I Got Your Back, Covington Catholic


I have neither the time nor the inclination to give a blow-by-blow recap of the events over the weekend involving the students from Covington Catholic High School. Nor do I believe that you need one. You’ve likely already decided what your position on the incident is, and nothing I could say would change that opinion. For the record, I think the kids probably did nothing wrong. After reading the lawyer and PR-approved version of the featured student’s statement, I think it’s actually likely that the kids were intentionally targeted by this crisis actor, Nathan Phillips. a man who claims to be a Vietnam Veteran but also appears to be 64 years old.

(Note: This is being investigated and the records request has already been filed — JB)

No, I come before you today as a parent, specifically the parent of two students at a private Christian school in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

It should alarm each and every one of you how ready and willing the national media is to demonize white Midwestern children. In fact, not only is the media ready to demonize them, it is ready to doxx them and suggest actual physical harm to them, simply for standing in one spot and smiling while an adult political figure beats a drum in their faces.

That’s right—in Liberal America, it is now a crime to be Standing While White.

Nick Sandmann, who is a Junior at CovCath (as we Kentuckians call it), is younger than the “child” Michael Brown was when he stole from a convenience store and menaced the store’s owner in Ferguson, Missouri. He is of approximately the same age that the “child” Trayvon Martin was when he pinned the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman to the ground and beat his head against the blacktop repeatedly.

But Mr. Sandmann is not being granted the same title of “child.” No, because he was in D.C. to attend the March For Life, and because he was wearing a “MAGA” hat, he is basically a Nazi. Let’s forget the fact that he literally said and did nothing. Let’s forget the group of Black Hebrew Israelites who were screaming at him, threatening to “harvest his organs.” Let’s forget all of that and focus on his hat.

That hat, according to the media, represents the following:

  • sexism
  • racism
  • homophobia
  • islamophobia
  • basically being a full-blown Nazi

As somebody who owns and wears this hat, let me assure you that it represents exactly none of these things. For the vast majority of people who voted for him, President Trump’s campaign slogan represented the opportunity to restore pride in their nation, to return jobs and industry to America, to reduce our unemployment rates, and to secure our borders. President Trump was the first victorious President in history to campaign on a pro-gay marriage platform. He has worked to reduce sentences for non-violent criminals. He has been called the “Uniter-in-Chief” by none other than Van Jones.

Doesn’t matter, though. Wearing the (admittedly ugly) red hat makes you the enemy of the people. It puts you on the Wrong Side Of History, which is what liberals say when they don’t have a single leg to stand on.

I have no doubt that newsrooms and bloggers shrieked with joy when they saw his face. He just looks like a snobby, annoying rich kid. I’m pretty certain Nick Sandmann isn’t a racist, or a bigot, or a homophobe. But he is white. Even worse? He’s a Christian! Even worse than that? HE’S RICH! And he didn’t even EARN it! Fuck this kid. Send his family death threats. Doxx him. He doesn’t deserve sympathy for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, targeted by a group of people who suspiciously had cameras at the ready.

The whole situation reminds me of the Duke Lacrosse rape case. Privileged, smirking white kids. A minority victim. A lack of evidence. A national media hungry to vilify some kids. And, boy, did they ever. Check out these headlines:

Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native Elder (New York Times)

Students in Trump Hats Mock Native American (New York Times)

Covington Catholic could expel students who taunted Native American man in viral video (USA Today)

Students in ‘MAGA’ hats mock Native American (Washington Post)

There have been a few media outlets who have apologized now that several, longer videos that mostly exonerate the CovCath kids have surfaced. The Atlantic, in particular, ran a good story about a woman who admits she failed the test. But a significant majority of the media is doubling down.

As a parent, I’m disgusted, but not surprised. So today, I’m pledging to not allow my kids to be victims of a bloodthirsty media mob. I stand with Mr. Sandmann and his classmates. I remember each of the outlets and “journalists” who recklessly ran with this story. I wear my MAGA hat, and if you have one, I encourage you to do the same

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  1. PaulyG

    couple of thoughts:

    As a resident of Fairfield County, doxxing is the way the smug “sophisticated” elites hope to incite violence and get away with it. And they will continue to do so until one of them is held responsible for inciting such violence. However, I am not holding my breath.

