1978 Cadillac Sedan de Ville: Broughamy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all at RG! Wait a minute Klockau, you may be thinking, why are you writing a post on a day of rest, relaxation, celebration? Easy, I am typing this at approximately 3:35 PM Saturday, December 22nd. This particular Sedan de Ville is about as holiday-hued as you can get, at least this side of a Continental Mark IV Lipstick Luxury Group or Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition, anyway. But I digress! So if you are avoiding relatives or hiding out with the last of the Christmas cookies, here’s something to read.

1978 Sedan de Ville

I first spotted this remarkable 1978 Sedan de Ville on eBay in September 2015. It was really a stunning car, in excellent shape. Or at least as far as the pictures indicated. Anyone who’s bought a car online will be familiar of the pictures vs. reality situation. But anyway, this was one flashy Cadillac.

1978 Sedan de Ville

I was flat-out floored by this Sedan de Ville’s color combination. Wow! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And in 1978 a new Cadillac was still highly regarded at country clubs, upscale neighborhoods and fine restaurants everywhere. But selecting Carmine Red with white top and white Sierra grain leather was going even further. I can imagine Al Czervick from Caddyshack driving a Sedan de Ville like this easily.

1978 Coupe de Ville

In general, you saw the more energetic, prominent color combinations on the Coupe de Ville rather than the Sedan de Ville. The Coupe was the youthful Cadillac, portrayed in showroom brochures and advertising amongst young, attractive thirtysomething tennis players, airline pilots, and the like.

1978 Sedan de Ville

In fact, in the 1978 brochure, the Coupe was shown in the very same color combo as today’s featured Sedan de Ville. I myself remember seeing this color scheme on several 1977-79 Coupe de Villes as a kid in the ’80s. There was even one lone survivor I saw semi-regularly at the JC Penney at the local mall as late as 1999-2001. Then one day it was gone.

1978 Sedan de Ville

The 1978 Cadillac Sedan de Ville was largely the same as the outgoing ’77. 1977, as you all know, was the big downsizing year for GM’s biggest biggies, and all the B- and C-body prairie schooners were completely redone. What they lost in lead-sled looks and embiggened presence on the road was more than amply replaced with clean, ‘sheer look’ styling, smooth flanks and crisp edges.

1978 Sedan de Ville

With only a couple of exceptions, interior room was actually increased over the outgoing 1971-76 de Villes. More glass area as well. And in white leather with red trim? Superlative, in your author’s humble opinion.

1978 Sedan de Ville

The 1978 Cadillac Sedan de Ville had a base price of $10,924 upon introduction in Autumn 1977. Riding a 121.5″ wheelbase and weighing in at 4,236 pounds, it was available with a cornucopia of options, interior and exterior color selections, and fabrics and leathers.

1978 Sedan de Ville

Each one was powered by Cadillac’s 425 CID V8, with a bore and stroke of 4.08 x 4.06 and 195 horsepower. Back then, a luxury car was a luxury car, with a mighty V8, and nary a 2.0 lunchbox-sized four in sight.

1978 Sedan de Ville

While I’m not one of those cantankerous coots who hate anything made after, say, 1995, I will admit that these ’70s Caddys had a great presence on the road, with bright colors, ample chrome and blessed V8 torque in abundance. Your guess about the future of American luxury automobiles is as good as mine, but we can always look back and enjoy yachts of yesteryear like this one. Have a fantastic Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate, have an awesome Tuesday! And Brougham on!


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  1. Preston

    My first car was a 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance in Slate Firemist. I bought it in 2005 for $1,250 with 92,000. It was a wonderful car! That car started my love for big sedans. Probably why I still drive Lincoln Town Cars. My 79 had shag carpet that looked like silver fur. It was awesome.


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