An Attitude About Gratitude – Custom Ink Censors “Thanks, China!” Shirts

(Editor’s note — I told Ronnie ahead of time that he would get nowhere with this. I know from experience that CustomInk might seem good from far but it’s very far from good. I also suspected that they were stuffed to the gills with the kind of pogues who pride themselves on detecting badthink. He chose to go ahead with his idea anyway… —JB)

My rabbi for many years, R’ Avraham Jacobowitz, taught me that the most basic of commandments is to show gratitude, hakarat hatov in Hebrew, recognizing the good. Xi JinPing and the Chinese Communist Party are now engaged in a worldwide public relations campaign to make sure everyone thinks that their country has selflessly helped the world contain and turn back the Covid-19 pandemic. Color me skeptical about the CCP’s altruism.

However, in light of my rabbi’s teaching and the CCP’s craven need for gratitude, about a week ago I decided to see if I could financially exploit the current crisis by selling t-shirts that said, in English and Chinese, “Thanks, China!”, red shirts with yellow ink, just like the Chinese flag.

I’ve been 3D printing face shields for first responders (my nephew is a NYC EMT) and N95 equivalent masks for friends, relatives, and neighbors. I haven’t been charging for them and I was hoping the t-shirts would help defray the costs – antimicrobial printing filament is about 5X the price of regular stuff.

I do machine embroidery but don’t have screenprinting or a direct-to-garment printer, so I set up an account at Custom Ink!, an apparel printer and fulfillment house. Why them? It was the easiest and fastest way to get it set up. Maybe I should have tried Cafe Press instead.

Anyhow, since I know that some crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter in particular, sometimes use political litmus tests to qualify campaigns, I was exceedingly careful not to say anything critical of the *Middle Kingdom at all. I said that the campaign was set up to thank Xi JinPing and the CCP “for all that they have done in regards” to the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole thing, including setting up the graphics in GIMP, took about a half hour.

I posted links to the campaign in a few comment streams, and possibly on my Facebook page, but haven’t sold any yet. No biggie, it’s not as if I need to sell them to eat, and I have about a dozen “Forever” rolls of Charmin. I’m pretty well set for the lockdown.

Today I received the following email from Custom Ink:

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you so much for setting up your fundraiser with Custom Ink!

My name is Enigma, and I’m one of the Inkers taking care of your order as it moves along. I want to touch base regarding your design and page content.

While reviewing your campaign, I noticed your design uses offensive material that doesn’t align with Custom Ink guidelines. In order for us to proceed with your campaign, we will need to remove all disparaging remarks regarding China from the design and fundraising page.

You can visit our Terms of Use and Content Guidelines below for more information:

If you would like to redesign your design and update the verbiage on the page, please send it to me. I can make the update for you.

If you do not wish to make any changes, I’m able to cancel the fundraiser for you as well.

Please let me know which option would work best for you.

Your order is currently on hold until we work through this. I’d love to hear back from you as soon as possible so we can avoid any potential delays.

You can message me back by replying to this email, but if you would prefer to speak over the phone please give me a call at my number listed below. If I’m not available, any Inker would love to help you.

Thanks again!

Enigma G.
Custom Ink Fundraising Account Manager

In case you’re wondering, as a lifelong troublemaker of course I carefully read the Content Guidelines and was exceedingly careful to follow them and did not say anything offensive or disparaging. To be honest, with a name like “Enigma” I’m thinking that some bot picked up the world China, not an actual person, and autogenerated a boilerplate email. I’m planning on calling their office tomorrow for some clarification. but in the meantime, here’s how I replied to the email:

What on earth is offensive about saying “Thanks, China!”? It’s clear that Xi JinPing and the Chinese Communist Party want the world’s gratitude in regard to its actions concerning the COVID-19 virus. How is it disparaging to show that gratitude?  Nothing at all negative about China was said in either the design or in the campaign’s text. Please indicate what you consider to be offensive or disparaging so I know how to proceed further.
Would “Thanks, Xi!” be acceptable? What about “Thanks, CCP!” Are politicians and political parties immune from comment at Custom Ink, or just those from China?
I’ll note that you mention “disparaging remarks regarding China”, without indicating that the policy covers remarks about other countries. Not that my design or campaign disparages China in the least or, heaven forbid, the Chinese people, but will Custom Ink produce designs that Custom Ink believes are critical of any other country besides China?
Will you make a shirt that says “Thanks, Trump!” along with an image of the coronavirus? What about “Thanks, Republicans!”?
Ronnie Schreiber

I’ll keep you apprised of any further responses.