    I worked at the firm of the father of one of the Duke lacrosse team players. Luckily, as a fellow Wall Streeter, he had the means to go after the prosecutor https://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/08/us/08duke.html Unfortunately, 99.9% of people don’t have the political pull and the likely several million dollars of disposable income to pay legal fees to go after these jerks.

    • everybodyhatesscott

      As a resident of Fairfield County, doxxing is the way the smug “sophisticated” elites hope to incite violence and get away with it. And they will continue to do so until one of them is held responsible for inciting such violence.

      One of these days they’re going to dox the wrong person and we’ll get the “Who could have seen this coming” articles when that person responds with violence.

      • PaulyG

        Everyone will be shocked! SHOCKED!

        Unfortunately, then the doxxee will be put in jail.

        Here in Bubbleworld, most elites think they are insulated and untouchable. So far they have not been proven wrong.

  2. hank chinaski

    Lots to unpack.

    Catholic schools have been sending students to pro life rallies for years.

    Various chattering heads have branded the MAGA hat the ‘new white hood’ and the ‘American swastika’. It’s impossible to argue with that level of irrationality.

    Blue checkmarks have called for ‘firing on’ hat wearers, and to burn down CCHS (with the kids inside). A Disney producer suggests that they should be put into wood chippers. Disney and Twitter will of course ignore this.

    On the ‘conservative’ side, the cucks cucked, cuckingly. Disappointingly, POTUS has been silent so far. He really doesn’t have that luxury. Mitch and Rand should probably chime in.

    The site is down, probably due to traffic, but there’s a donate page at Covcath.org, should anyone want to put their money where their mouth is, or at the very least leave a supportive comment with a fiver or two.

    • Bark M Post author

      I’d rather support any legal fund the parents set up. The school wasn’t terribly supportive of the kids.

      • Felis Concolor

        Buncha’ f’in churchian cucks in charge at Covington; sending any monies to them will end up with them being used against the kids involved. Better to send monies directly to the families who are rightly going after everyone who slandered, libeled and defamed them.

      • Kevin Jaeger

        I think the most disgusting aspect of all of this is how quickly the school and their own bishop were to join in on the ritual condemnation. Absolutely revolting. These institutions are being run by men without chests. There is probably no saving them.

        We expect the left to do what they do, but incidents like these show just how thoroughly the left has taken over all of our institutions – even ones that are regularly demonized by the left and should know better.

  3. Felis Concolor

    The Left consider you the enemy. If you’re white, or christian, or male – and each one of those traits amplifies the others when in combination – they want you dead, they want your wife raped and sold into slavery, and they want your children sodomized and thrown into prison.

    And they think that’s funny.

    In the words of Gene Hashmi, Greenpeace India’s Communications Director: “We know who you are. We know where you live. And we be many, but you be few.”

    The unauthorized right is fighting back. Instant archiving and screen shots coupled with deletion tracking are preparing a record of this coordinated attack, which has been deliberately launched by the major media groups and amplified by every left wing nutcase and cuckservative pundits.

    It’s amusing to note Jordan Peterson is sitting this one out, while Little Benji couldn’t wait to step in the poop and is now frantically scrubbing traces of his misstep while trying to get out in front and redirect the anger.

    The lists are automated and growing longer by the minute. Several legal teams are preparing to unleash a mass libel, slander and defamation suit the likes of which have never been seen. I look foward to seeing just how many SPLC and ADL officials are on that list – or if they’ll just save time and file suit against both organizations in toto.

  4. gtem

    Aside from the usual culprits on the unhinged left advocating for violence, and the neo-liberal journalists in media pushing the narrative to incite said unstable individuals, I think you missed a major factor here: the Ben Shapiros, the National Review, their own school/diocese and the organizers of the Right to Life march who immediately threw these kids under the bus. That too me was the most disturbing part of this. Shapiro and Co is quickly now trying to get on the bandwagon attacking the liberals and wishing not too many notice their initial reaction. These people in conservative circles of power are absolutely spineless opportunists that are basically controlled opposition at this point it seems.

