Sneak Peak: 1976 Bonneville Brougham

My friend Jason Bagge, also known as the Brougham Whisperer, has just purchased this magnificent 1976 Bonneville Brougham!

Bonneville 2

You may recall some of his earlier cars, such as the 1976 Caprice Classic Landau, and more recently the 1972 Pontiac Bonneville four door hardtop. Well, the Bonneville sold and went to Europe, and this car is essentially its replacement. The Bonneville Brougham reappeared for model year ’76, replacing the 1971-75 Grand Ville Brougham in the lineup.

Bonneville 3

Over the course of the past week, he’s compounded the paint and detailed the car extensively. The results speaks for itself. But he’s not done yet!

Bonneville 6

A new front bumper will be procured to replace the tweaked one, and the factory-correct fender skirts have been located in Minnesota and are on the way as we speak!

Bonneville 3

I have a serious, SERIOUS soft spot for the big 1971-1976 Pontiacs, especially the Grand Villes and Bonneville Broughams. So I just had to do a preview post this evening!

Bonneville 4

Stay tuned though. When it’s back to full showroom condition, there will be an extensive article! Until then, stay Broughamy my friends.

4 Replies to “Sneak Peak: 1976 Bonneville Brougham”

  1. Tyson Cragg

    My aunt and uncle owned the Canadian version of this car, a 1976 Parisienne Brougham. Dark red metallic and a black landau roof. Same wheel covers as the car featured. My grandparents also had a 1971 Catalina followed by a 1976 LeMans 4-door. Dad had a 1970 LeMans. Lots of old Pontiacs in our family’s past.

  2. John C.

    In 1976,hp was withering and weight was creeping up with big bumpers and higher equipment levels. As such, these biggest ever cars were probably unsustainable. GM must have really held their breath to see whether the smaller 1977s would be accepted. Remember the American makers had the real challenge. They had to change what they were doing and still produce a product that their customers would recognize and accept. The Japanese and Germans could just do what they always did just gradually letting their platforms bloat up to a useful size.

  3. stingray65

    I’m always amazed at how spartan the “base” versions of the upscale models were in those days. No instruments – that was optional. AM radio – FM stereo was optional, no center arm-rest – that was optional, alloy wheels – nope, etc., etc. Seems the Bonneville was little more than some extra chrome trim and fake wood on the dashboard. But someone obviously cared a lot about this car, because it certainly seems to clean up very nice.

  4. Tom Klockau Post author

    This one is pretty well optioned: power windows, power locks, 50/50 divided front seat with armrest. I admit I’m a little biased, as I LOVE the 1975-76 Grand Ville Brougham/Bonneville Brougham and Grand Safari woody wagons. Jason is also getting a set of the custom finned wheel covers, which will improve the car even more! I only wish she had the cornering lamps.


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