A couple of further notes about the Covid-19, or Wuhan Flu, or Winnie the Flu, or CCPneumonia, or Chinese Lung Rot, whichever you prefer, I won’t call you a racist. The next time someone does call you a racist for accurately referring to the current pandemic’s origin, ask them if they call it borrelia burgdorferi or Lyme disease.

I live in Michigan. Our governor, Karen… er Gretchen Halfwhit… er Whitless.. er Whitmer, is a national embarrassment for the way she has handled the Covid crisis. In a “Hey, Joe, pick me, pick me,” gesture, she provoked a fight with President Trump over medical and protective equipment that Michigan was actually getting, then tried to ban doctors and pharmacists in the state from treating Covid patients with Hydroxychloroquine, likely out of pique with the chief executive, then she tightened her emergency lockdown orders by banning big box stores from selling gardening stuff including seeds, landscape companies from cutting grass, recreational boating with any powered watercraft (Michigan has the second most boats registered of any state), and said people couldn’t ride out the pandemic in their cabins up north as the tri-county Detroit area was getting hammered with the virus. Thousands of Michiganders gridlocked Lansing in a socially distanced vehicular protest, and now four county sheriffs have publicly stated that they will not enforce the governor’s unconstitutional abuse of power.

At the same time, much as I think Gov. Whitmer has screwed the viral pooch eight ways to Sunday, I realize that there are many Americans that feel the same way about Pres. Trump. I disagree with them, but for the purposes of argument, let’s say that Whitmer and Trump have both fucked up. Add to that the multiple layers of bureucratic screw ups at that FDA and CDC. All of that nothwithstanding, no American is anywhere near as responsible for the deaths of now over 20,000 Americans (and hundreds of thousands worldwide) and the wrenching economic disruption the world is seeing, as Xi JinPing and the Chinese Communist Party. It’s pretty clear that Chubadao quality standards at a viral research lab let the virus escape and that multiple layers of the CCP obfuscated, lied, suppressed evidence, and disappeared researchers, doctors, and whistleblowers. Then the CCP shut down internal borders with Hubei province, while simultaneously allowing 5 million travelers to leave the epicenter of the epidemic for international destinations. That seems to me to be indistinguishable from deliberately trying to spread the contagion outside of China and infect the world. Maybe Xi and the CCP central committee decided that if their economy was going to take a hit, they’d make damn sure the rest of the world, particularly Europe and the U.S., would get fucked.

We’ll have plenty of time to point fingers, fix our responses, plan for the next pandemic, and vote our governors and president out of office if we care to, but we should never lose sight of the fact that this is entirely the fault of China. I have nothing against Chinese people, but if the CCP is going to say that it is identical with China, well then China’s got to take the blame for this pandemic.

*Lest you think that China, XinHua, the Middle Kingdom, is some kind of geographical description, or has anything to do with the series of dynasties that have ruled over China, it could also be translated as “Center of the Universe”, #hansupremacism.



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  1. Harrison Bergeron

    They’ve already got the disinformation train in full gear placing blame in propaganda on the US for the spread of the virus. The media for their part are doing everything to report on how helpful china is being and how this is all the result of Trump’s lack of action.

    As far as governor Whitless goes while I disagree with some of the overreach in her lock-down I understand wanting to prevent individuals from traveling to their vacation properties. That portion I believe was actually a bipartisan addition as I saw multiple reps from northern Michigan pleading with people not to travel to their vacation properties. If people are traveling from lower Michigan they are coming from a highly infected area and it is reasonable to believe that at least some would act as carriers and spread the virus to new areas and infect more people. The problem with this especially in northern Michigan is an extreme lack of infrastructure. If there were large numbers of cases the small local hospitals(some counties don’t even have any) would be easily overwhelmed especially if large numbers of people headed north raising the number of people in the area.