    All I can think of is Rambo II: “Murdoch, I’m coming to get YOU”

    • arbuckle

      This was my biggest grievance as well. The Left is gonna be the Left no matter what, but Conservative INC was falling over themselves all Saturday morning to support Phillips and condemn the students. It was a terrible showing and their jarring flop-flip now makes them look like a bunch of weak-willed front-runners.

      Even worse, this was only days after many of them posted a bunch of fart-sniffing “IF TRUE” articles about the quickly disintegrating Buzzfeed/Cohen stuff. And, if you go back to the start of the Kavanaugh spectacle, many of these same people were posting “Kav should just withdraw and we should try someone else” until the tide started to turn.

      • carrya1911

        Ah, yes. Billy Kristol and the merry band of Neo-Cucks who spend their days eating in Washington’s finest establishments on their expense accounts in between penning missives about how everyone on their side is morally and intellectually degenerate. Who could have guessed that they’d delight in an opportunity to throw more faggots on the pyre. “See, guys? I burn peasants, too! I’m not like those dirt people! I’m one of you!”

  5. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see that by the end of this week, some new, more “deplorable”, victim is targeted by the left for something they likely didn’t mean to do, or maybe didn’t even do. The way the usual suspects in the media, and to a large degree anyone left of Rand Paul approach things is that you’re guilty because WE say you are.

    Reminds me of the old “joke”; So, have you stopped beating your wife?

  6. rambo furum

    I applaud everything except the cowering at being called names which denote nothing more than being aligned with the generations that came before us.

    By saying “I’m not a mean racist/homophone, whatever” you are tacitly endorsing the leftist narrative that western civilization and tradition are something to be ashamed of, while modern urban degenerates adhering to globo-homo are “good people.”

    Address that this is meaningless name-calling done by those with no better argument and that’s it.

  7. 1a

    Except if there ever were a story to expound on, this would have been the one.

    This BOY was thrown under the bus by everyone. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. This boy should sue the BLEEP out of everyone who described his inaction as a negative action, INCLUDING his school—they assisted in ruining his life and his future.

    I hope to God his friends have his back and are there for him every second of his days—I can’t imagine. All of America spewed their hatred on this boy. If he isn’t being shown total forgiveness (for doing no wrong) in his Catholic community, I hope he seeks a Protestant minister who preaches truth.

  8. Widgetsltd

    As a white male who attended and graduated (30 years ago) from an all-male, Catholic high school in Cincinnati, it’s pretty clear that these boys were mocking the Native American drummer. Does this mean that the boys and/or their families should be threatened, or that this incident should tarnish these boys for the rest of their lives? No. It was a complicated situation, but the fact remains that their actions do not reflect well on Covington Catholic. The school’s statement indicated that “This behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.” I’m all for letting the school decide what actions, if any, should be taken at this point.

    • Chris Powers

      Widgeld, have you seen the full video? The boys being harrassed by “black israelites”,who were slurring gays. The kids started doing school chants. Then the old native american man barged right into their group, singled out the main kid, and proceeded to play drums in his face without breaking eye contact for an extended period of time. Those kids didn’t know what the hell was going on. I think they thought the Indian was there to break up the tension or show solidarity, or contribute a sweet solo. I don’t blame them.

      Full video

    • arbuckle

      I fully disagree with your comment and I’m hopeful the school, church, and diocese let’s them all completely off the hook. If they do not I would certainly leave this school and church in protest as I think any (very) minor wrongdoing you can attribute to them has been paid back a hundred-fold at this point.

    • 1a

      What does your race and experience 30 years ago have to do with these boys? How dare you pass your sins onto these boys.
      2 Kings 14:6

    • Disinterested-Observer

      In 50 years you have not gained any perspective at all. Your post is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen online, and that is saying something.

  9. stingray65

    Has there been even one Leftist case of a protected class member being supposedly victimized by “right wing extremists” that has held up to any real scrutiny? This supposed native American/veteran turns out to be a professional protester who goes looking for pay days by making false claims of victimhood. Duke, Ferguson, Trayvon, etc. have all proven to be total hoaxes and fabrications that were eagerly taken up by the mainstream (aka Fake) media. Its almost as if the Left desires we return to 1957 Little Rock or 1965 Selma so they can be heroes just like MLK, although the ironic thing is the people they would then be protesting would all be Democrats.

