Back When We Weren’t So Divided


No, I’m not talking about D versus R. I’m talking about some of our dearly departed commenters. Who would like to take a guess about the identities of the two commenters above, as seen on a previous Bark TTAC article?

(Oh, and the Bark election prediction: House barely goes blue, Senate swings further red, with R pickups in IN, MO, ND, and FL).

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    • Ronnie Schreiber

      Over the past two decades, with the exception of one party states like California and New York, Republicans have made significant gains in governorships and in state legislatures. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues.

      • Mopar4wd

        No gains this year they lost 7 of the governor mansions this time out. If the dems had pulled out wins in GA and FL as some had predicted it would have been a huge blowout but they seemed to have held those.

  1. Economist

    Dang, I have so thoroughly checked out of TTAC I can’t even tell you the old commenters names. All I can remember is Deadweight and… NormSV650 (the buick tune guy)?

  2. Arbuckle

    -> Democrats win House and Senate tonight.
    -> Trump & Pence indicted, impeached, and removed from office in 2019 for treason.
    -> President Pelosi takes office. Nominates Hillary as VP, she is easily confirmed in Congress.
    -> Pelosi resigns presidency, Hillary becomes president.
    -> Kavanaugh impeached & removed from the bench. 6 new SCOTUS justices added by President Clinton and Democrat legislature (plus Kav’s replacement).
    -> Puerto Rico and DC named as states.
    -> Electoral College abolished.
    -> Broad-reaching hate speech laws passed.
    -> Fox News banned from broadcasting.
    -> 2nd Amendment restricted to muzzle-loaders that must be annually registered and stored at local police stations.
    -> CAFE raised to 60MPG.
    -> Pence is pardoned. Trump is convicted and sentenced to execution.
    -> Anonymous voting abolished.
    -> Mandatory racial and gender quotas passed in relation to hiring practices.

  3. shocktastic

    The Congresstitutes and senatwhores do what the big $ donors tell them to do. I cast my puny vote with low expectations but always with the faint glimmer of hope that This-Time-It-Is-Going-To-Be-Different. Election night coverage is political pornography because it is titillating mindless crap until the “Final Election Results” are posted. What is more enlightening to me from Internet journalism is a writer spent $$$ of her/his own money for a Boss/Boxster/Fist/Fost/Sierra/boot/shoe/trouser and this is how this ____ vehicle/product works for the writer.

  4. some seppo

    Good prediction Bark. At least your adopted state of Florida didn’t go completely nuts and elect the future jailbird as Governor.

  5. Bark M Post author

    For those who were wondering, the top comment was from VoGo, nee Sean Goldstein, and the bottom comment was from DeadWeight, who is now spending his days finding proxy IPs from which he can continue to insult me using my full name in SEO fashion. These comments were written in 2014, back before both of them came down with incurable cases of Baruth Derangement Syndrome.

    • Ronnie Schreiber

      Deadweight was sort of humorous at first but then he fell into the trap of believing his own bullshit.
      VoGo was just an objectionable leftist Jew with no redeeming qualities. He exemplifies what R’ Meir Kahane described as a liberal Jew’s true religion, a cross between the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Democratic party platform. They get upset when you attack their political ideology because in fact it represents their deepest religious feelings.

      • tresmonos

        I still like DW and miss his shenanigans. TTAC is such a waste of bandwidth. Im glad I got to enjoy it’s best days under Derek.

    • CJinSD

      Do you have any idea what set DeadWeight off? VoGo losing his bearings over Trump’s victory was foreseeable, but why do you play such an important role in DeadWeight’s psychosis?


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