  2. Kevin Jaeger

    It’s been obvious for a long time that we were entirely dependent on China for the supply chain of practically everything but it’s only been in the last couple of years I’ve really become aware of how much soft power they had over practically all of our institutions.

    Watching the of the NBA players and teams instantly fall into line over the Hong Kong protests was a demonstration that left me speechless. But ever since the Chinese bat plague of Wuhan has been unleashed on us watching so many western institutions fall into line has been staggering. You can no doubt print almost any vulgarities you want on T-shirts these days but they’ll draw the line at a snarky Thanks, China. At this point I’m not even surprised anymore.

    A serious decoupling from China is long overdue.

  3. Cynthia Bailin

    This post was a complete waste of time.

    So No-one McNobody comes with a halfway clever slogan, wants to bank on it, and the people who own the capital decide it’s a no-go? This is making the 11:00 news?

    Yes folks, once again, a “very talented, very funny guy” didn’t check his priors and once against found himself on the losing end of a bargain against people who at the very least have the goddamn sense to know where their bread is buttered.

    Of course, Xi is mean, China is mean, people with money are mean! Ofc the people who did jack with their lives know better.

    The funny thing about owning the factories is that is your *right* to decide what to do with them; ownership, and not whining, implies liberty. The very notion that people who do not own things may somehow coerce those who do is the height of comedy.

    It’s a sad world, to be sure, but it’s made even sadder with this brainrot even being allowed to see the light of day.

    • Jack Baruth

      I understand what you’re trying to say, but there are a few counterpoints to be made:

      * Ronnie has a reputation in our business and he’s also the manufacturer of an electric harmonica which was quite the focus of attention at two NAMM Shows. He may be a professional troll and troublemaker, but he doesn’t quite sink to the definition of “McNobody”.

      * It’s a big assumption that CustomInk’s owners are in any way aware of “Enigma’s” decision here. A lot of institutions have been subverted over time by people who individually hold very little power but who are in the unfailing service of an externally-generated idea.

      * In the United States, private companies are often denied the right to pick and choose how and where they do business. Attempting to exercise that right can be very expensive: ask the poor bastard from Masterpiece Cakeshop who had to go to the Supreme Court and who is now being tried by the same kangaroo tribunal in Colorado over another politically motivated case. As Ronnie has proven over and over again with his stunts, in modern America some animals are more equal than others. And he walks the walk: a few years ago he almost got a severe beating for riding up to an illegally parked police cruiser on his bicycle and issuing a citizen’s arrest.

      • CJinSD

        I really feel for kids today. They’re either going to see judges swinging from trees at an early age or spend their adult lives as slaves…if they’re lucky enough to survive to adulthood.

    • Jeff Zekas

      Perhaps Cynthia Bailin is an agent of the CCP – the party has been known to harass anyone who puts of “anti Chiinese” information – literally millions of comrades are enlisted to go online and attack anyone who supports a free Tibet or questions the party propaganda – go to laowhy86 and watch his videos: he lived in Chiina, speaks mandarin, has friends still back there – also, his buddy serpentza discussed how the CCP has infiltrated youtube and western media. Both these guys love the Chiinese people, but hate the repressive government. As for “Cynthia” (or whoever she really is) – this post is *NOT* a waste of time, cos it illustrates how far the reach of leftist mind control has reached, within our society. No doubt this Cynthia woman has a mainland Chiina IP address. Or she has just been brainwashed by Rachel Maddow.

  4. John C.

    When Ronnie delivers to the post office the tee shirts he has orders for, will it be in a car that makes the point of how devastating Asian production as been on the west. Or course not, remember who among us has been complicit in this, namely “professional” auto writers.

    • Ronnie Schreiber Post author

      If I use a fulfillment company, I assume UPS or FedEx will pick up the shirts from them.

      My Honda Fit wasn’t made in Asia, it was made in Mexico, just like the Ford Fiesta I was cross-shopping.

      In general I support the idea of free trade but I consciously avoid Chinese goods whenever I can. China, is not a free trader. Their domestic markets are not open to 100% foreign direct investment and the country engages in predatory practices that go well beyond anything the Japanese have done. They buy American companies, ship the technology back home and then shut down the American operations. Pharma manufacturing moved there because they priced things below the cost of manufacture.