  10. Widgetsltd

    I can’t claim to have seen all of the video on this incident, but I’m wondering where the teachers, parents, and chaperones were during all of this action. The situation was apparently developing over a significant period of time – possibly 10 or 20 minutes. The Native guy was able to see what was happening and choose (for right or wrong) to get between the two groups; why didn’t the adults who accompanied these kids take steps to de-escalate this thing? The chaperones could have at least positioned themselves between the Black Israelites and the kids.

    • hank chinaski

      They look to be mostly upperclassmen, so perhaps there were only one or two adults, who probably turned tail at the first whiff of conflict.
      I would expect that the kids had been coached to behave exactly like that if confronted by nutters, being pro-life in the pussy hat lion’s den, but they did not expect the Black Israelites and Chief and his tom tom.
      The restraint expressed (or is that fear) is impressive, but he knew that short of defending himself in a 4 on 1 beat down, he’d end up in a cell next to James Fields for the next 400 years.

      DJT’s twitter response has been lukewarm at best. He needs to invite these kids in for burgers and tendies. Clockboy got more support.

      The upside: more redpilled normies. Keep pushing, fools.

  11. madhominist

    Donald Trump may only be right about one thing, but if so, that one thing is this: Today’s media is truly the enemy of the American people. There’s no other take on this.

  12. Ronnie Schreiber

    I’m the same age as Nathan Phillips, 64. I was eligible for the draft the same time he was. I happened to pull a high number but by then they weren’t drafting many boys. The ground war in Vietnam was winding down in terms of U.S. troops, with the last U.S. ground troops leaving in ’73.
    Phillips may have been verbally dancing around serving in Vietnam or serving during that era.
    He lives in Ypsilanti. The Detroit Free Press ran a front page story Monday with his account, still painting the boys in the worst possible light. I wonder if they’ll run a correction.

    • Disinterested-Observer

      By a weird trick of timing one of my sisters-in-law is the daughter of a WWII vet. When he died the girl was surprised to find that he had five “bronze” stars despite the fact that he was an airplane mechanic who never left England. Nothing against the guy but they were battle stars, not medals. Civilians might not realize this but there is a big difference between being a veteran who pushed paper in Qatar in 2007 and being at the pointy end of the spear.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      The level of stupid in that article only allowed me to read into the second paragraph. Given who the host site is, that really wasn’t a surprise.


    The reactions to CovCath kids were completely unhinged. I’m sure you’ve all seen the tweets? It’s literally gotten to the point where SMILING is a grievous offense.

    There is absolutely no way to reconcile this. There is no reason the two (or more) Americas should continue to share political space.

    We need to break up.

    It’s not me. It’s you.

  14. 1a

    Most recent media spin (happened to turn past Dr. Oz):

    “Is someone responsible for drowning over 100 college students?”

    They conveniently failed to mention that the “college students” they’re referring to are males, white males.

    Imagine the headlines if they were of a different gender or race. We wouldn’t be seeing the universal “college students” nomer.

  15. Booty_Toucher

    I’m left of center and I like reading this blog because it gives me some other viewpoints, many of which I vehemently disagree with to the point of aggravation.

    This story has less to do with liberal hypocrisy/stupidity/judgement on white males, or whatever you want to call it, then it does with poor reporting and the toxic “gotcha” social media environment. David Brooks has a good op-ed here (I know you guys don’t like linking other sites, so feel free to edit with a proxy). https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/21/opinion/covington-march-for-life.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage

    This could have easily played out with roles reversed, although I concede that the media does skew towards preferring leftist viewpoints. From my perspective, that view is usually justified (sorry to all the conservatives, I just think you’re wrong on many issues), which is why instances like this are so infuriating.

    • Jack Baruth

      The root cause of the problem is that people are far less likely to question “facts” that fit their existing beliefs.

      You see it on both sides of the political divide — Obama’s “Muslim past” for example — but the left has much better success signal-boosting this stuff because they have a greater presence in the media.

