4 Replies to “My 1966 Chrysler Windsor, Part 2: Fighting A Rust Monster”

  1. AvatarNoID

    I’m really enjoying this series, watching that old Windsor be resurrected. Keep them coming!

    I long for a future where my kids are grown and I have the time, money, and facilities to undertake such a labor of love. Actually, I long for a present where I have the time, money, and facilities to undertake such a labor of love WITH my kids, but that is a fracking pipe dream.

  2. AvatarDirt Roads

    I used to have a ’64 (or was it ’65?) Dodge Coronet, with the pushbutton transmission, white with lots of chrome. This article makes me jones for that old car. It was a good one, with the rock-solid 318 V8 in it. The cars look quite similar.
    I have never had the patience for restoring a car, despite my addiction to woodworking and building models, both of which take time and dedication to details. even painting a car tries my patience. So I can really appreciate the labor of love you’re putting into this car, and I know it will be a grand example when you’re done!

  3. AvatarStephen

    I never realize how lucky I am to not have to fight the rust monster. My Falcon is a Colorado car with no rust. I ma really impressed with what you have accomplished on that Chrysler. Have you considered heating the garage? It makes winter projects much more palatable. I think I heated mine for less than 400 with a natural gas heater


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