump.

But if you keep provoking them, Republicans will organize. If you want further proof, simply look at what happened to the Red Hen’s Yelp and Facebook pages. Yeah, it’s easy slacktivism at this juncture, but I have a feeling it’s a jumping off point and a warning to businesses who discriminate against Trumpers in the future.

Don’t count on Republicans continuing to practice non-violence in the face of being threatened, either. It’s only the desire to neither be in the national headlines nor have 2nd Amendment rights become revoked that has kept CCW holders from blasting an Antifa member in the grill thus far. But it will happen. I guarantee it.

And that might just be the catalyst for a fight that Democrats can’t win. Candidly, Republicans own most of the businesses and all of the guns, and if Maxine gets her way, they’ll begin to feel justified using both to their advantage.

I hope I’m wrong. I don’t want to see donkey and elephant signs on restaurant windows. I hope that we can see that there’s more that unites us as Americans than divides us.

I wouldn’t bet on it, though.

64 Replies to “Mad Maxine Waters Is Starting A War She Can’t Hope To Win”

  1. everybodyhatesscott

    this assumes a world where Republicans and Democrats act the same, and nothing could be further from the truth—for now. Republican business owners are more likely to take a dollar from anybody, regardless of creed or belief. And Democrats are historically far better at organizing and executing these sorts of protests. Despite my disagreement with pretty much every press release Disney has had in the last decade, and the fact that their CEO is a likely opponent for Trump in 2020, I still took my kids to see The Incredibles 2

    This is why we lose

    But if you keep provoking them, Republicans will organize.

    Republicans keep saying this as progressives bonk us over the heads with bike locks.

    The second democrats start getting kicked out of businesses, they’ll be part of a protected class. You can’t kick out gays but you can kick out republicans. That seems fair.

  2. Nick D

    If I were Ms. Sanders, I would not have publicized being asked to leave and just never returned.

    Yes, it was wrong to make her party leave. But sending a tweet from the White House Press Secretary’s official account (and subsequent POTUS response) legitimized the Red Hen’s action and added fuel to the fire instead of starving it.

    It sucks to be in a leadership position. You have to frequently smile while eating shit sandwiches. This could have been one of those times and talked about when she is on the post-retirement lecture circuit.

    • Jonathan H.


      She only went public because a Red Hen employee decided to crow about it on social media and it started to go viral. By all accounts she delt with the situation with class.

      • Nick D

        I did not know that, Jonathan. Thanks. I’m still not sure I would have given credence to the story by responding, but fully agree she handled the incident with class.

  3. Wulfgar

    I’m baffled how I ended up in a country where a group of similar individuals now proudly proclaim “We don’t serve their kind here “.

    • Rob

      My thoughts exactly, Wulfgar. Liberals are the most intolerant people in our society, while accusing Trump and his supporters of Nazism. Diversity of thought is not on the agenda.

      • Sean Goldstein

        Why isn’t anyone referring to the case of the baker who wouldn’t serve a gay couple, which recently went to the Supreme Court?

        • Wulfgar

          Sean – I didn’t agree with the baker, either. And the reality is the case was decided on the fact that the Colorado Civil Rights Board had discriminated against the baker because they had, in fact, allowed others to not make cakes they disagreed with. Furthermore, the Chairperson of the aboard compared the baker and his religion to Hitler. So once again a liberal ruined a situation that could have been dealt with correctly.

        • CJinSD

          Did Sanders violate the Red Hen’s constitutionally protected religious freedom and then sue the owner for it? I missed that. Why are you making your opponents’ case in such an unchallengeable manner? Would you say you’ve arrived at your identity more through irrationality or dishonesty? How do you decide what to pretend to believe on any given day? It must be fatiguing to carry water for an agenda you can’t comprehend. Your only consistency is that you attack everything that is meritorious and American. Somehow you missed out on why we have a bill of rights. You missed out on why we have a republic instead of a democracy. You missed out on why we’re the country others want to sneak into. Do you ever ask yourself why your masters tell you to destroy personal liberty and the protections that exist against genocide? Do you know you’re a vile malevolent tool with zero redeeming social value? I’m just curious.

          • Sean Goldstein

            Do you get paid for each inane question? I was simply making the point that there are 2 sides to the issue of denying service.

          • CJinSD

            How are you making a point? You’re bringing up a time when the people who think this time is cause for celebration said that denying service while exerting a first amendment right was an indefensible act that created a relationship of obligation in violation of said right. If your side was right when it was a violation of the language and spirit of the first amendment, how are you right when it is a simple act of discrimination? You use an abundance of words of which you have no apparent comprehension.