      If everybody waited 24 hours to print the news, we would all be better off IMO.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      “sorry to all the conservatives, I just think you’re wrong on many issues”

      As I don’t consider myself a traditional conservative ( I don’t care what you smoke, who you sleep with or what you worship ), I’m curious what you think I’m wrong on. Border security? 2nd amendment rights? Less taxation? Foreign aid? Socialism in it’s various forms? Race relations?

      Most on the left say they WANT to have discussions about those things but it usually turns into ” you’re wrong you racist, homophobic, hateful, greedy bastard”, when you don’t agree with what they say.

      There is a big difference between a discussion and a sermon, from EITHER side.

  16. 1a

    from Breitbart:
    Washington Post Correction: Nathan Phillips ‘Was Never Deployed to Vietnam’
    “Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam,” the correction reads. The update does not have a time or date stamp.

    • Kevin Jaeger

      Okay, I’ll bite. How does Christ guide us to react when an obnoxious Indian bangs a drum in your face and then tells lies about you afterwards?

      • jz78817

        How does Christ guide us to react when an obnoxious Indian bangs a drum in your face and then tells lies about you afterwards?

        same way He guides you to act when someone slaps silver paint on your face, sticks a banana peel up your nose, and sets your hair on fire.

        ask stupid questions, get stupid answers.

        Christ’s teachings basically boil down to “don’t be a dick.” you all appear to be competing for who can be the biggest dick. So you all fail. While holding yourselves up to be righteous.

        • 1a

          Judge not, that ye be not judged.
          Isn’t that the one you haters like to throw around so often? Yet here you are, judging all. Who here claimed to be righteous? And righteous in Jesus’ name? No one.
          Everyone will hate you because of me.
          I hope that boy is reading his Bible tonight.

        • Dirty Dingus McGee

          Ok, I’ll play.

          From the deep memories I have of church teachings some 50 years past, I recall “turn the other cheek”. I would offer that that was more or less what young Mr Sandmann did, when Chief Sitting Bullshitter got up in his face. By not taking the bait that was pushed into his face, the kid showed more class than the professional victim. The part many seem to overlook is that this is a 16/17 year old kid. I would wager that if you look back at yourself at that age, you would see an insufferable ass that knew EVERYTHING, as most all of us did at that age. At that age if I had been in that situation, I probably would have reacted far differently and the chief would have found himself getting knocked on his ass

          As an “elder” of his tribe, the chief is supposed to be giving guidance and life lessons to the younger generations, as Jesus was said to have done. What lesson was he teaching? How to be a first class asshole? If that was his goal, I’ll say he succeeded. Unfortunately for him, he has now found the glare of the spotlight has revealed his flaws, more even than his target. Which brings back another deeply buried memory;

          Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

      • jz78817

        crack open a Bible sometime, and actually read the *New* Testament. Not that handful of verses from Leviticus and Deuteronomy you all like to quote from.

          • 1a

            or that time when He flipped the tables and drove out the ‘thieves’ who were making their money in an unscrupulous manner….. hmm, just what would He do?!

          • 98horn

            And to return in a robe dipped in blood (Rev 19:13), with the army of god behind him (Rev 19:14), and with a sword to strike down the nations (19:13).

            The notion of Jesus as harmless pussy is false.

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            Mark, in general I’d agree with you, I get annoyed when Jewishly-illiterate Jews tell me, someone who participates in communal Jewish religious services every day, that I’m a “traitor to the Jewish people” because I support Pres. Trump. I’m hardly pious, but at least I know when I’m doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing.

            I’m pretty sure, though, that I’m not the only non-Christian who can discuss Christian beliefs in an informed manner.

            As for the question under discussion, Jesus responded to his accusers. When confronted by rabbis about harvesting on the Sabbath, he answered with a Pharisaic argument. I suppose one could quibble over his response to Pilate but he wasn’t silent.

  17. David Sanborn

    I get that you’re 100% behind Trump and any Trump loyalist, no matter how much evidence might exist that contradicts your beliefs. You’re all-in. Admitting error is worse than death. I’ve been waiting a decade for any of the Bush loyalists to finally admit they’d screwed the pooch by endorsing a rush to war against a nation (Iraq) that had nothing to do with 9/11. None of them ever said “oops” and I know you won’t either. When the dust has settled on the worst administration in American history I’m sure you’ll still think Pizzagate was probably real.

