1976 Cadillac Sedan de Ville: Firethorn Fantasy

Okay, you know the drill. I like Broughams. I like Nimitz-class 1970s yachts. I like poofy seats, vibrant colors and power everything. And I like Cadillacs. The bigger, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve written enough about these over the past year that I think we can forgo my usual spiel. Want more?

Then go here,


…and here.

So, the short version is that I spied this remarkable example on ebay recently. A 1976 Sedan de Ville, with optional wire wheel covers. The Firethorn Red paint, with matching top and Sierra grain leather interior simply entranced me.

What a remarkable color combination. And I always appreciate it when someone taking photographs for an online ad or auction actually knows what they are doing. As is the case here.

So. 1976. Final year of the biggie Cadillacs. Swoopy. Thirsty. Elegant. And that’s about it. You know the rest.

So simply enjoy these fine pictures of this fine example. And if you want more, check out the link, where there are far more pictures than seen here. And keep calm and Brougham on, folks!

2 Replies to “1976 Cadillac Sedan de Ville: Firethorn Fantasy”

  1. dejal

    Maybe back when these were new, I might have seen a couple of coupes or convertibles in that color. Might.

    I’m 99.999999% sure I’ve ever seen that color paint AND the top on a 4 door.
    You definitely would stand out in a crowd with that car.

  2. stingray65

    How much more “modern” it would look in some sort of grey, body color chrome, with an all beige or black interior.


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