This Is What The Old Car Hobby Is All About!

Finding a cool old car you love is great, but do you ever wonder about who first owned it? What they were like? Why they bought that car? Most of us will never know. But for Jason Bagge, AKA, “The Brougham Whisperer”, it’s just another day at the office. For today, he met the original owner of his recently acquired 1973 Buick Regal. And isn’t that cool?

Per Jason: “Found the original owner today of the 73 Buick. He was shocked. Told me he thought the car was lost forever….but it came home today. Reunited for a little while. I know all of the history on it now from day 1.”

I have known about this Buick since the 90’s-and remembered it being parked under a car port back then. So I rolled by the house and knocked. Just about to leave and I saw someone in there so I walked back up and the guy opened the door and damn near ran down his steps. He’s 86 years old.

If you’ve been reading about Jason’s exploits here on RG, you know he is always looking for the next one! But I told him this one is special and he should keep it. Its remarkable condition, originality and the fact that it is factory triple black means he will likely never find another one. But will he keep her? We’ll see, ha ha!

So now I’ll have even more interesting tidbits about this Colonnade Regal when I do my usual full-bore, Broughamtastic in depth article in the near future.

There will be a more extensive writeup on this car in the future, but Jason tracking down the original owner was so cool, I had to share it immediately! Stuff like this makes me very happy I have RG as a venue for when I learn of cool stuff like this! Hope it made your day too.

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  1. bluebarchetta

    All the Colonnade coupes were beautiful*, but the ’73s (without the battering-ram bumpers) were the best. Black-on-black suits this Regal nicely. And the ’73s still had division-unique engines IIRC.

    Cutlass Supremes and Monte Carlos are pricey now, but the Grand Prix and Regal are still a good buy by comparison.


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