Autumn In Chicagoland: The 2018 Countryside Model Car Show

On October 21, I once again pointed the Town Car east to Chicagoland for the bi-annual model kit, diecast and promo show in Countryside, IL.

Thanks to my buddy Jim Smith, I was getting in early, to assist him in selling two tables of dealer promo cars. And naturally, I’d have to buy some for myself!

The best part is you never know what you will find. I’ve been attending enough years to recognize some of the sellers, and getting a feel for what kind of stuff they’ll have. I seek them out, do some wheeling and dealing, and almost always (correction: always) find something to take home. I can’t help it.

I’d found some stuff for Jim in the Quad Cities, including a Turbine Bronze 1967 Chrysler 300 promo, and a 1957 Lincoln deluxe showroom brochure. I traded them for stuff he had for sale-always a win in my book!

I have to admit, it was nice having a ‘home base’ at the show, with a chair and beverages. The first thing I noticed was across the aisle from where we were, the uber-detailed Automodello models. They’ve just introduced the Diamond Jubilee Continental Mark V.

They are 1/24 scale and not cheap, as you can see. But for those who really love the offbeat classic cars, something other than the usual Camaros, 55-57 Chevrolets and Mustangs, they’re pretty cool.

They even offer a Kaiser-Darrin, in several colors. I myself bought their aqua metallic 1970 Continental Mark III earlier this year.

I was smitten with the color, and my grandfather had a Mark III when they first came out, so I had to have it. The quality is first rate. I don’t know if I’ll get the Mark V, however, as another manufacturer makes a 1/18 Mark V that is less than half the cost of the Automodello 1/24 variant.

Ever seen a Ford Pinto promo car? Now you have.

His and hers 1966 and 1965 Chrysler promos.

All these cars were just Jim’s table, Automodello models excluded. Quite the variety!

I traded the 67 300 even with Jim for this 1960 Imperial Crown promo in coral. I’m kind of a sucker for Imperials. I also have ’63 and ’68 Crown coupes in my collection.

I’n not going to list every single model I got at the show, but I have to share this 1968 Eldorado kit. It’s who you know, especially in Chicago, haha. Tom Beauchamp is a good friend of Jim’s. He’s known him for 40 years, and he builds amazing models. This Eldo is one of them.

His table was next door, but this model wasn’t on display. Jim walked over and said, “Tom wants to sell you some models!” So I walk over and he pulls out a small white box. Opens it and here’s this amazingly detailed Cadillac. “Forty bucks.” Sold!

He also showed me an equally nice 1964 De Ville convertible, red over white, but I demurred. Five minutes later I decided I had to have it, but it was too late. Another guy saw Tom show me the ’68 and ’64, and when I walked away he immediately bought the ’64. You snooze, you lose!

All in all, it was a great show. My last big out of town trip before winter advances. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be back next October-with plenty of cash!

2 Replies to “Autumn In Chicagoland: The 2018 Countryside Model Car Show”

  1. CliffG

    I’m jealous, I wish there was some show of this nature in my area. I have an assortment of 1/43s that I have been buying since the early ’60s, and still manage to build one or two a year. Just never grew out of it I guess.

  2. -Nate

    *VERY* nice, thank you for sharing .

    I only have a few model cars, mostly older German ones but I love looking at them .



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