Made in the USA: CBDRL Hand Sanitizer


So perhaps you live somewhere (like, say, NEW YORK) where people have lost their minds and turned into caged rats, hoarding every last bit of toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning products, and all you want is to make sure that your hands are sanitized. Alas, the hoarders have bought enough hand sanitizer to keep their callous-ridden hands (you know what I’m talking about) germ-free until the next time they leave their parent’s basements.

You went to Amazon and the like online, but to no avail—the hand sanitizer is gone. Fear not, Riverside Green readers. We have a solution. And, of course, since this is the RG, it’s Made in the USA.

The good people at CBD Research Labs have switched over from making CBD-based pain relieving gels to making hand sanitizer during this Chinese virus crisis. They’ve been donating a considerable amount in bulk to charities and hospitals, and have decided to sell some of it B to C, as well. As of this writing, they still have 8 ounce and 2 ounce containers available. Use the discount code “marcus20” to get 20 percent off for Riverside Green readers. Since they don’t normally sell this way, shipping isn’t cheap, but you’ll get it quickly (1-3 business days).

I should mention as a standard boilerplate here that this is a friend of a friend, but we aren’t earning a commission or sharing in the profit of these sales at all. I’d just like to see you guys stay healthy and safe. I’m ordering some as we speak, so I haven’t been able to test it myself, but I can speak for the dude who makes the stuff. He’s a car guy and amateur racer and is committed to keeping his employees paid and production going right now. That alone deserves your money.

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  1. scotten

    I hadn’t seen a post from Bark in so long I thought that he was one of the Chinese Virus’ initial victims!

    • Bark M Post author

      Bark has been going through a few things as of late—haven’t we all? 🙂 You’ll see more posting from me shortly.

  2. Scout_Number_4

    Ordered. Thanks for the lead and discount code, Bark. Also–nice to see you back on these pages.

    • Bark M Post author

      No problem! Glad to be back, as well. I’ll have to actually write something that requires thought and analysis and stuff.

      • dejal

        So, not time soon, huh?
        Nice to see you are still alive.
        Do what’s best for you. While we’d like your write something, we don’t count.

        • dejal

          I put joking in less thans and greater thans on both sides of the 1st sentence. I look like a dick because they were dropped after the post button was clicked.

  3. PaulyG

    Thanks. Happy to help out a small business in very tough times. I ordered for us and for our kids (adults).

    Good to see you back Bark!


  4. dejal

    I’m good, but if I needed some and the next hunting and foraging trip for nuts and berries came up empty, I’d hit this.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. LynnG

    Bark, good to see you back. Hope you are staying in KY and being careful out there.
    You know WV closed all their state parks and camp gounds because they were being overrun by the citizens of NYC, expect KY to do the same shortly if they have not already done so. Order placed with CBD… Thanks…

        • Bark M Post author

          Kentucky was a border state—they stuck with the union but didn’t abolish slavery. As a result, most people here identify more with the Southern mindset.

          I never lived in Brooklyn. I was born in New Jersey, lived there about 9 months, then spent about two years in Baltimore, before moving to Ohio before my third birthday. Was in OH until 2008, been in KY ever since. I identify as a Kentuckian now, since both of my kids were born and raised here, and I’ve lived in this house and community longer than I ever lived anywhere else.

  6. Fred Lee

    The Trump Virus has really hit the hand sanitizer market hard, I’m glad to see new entrants available. Wouldn’t have expected it from a CBD company but the more the merrier!

      • Fred Lee

        No. Why do you ask that?

        Oh, is it because I called it the Trump Virus? No, that was merely because I believe in being accurate, and this is the first major virus to hit us while Trump is in office.

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          Do you call H1N1 the “Obama Virus”?

          As I’ve told me kids, “Surely you can come up with a better lie than that.”

          I prefer the CCPneumonia, pronounced Xi Xi P neumonia, as a way of saying “thank you” to the Chinese dictator and Chinese Communist Party that have given this disease to the world.

          • Fred Lee

            Of course not. There were two major viruses during Obama’s presidency, MERS and H1N1. Calling H1N1 the “Obama Virus” would fail to disambiguate.

            Likewise referring to the “Trump Virus” as the “Chinese Virus” fails to disambiguate adequately. There have been several significant viruses that originated in China.

            The correct colloquial term for COVID-19 therefore is the Trump Virus. Glad to clear this up for everyone.

        • Latisha Brown

          Would people in China and Italy call it that too? Seems counter-intuitive. Is it an internet joke I am not getting the reference to?

  7. -Nate

    Glad to see you’re still with us Bark .

    If they make this stuff able to get you high they’ll never be able to match the demand .

    FWIW New Yorkers have been like caged rats since before the Irish arrived…..

    I know it’s a fun place when you’re young but if I never go back that’ll be fine .


  8. saboten.fighter

    Might I add, local craft beer and liquor breweries are hitting hard times (as is much of the food industry). Some have even switched over to making hand sanitizer from beer/liquor which normally would have been wasted, if they have a still. For instance Heretic Brewing (Northern California, great bunch of guys and owners) is making Germ Juice hand sanitizer.
    Since most tap rooms (huge source of income for these places) will be closed during all of this, these products can help keep the company afloat enough to pay their laid off employees.

  9. Ark-med

    A lot of stupid/ blue/ overregulatory laws have been reportedly suspended across the country.
    Locally, here in Texas, one can now get cocktails to go from restaurant takeout. Makes me wonder why the restriction prior was ever needed other than as explained in Nineteen Eighty Four, chapter 19.

  10. Joe

    Hello Bark,

    You’re going to be offended. I’m good at bugging Jack, I think he senses +5sd.

    Killings things in place with hand sanitizer leaves roughly .1% Olympic quality germs, 99.9% dead germs and the sanitizer on your hands. Soap is designed to bond with what is on your hands and be rinsed away. I soap up twice and rinse for 30 seconds after that.
    The definition of sterility (not achievable on your hands) is the absence of living microorganisms. Most focus on killing. Absence is the wiser path. It’s all about population reduction of bugs.
    When opening doors avoid touching the door knob with your hands. I use elbows, wrists and feet whenever possible. I do this with or without Wuhan.
    Stay warm and get plenty of sleep to help your immune system stay strong.
    Good Luck and God bless American!

    Nice to see you Bark, I’m a fan!


  11. One Leg at a Time

    Thank you – ordered

    And Glad to hear from you! Thought maybe you were sick of writing on the internet – although I can’t imagine why you would be…

      • Dirty Dingus McGee

        You mean you tire of being verbally beaten mercilessly upside the head for being insensitive and using wrong speak?

        Who would have thunk it.

        • Bark M Post author

          It’s not just that, although that’s certainly a part of it. Fiona Apple once said that she can only write songs when she’s angry or sad. I can only write blog posts when I’m content.

  12. snorlax

    FWIW this is one of the few product categories where the most popular brand is still made in the USA. Purell is made in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and their packaging is also US-made.

  13. Power6

    Bought 2 big ones! Man it would be great to see this economic turmoil bring a wave of manufacturing back to the US.


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