    Point being, these boys are clearly sharing blame for behavior that has quite bad optics. Surrounding the Indian and mocking him wasn’t exactly a blameless action. And give me a break: children who aren’t old enough to understand how the world works yet protesting the right of a woman to have an abortion? That’s like allowing my hyper-liberal, car-hating shrew of an ex to be a concours judge …

    Here’s your innocent and without sin Catholic children that day making it clear to random women that “it’s not rape if you enjoyed it”:

    • Jack Baruth

      This is my brother’s article, not mine, but it doesn’t appear that the kid in question attends Covington Catholic.

      Furthermore, Nick Sandmann didn’t say it, didn’t endorse it, didn’t repeat it. He’s not guilty of anything besides not retreating from a crazy old man who lied about being a Vietnam vet.

      Pizzagate might not be real, but Tony Podesta commissioned, purchased, and displayed child porn in his home.


      I have no trouble admitting that Bush screwed the pooch — of course, I campaigned for Clinton so it’s easy for me to admit. We will see whether the defenders of Tony Podesta, Bryan Singer, Roman Polanski, and Jeffrey Epstein ever come to the same kind of clarity.

  18. -Nate


    I ran across this interesting article that sheds light on some of the facts in this matter :

    Dear Family and friends,

    It has been a week since the outrageous conduct of school students bused from Kentucky to Washington D.C. to politic against women’s health care freedom and for the Donald’s policies. In that time a variety of videos has been made public, along with a shifting array of public PR efforts to excuse the students.

    The students are children, trained by adults with agendas. Attention should be paid to what the adults were and are doing, more than the students they are corrupting. And I said so in an article for LAprogressive that was published today. You can find it at: http://www.LAprogressive.com/covingtion-catholic-school/, where you can also leave your own comments at the end of the article. And here’s a copy just for you:

    Don’t let the obvious racism mask other important factors about how Covington Catholic School teaches its students.

    Covington Catholic School itself apparently wants to focus on the racism aspect of the story, and on its very proud history of racism, in the best tradition of the “segregation academies” which sprang up in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education. Jerry Falwell made his first millions starting and operating segregation academies which made specific promises to white parents: 1) Your children will not be put in the same schools as black children; 2) Your children will not be taught, or permitted, to develop critical thinking skills; 3) Your children will be taught obedience and submission.

    But there are a few aspects of this story that have been shaded by the focus on the overt racism. First, we should remember the chronology of the Covington School trip to Washington, and the subsequent confrontations. Note, confrontationS, not confrontation. The students were bused to Washington from Kentucky to participate in an event denouncing women’s equality and right to health care. Nominally, the trip was to promote the Covington School’s official position of opposition to women’s equality.

    This has been the Covington School’s official position since it was founded in 1925. The Covington School only educates boys, since males are the only part of the human race worthy of education in the medieval dogma of the School. As part of its Catholic “educational” mission, the School sends its students off to proselytize against women, hence the busing of students from Kentucky to Washington D.C. to march with others calling for Federal legislation to criminalize women’s independent health care decisions.

    But the Covington School does not only bus its boys around to denounce equality for women. The students were provided with red “MAGA” hats to show their support for the Donald and his partisan policies. It doesn’t matter to Covington School that until 2015 the Donald supported women’s right to make their own health care decisions.

    Covington School students are taught that the Donald’s overt racism is a proper approach to modern life. But their hats signal support for more than just racism. They support making America grate again by tossing government workers out of jobs. And by forcing some workers to continue their labors as unpaid slaves. And by lying about Moslems, and about science.

    Covington Catholic School agrees with, and actively promotes, the Donald’s policies of forcing unpaid labor by “essential workers.” The school uses their own students as pawns in their business / political efforts. Busing students hundreds of miles to participate in overtly political demonstrations isn’t exactly educational. Particularly when the activity is grounded on explicit rejection of science and logic.