          • CJinSD

            My Audi salesman is a Persian guy. Is that you, trying to make Jews look ridiculous? Last time I saw you, you were telling me that the 3.0 TDi engine in the A7 wouldn’t be touched by the VW diesel fallout, and that the 2.0 TDi in the A3 had different technology than what they put in VWs. Your willingness to lie about world events rivals your approach to pushing mediocre cars.

        • Sean Goldstein

          Um, no, CJ, I am not a Persian car dealer. But I am an owner of Honda stock, and I really appreciate your getting that Civic. I am enriched by your purchase. I want you to remember that every time you drive it.

          • Bark M Post author

            Reading comprehension has never been your strong suit, Sean, so I’m not surprised that you call my post a “hissy fit.” I never complained about the senile, extremely low IQ face of your party threatening Ms. Sanders. I said it was a poor idea to do so.

            You just can’t quit me, can you?

          • CJinSD

            I bought my Honda in 2007. I kept it because it is a stick and the Audis that followed it in 2012 and 2015 were not. They failed to stand the tests of time and are gone. Enjoy your Honda stock. Word is getting around that the new ones hold up like farts in the wind. Maybe you should visit a dealer service area and watch all the engine replacements and re-ringing going on. Obama’s CAFE is going to kill your stock.

          • Sean Goldstein

            Speaking of an inability to quit, are you done stalking me and my family on social media? Just curious.

          • Bark M Post author

            EDIT: it’s not your family’s fault that they’re related to you. Moving on.

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          That’s a lie. The baker was perfectly willing to serve a gay couple and has served many gay customers in the past He just wasn’t willing to participate in a gay wedding by baking a wedding cake.

          When you are willing to walk into a Muslim owned print shop in Dearborn and try to order flyers with Zechariah 8:6, “I have returned to Zion and will live within Jerusalem”, I’ll be willing to consider that you have anything close to a principled stance.

  4. mopar4wd

    This all seems like a dumb idea in the end. But I’m curious how it plays out. I don’t really have a problem with heckling a public figure, but kicking them out of places seems a bit extreme, and leads down some bad places as pointed out.

    Then again if you truly believe this administration is evil in your mind it may be like refusing service to anyone of dozens of evil dictators that have existed around the world. Not sure you want a sign out in front of your B&B saying Saddam slept here.

    Also the line about shooting antifa members is part of the reason the right isn’t winning many friends among the middle and moderate conservatives lately. I mean without digging deeper the optics are horrible. I can see the headlines around the world now Left says Punch a Nazi Right says shoot an Anti-fascist.
    Should also note many small business owners will vote for Trump but in Places with moderate populations they will never admit as much.

    • CJinSD

      “Then again if you truly believe this administration is evil in your mind it may be like refusing service to anyone of dozens of evil dictators that have existed around the world. Not sure you want a sign out in front of your B&B saying Saddam slept here. ”

      You’d have to be a complete imbecile to equate the Trump administration with any evil dictator. Do you think anyone ever turned away Saddam Hussein’s dog groomer while he was in power? Did anyone ever refuse Obama service? Has there ever been a dictator who allowed a cartel of globalists to control his country’s media in opposition to him? Damn, the people who oppose Trump are pathetic. I get it that their masters aren’t comfortable with all the lies of the Obama regime he has exposed concerning our country’s residual economic potential. The Democrats have been trying desperately to keep the slaves on the plantation ever since the US elected a black president and revealed that we were pretty much over race issues. What I don’t get is how anyone who hasn’t positioned themselves to survive the Democrats'(and establishment Republicans’) design for making the country less crowded and dangerous to tyrants can ignore the daily reality of replacing treason with deregulation as the executive branch’s guiding principle.

      The risk of Trump creating an environment that fosters jobs for people who were hobbled by the teachers’ unions is just too great to allow growth to go on for another six years. People with jobs won’t ride from ballot box to ballot box on a bus all day for a bucket of KFC and some orange juice. Identity politics were well on their way to making POC hate whites so that whites would once again hate POC. It was the best thing the Democrats did to consolidate their power since LBJ destroyed black families in the first place. Then Trump went and got everyone a job. WTF? Why do you think the Democrats are now defecating the open border narrative into the empty skulls of their remaining voters? They need a replacement population that doesn’t know how Trump exposed their lies about perpetual malaise to the natives.

