Yet Another Place For You To Go Read Things With Which You Disagree

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Starting with the November issue, I’ll be writing about luxury automotive for Indulge Magazine. It’s a lifestyle-oriented magazine that has a subscription circulation of about 60,000 in the Miami-Dade market, with readership of about 280,000. It’s specifically targeted at higher income/net worth individuals, so my first piece is going to be about some of the exotic hybrid sports cars on the market, and driving them around Miami and taking pictures at iconic locations. Neat, right? Also, this will probably be the first time that I’m just plain ol’ “Mark Baruth” in the byline.

Unless you live in Miami, you won’t ever see the articles in print, but I’ll link to them when they’re online.

That’s all!

20 Replies to “Yet Another Place For You To Go Read Things With Which You Disagree”

  1. wickedPete

    That’s a prominent, if small circulation, lifestyle publication that’s somewhat popular with the Miami gay community.

    Congratulations, Mark.

    • Disinterested-Observer

      My mom used to say “He is not with his family” because that’s what the cops called them back in the day when they wrote about their watches and shoes. Also good job to Bark/Mark for getting a job writing about his watches and shoes in what I assume is a time warp. Invest your commissions in these things called “bitcoin” (it’s hard to explain to someone from 1999) and and this thing called “facebook” (also hard to explain to someone from 1999). Seriously though, how are you writing for a magazine in the_present_year?

  2. John C.

    Look forward to reading it. Hope you are able to slip at least the occasional aside into how a young worthy can actually live the life of an educated connoisseur. From the cover with the manorexic mystery man, you might instead be sidetracked to whatever horror show clothing store tricked that fool into his amazing sweatshop technicolor dreamcoat..

  3. Mike

    Do you still live in Kentucky? Lots of Miami articles from you – the Ford one, this one etc. Are you moving?

  4. stuntmonkey

    My old copy editor co-worker came from a similar life-style magazine; build in circulation because they distributed to hotels and resorts, otherwise you could buy a copy off a newsstand for $15.00 CDN. Seemed like a nice steady gig with built in travel perks.

  5. dejal

    Just don’t turn in Ted West down the road. Automotive “writer”.

    He wrote for everyone. For awhile he wrote for Outdoor Life or Field + Stream.

    Reviewed trucks. Moved on, down the road wrote for Excellence. Out of the box writes what rubes truck buyers are and how he lowered himself to have to write about trucks.

    Respect your audience past, present and future.

    • Bark M Post author

      I don’t think there will be much crossover between audiences. Indulge is fairly limited in geographic distribution. I won’t even use the “Bark M” brand for this one, because it’s all lifestyle writing.


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