    Notice that Covington Catholic School has never bused students to Washington to support immigration reform, or any of the other biblical crap that Jesus guy preached about. Back before ObamaCare, when we had a real, serious medical care crisis in the nation, Covington Christian School never bused students to Washington to lobby for any Sermon on the Mount sort of reforms or programs.

    But a march to oppose women’s rights to control medical care decisions, or to support a rich man’s right to “grab ’em by the pussy” was right in line with Covington Catholic School’s religious beliefs.

    With those things in mind, let us acknowledge that the initial video of Nick Sandmann confronting an elderly Native American did not tell the entire story, and thus did not disclose some important aspects of the Covington Catholic School religious educational message. As more videos of the episode have been publicly posted, we see more clearly what the situation was.

    The students say they were under assault by a gang of “Black Hebrew Israelites.” The group is a well-established fringe religious movement, frequently engaged in street preaching around Washington. Their preaching is frequently profane, but is not known for violence. The “gang” that assaulted the Covington Catholic School students numbered FOUR. There were a couple of others, filming the preaching, as the group does, for posting on youtube.

    The Covington Catholic School students being “assaulted” numbered about 50. They were gathering at the Lincoln Memorial to get reloaded onto their school busses for the ride back to Kentucky, where the school is located. Yes, 50 active, healthy young men under deadly “assault” by 4 street preachers holding scriptures and religious signs.

    Additionally, the four Black Hebrew Israelite preachers were on the sidewalk, below the Covington Catholic School students standing on the steps leading up to the Lincoln Memorial. The Native American marchers were also down on the sidewalk level, below the students. Until the students descended the steps for the purpose of blocking the way where the elderly Native American was walking, they were above the street preachers and Native Americans.

    Once their behavior became a public issue, Covington Catholic School hired PR pros, and enlisted students’ parents into the task of defending the indefensible. Part of the process was sending Nick Sandmann out to do TV denials of what multiple videos showed. This gave us further insight into Covington Catholic School’s teaching message.

    While pretending to be some form of “christian” institution, Covington Catholic School had no problem with its students ignoring the Commandment against bearing false witness.

    One of Nick Sandmann’s most telling statements was that his group of 50 or so was being verbally assaulted by four scripture wielding black thugs, and that this verbal assault by four black men justified his physical assault on an elderly Native American man (who was also being verbally assaulted by the Black Hebrew Israelites). This is an American tradition. When feeling threatened by someone perceived to be stronger than one’s self, find someone weaker to vent your frustration and fear on. Women are always a first choice in such situations.

    But the Covington Catholic School students had already spent a day marching against women. That was the nominal purpose of their entire trip. After hours of that, someone elderly must have seemed a better target, especially someone elderly who was also Native America (nearly as worthy a target as a woman), and who’s hands were full.

    So to recap, Covington Catholic School bussed its students hundreds of miles to participate in a for-profit political march against women’s rights. The students were provided with hats to proclaim the school’s alignment with and support of the broader policies of the Donald. When a large group of students, on the Lincoln Monument steps was met by a group of four scripture carrying black men, on the sidewalk below the student group, the students, by their own account, consulted with school faculty and decided to respond to the four preachers by confronting an elderly Native American instead, blocking his walk toward the Monument and mocking his singing. Finally, when the internet erupted, the Covington Catholic School and student parents facilitated lying about the episode.

    These are the “christian” values we are asked to honor and to underwrite with out tax dollars. There is the unanswered question about whether Covington Catholic School collects tax dollars for its “teaching” and political activities.

    Another question that should also be asked is, how much of the students’ frustration and aggressive behavior on display expressed a need to rebel against their parents’ decisions to consign them to being locked up with Catholic priests, even as the outside world is confronting extensive revelations about how Catholic priests have dealt, sexually, with children consigned to their care? Which of these students, doing the political bidding of their school, faculty and priests was, or might have been trying to, call for greater attention to the school, and for help for its inmates?

    Tom Hall


      • -Nate

        Not that I can see .

        He mentions some details conveniently left out previously that seriously change the narrative .


        • Jack Baruth

          I don’t want to go through the article critically because that feels like partisanship to me, but… In no sane world did Nick Sandmann “assault” Nathan Phillips. He never even touched him. He didn’t move towards him. What that person wrote is obviously and provably a lie.


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