      • mopar4wd

        Not going to go into the whole passionate post above. But some thoughts.

        I would argue Obama was pretty much Center left. Nothing in his policy seems to indicate other wise. I would also think he will be viewed as an average president but notable because of who he is.

        On the dictator thing. I don’t buy it either I pretty much view Trump as a self centered NY con-man nothing more.
        But as to why people see that there are some reasons. :
        #1 Attacks on the press. If the press is wrong point it out that’s fine. But Trump calls them fake news as a rallying cry, he has even been quoted when asked what he views as fake news “anything I don’t agree with”. He has also called for changes to libel laws to allow prosecution of journalists that say mean things about him. All of which would line up well with moves of smart dictators.
        #2 He seems to have little concern with political norms. He has called for eliminating due process for both gun owners and immigrants.
        #3 Executive orders (I think this one is silly but oh well) Obama signed 2.8 executive orders per month during his time in office. So far Trump has signed 4.6 per month. Technically neither of these are records. Executive orders are always a bad when he does it fine when I do it thing.
        #4 The framing of groups Trump dislikes. Trump has a way of coming very close to the line when talking about immigrants coming across the southern border or Muslims coming from anywhere. He often frames just the bad actors of these groups but come close enough that extremists in his base will view it as condemnation of the entire group. This is a technique used by many dictators in the past where they will slowly expand the definition of bad actors to a place most would find repugnant by creating new normal’s and slowly expanding on them.
        #5 Nationalism isolationism whatever you want to call it. Being a nationalist does not make you a dictator but if you are a dictator your probably a nationalist.
        #6 Under filling offices in government. Many open positions are left. There could be many reasons for this but if your looking at Trump as a Dictator you would draw comparison to Gadaffi, where once he had his group of allies installed he couldn’t find people he trusted to fill other rolls of power so he left them unfilled to protect him self and exert maximum control.

        I’m sure if you talk with a hard core anti Trumper you will find more thoughts but these are ones I have heard before and can see why people would apply them in that way.

        • Rob

          Mopar, I appreciate the reasoned discourse instead of the frothing at the mouth I see a lot of these days. But thought I’d brifely attempt to rebut:
          1. When the media (not to mention the FBI) is literally out to prevent your democratic election, I can see how that would cause overreaction and distrust. I agree with you on the libel laws. We should be free to say whatever we want (within reason of course) about anyone or anything. Considering Peter Fonda is not locked up, and Bobby DeNiro isn’t on any blacklist other than the profitable movie one, I think we’re fine.
          2. Good. Political norms have gotten us in the present state.
          3. Agreed. Executive orders are often a partisan end-around to avoid Congressional legislature.
          4. Another example of the media distorting what he actually says, to fit the bully/Hitler/racist/Russian pawn narrative. See Charlottesville, MS-13, etc.
          5. I’m fine with nationalism, and patriotism too. I could give three fucks if it scares Euros or liberals.
          6. Great. During the last recession, the D.C. skyline was clogged with cranes on construction sites, while much of America was laying people off and struggling to get by. I have firsthand knowledge of the federal government and if you think hiring more six-figure-earning civil-servants-for-life are a good idea, I’d like to talk to you about donating more of your income to this cause. Starve the great beast.

  5. Jack Baruth

    I’ve skipped the last two Star Wars movies because of Kathleen Kennedy’s #PoliticsIsPersonal approach, and I expect to skip every single one of them from here on out. My son and I are done consuming Disney trash.

  6. 1a

    “I hope I’m wrong.”

    You are wrong.

    1) Is there any outrage anywhere over this? If they can’t drum up any outrage, let alone getting her to step down, they ain’t gonna start no damn conflict.
    2) You yourself can’t give up Disney (lol). The average schlep doesn’t know what a Maxine Waters is, let alone what she’s up to. Beer, pizza, and TV. Props on Brother for stepping up though! I love when we boycott and witness the results!

    I was wondering if either of you were going to comment on this, Starbucks’ documented decline, or the comment about Ohioans from that anti-Trump g00bermint broad.

  7. Jeff Zekas

    The current violence against conservatives is nothing new. During the Vietnam War, my buddy, Phil, had protestors spit on him, when he returned home at LAX. And who could forget the hippie/yippie mantra, “Kill the pigs!”. Despite a few anomalies like Gandhi and ML King, most leftists have preached violence against free men since Stalin created the Iron Curtain. As Ben Shapiro recently stated, what we have is “A cycle of incivility”.

