’70s Cabin Cruiser, Newly Available!

A while back I did a post on my buddy Jason Bagge’s rust free 1976 Impala. It sold for $3700 on the electronic bay, but unfortunately the bidder was a reneging dumbass deadbeat.

So! The car is being relisted, with an even lower reserve. So ifin any of you fine readers are interested in a Gerald Ford era Detroit cabin cruiser, here’s your big chance! And if anyone wants to shoot an offer, let me know and I’ll let Jason know. Remember, us old car guys gotta stick together!


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  1. -Nate

    WOW ! .

    I don’t even like Land Barges but this is absurdly cheap and isn’t SMOG test applicable so it’s a simple thing to peak & tweak it using vintage bits & bobs and have a comfy, good looking high speed freeway flyer that has lots of style .


  2. Salubrious

    This car brings back memories. My parents bought a new 1976 Firethorn Red Impala in late ’76 or early ’77, when I was four. We had that car for about 15 years, and it was the car we took all our family vacations in and the one I learned to drive in. The Impala was a great example of why GM sedans dominated the auto market. It was comfortable, smooth, quiet, and for the era, reliable. The de-tuned 350 V8 had plenty of low-end torque, so it felt stronger than it was. My son saw a red 1970 Impala at a car show last summer, and now he keeps talking about getting one. There’s something about these GM sedans. I’m not in a position to buy one at the moment, having four cars in the fleet already, but I will envy the lucky buyer who gets this one.

  3. Salubrious

    Reading about the 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman posted elsewhere on this site, I noticed that the OPTIONS on that car ($4022) cost almost as much as the MSRP of a 1976 Impala ($4706). Quite a value.


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