    • Sean Goldstein

      Violence? Sanders had to find another place to eat. Is this really something to go to arms about? I mean, it’s not like you just found out your president is actually a pawn of the Russian government or anything…

      • CJinSD

        That was years ago, when Obama forgot he had an open microphone and promised to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would betray the American people after the election. I guess you were so upset that you’re blocking the memory.

      • Rob

        You forgot to mention he’s a Nazi, Sean. Tighten your shit up. Throw in Dracula and Genghis Khan while you’re at it, for all the sense you’re making.

    • hank chinaski

      Odds on the next ‘Baseball’ shooting?

      What ever happened to the Mandalay Bay investigation? Despite having such a high body count, it’s been buried. FWIW, the chans unearthed Paddock’s voter registration (D) and pics of him with friends after a pussyhat rally.

  8. safe as milk

    is bob iger seriously going to run for president? disney is the cheapest company in the industry. i mean they will do anything not to pay benefits. it would be great if all the dirt on him came out in an election.

    • dejal

      There was a story about people who work at Disney in Florida who make garbage wages a few months ago. Can’t track it down. I’m normally neutral on unions, if you want one you should be able to have one (or not).

      But, reading that story, Disney isn’t going to change unless the workers band together. The problem is, is the clients (vacationers) are there for only a little while. The last thing they want is to be bombarded by the plight of the help. Can’t really blame them, they payed up the wazoo to go there and they want to enjoy the experience. I think Disney banks on that.

      I personally don’t “get” Disney. I was at the Florida facility once in the late 80s. It was a shoulder shrug for me. Had a just retired co-worker who went every winter for 2 weeks without fail for 20+ straight yearsl. I’d ask her why and she’s say “Because I like it.” Some people want the familiar I guess.

  9. Sean Goldstein

    I worry that this fascination with where Sarah Sanders eats is just another form of fat shaming.

    • Ronnie Schreiber

      Judaism is a culture of compassion (and guilt, but that’s another topic for another day) and the rabbis of the Talmud say that if a Jew is cruel, that is reason enough to question his status as a Jew. Are you sure that you’re Jewish?

  10. Widgetsltd

    I don’t see a problem with heckling politicians in public. If you don’t want to be hassled by your constituents over your behavior and the policies that you support, then don’t go to work in politics. As for the Red Hen: the owner did what they did for a reason, and if their action costs them customers then they will have to live with that.

    • Panzer

      It’s not the heckling though.
      She was refused service by the store owner on the basis of her beliefs by the same people who say it’s unacceptable for a Christian baker to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple. This is not a good look for the liberals.

  11. Bigtruckseriesreview

    When someone accuses Maxine Waters of inciting violence:
    #1 REMIND THEM of how TRUMP suggested police BRUTALIZE SUSPECTS by hurting them during arrests.
    #2 REMIND THEM of how TRUMP incited VIOLENCE AT HIS RALLIES and “threw people out without their coats”.
    Promising to pay their legal fees.
    #3 REMIND THEM of how TRUMP told us what he’d like to see done to certain people.

  12. stingray65

    The left are a bunch of metro-sexual/transsexual/homosexual cowards that hide behind masks and lawyers. It is just a matter of time before some people on the right start to investigate how to use stand-your-ground laws and self-defense laws to pop a few these cowards with well placed punches or 9mm hollow-points. I’m really surprised at the restraint shown so far, but it isn’t very smart to provoke the 50%+ of the population that may have military training and/or actually knows how to shoot guns, and more importantly actually votes.

    • Sean Goldstein

      You came here to make fun of metrosexuals? You mean really vain guys who wear their hair long and brag about how their closet is full of expensive English suits, Swiss watches and fancy shoes?

      Yeah, you came to the right place.

    • Jeff Zekas

      Nate, the problem is this: back in the 60’s, there were jobs and unparalleled wealth (you could buy a house in L.A. for $30K). Since then, the economy has screwed the working class. Read the book “Hillbilly Elegy” for a complete description of what has happened to those who once believed in the American Dream.

  13. -Nate

    Thanx Fellas ! .

    You’re preaching to the choir here, my first house was in PO-mona and cost me $40k, it was a dump but I was buying the American Dream, right ? .

    When I bought my current Ghetto crib in 1988 the seller had snapped it up for $50K and flipped it to me for $108K, I was lucky to get it IMO .

    I’m staunchly Conservative yes but I’m not a foamer like some here .

    Honest works deserve honest pay and that’s all gone bye-buy now .



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