      I hope that one of the things that comes out of the Covid pandemic is a decoupling from China. I don’t know how much manufacturing will move back here – one can achieve only so much with mandated domestic content on government purchases but if we have to import things, let us import them from countries whose government don’t mean us harm.

      • Jeff Zekas

        Perfectly stated. Most Americans don’t know: Chiinese companies get *FREE SHIPPING* from their government – a massive subsidy. Watch laowhy86 or serpentza – both you tubers lived in Chiina, speak mandarin, have family still there – they know all about the dirty tricks of the CCP.

    • Trucky McTruckface

      So Ronnie’s point is invalid if he drives an import?

      Don’t you drive a late-model Volvo? You realize they’re owned by the Chinese, right? And that the U.S. market S90 is actually imported from China?

      You’re a hypocrite. If you’re going to attack people for what they drive and make every single thing you post here about your hatred of the Japanese, you probably shouldn’t be driving a Chinese car.

      • John C.

        The V90 I drive was made in Sweden and designed by an Englishman. The engine is Swedish and the transmission is from Japan, (Aisan the Toyota company that stole Borg Warner’s American designs.

        The Japanese and the Chinese are our friends and I constantly point that out. Being friends allows for both frankness and playfulness that gets at deeper truths. The fact is that we are further down the path to that shining city on the hill than our Asian friends and we should hope they learn more from our achievements and less scheming for advantage in transactions. To much of the latter will lead to a severing of those bonds of friendship.

        I had no idea what Ronnie drove, I was aware he believed in free trade with no need for reciprocity. A belief reflected in his auto writing that constantly talked of his perception of Asian superiority with no discussion of what price was being paid in buying such hype. A grave omission.

        • Trucky McTruckface

          So you’re not a hypocrite for driving a Chinese car because it was built in Sweden and designed by a guy in a tweed jacket, but Ronnie is for driving a Japanese car from a manufacturer that builds over a million cars a year in America and does a big chunk of their R&D here?

          “The Japanese and the Chinese are our friends and I constantly point that out. Being friends allows for both frankness and playfulness that gets at deeper truths. The fact is that we are further down the path to that shining city on the hill than our Asian friends and we should hope they learn more from our achievements and less scheming for advantage in transactions.”

          Jesus. “Learn more from our achievements?” You want some frankness? You’re a racist. Not in the bullshit calling-people-bad-names sense the woke crowd constantly freaks out about, but the actual believing in the superiority/inferiority of different races. Everything you post here is dripping with it.

          It’s no wonder you refuse to distinguish between Japan’s protectionism and China’s manipulation, or acknowledge that neither country would have any economic leverage over us if our business and government “leaders” hadn’t burned down that “shining city on a hill” to give it to them for personal gain. No, you want to make it about the inability of Asians to be more like us, and the sin of individual citizens spending their hard-earned wages on cars not styled by white people.

          And to top it all off, you wont even put your money where your mouth is when the rubber meets the road. Seriously, just fuck off already.

        • Jeff Zekas

          John C. – The Japanese are friends. The Chiinese are not our friends. Do you work for the CCP? Because a “friend” would not release a deadly virus and then lie about it. A “friend” would not steal our technology. A “friend” would not smuggle virus materials on a carry-on bag into the U.S. nor would a “friend” develop illegal bio weapons. Watch the laowhy86 video entitled I Found the Source Of The Coronavirus – the guy who made the video lived in Chiina, speaks mandarin, is married to a Chiinese woman, and has friends and family still living back there. So, if you think Chiina is our “friend” you are either very brainwashed, or merely working for the regime.

          • John C.

            If it turns out to be the truth that it was a purposeful attack on us and not just another bug that develops around backward people who live like filthy pigs than I agree that ends attempts of friendship and a severing of economic and personal contact.. For example, I don’t think we benefited from continuing involvement in the middle east after 9/11. I hope not, we do not need another billion enemies.

            If it just that they are filthy pigs, than a smarter friend offering truth and mocking in the hope they learn is the way forward. It was our own mistake to involve ourselves so deeply with them economically, as it was with the Japanese before them.

        • Ronnie Schreiber Post author

          “Constantly talked of his perception of Asian superiority”

          You must have me confused with someone else.

          Considering that I started writing about cars as TTAC’s dedicated defender of the domestic auto industry, where many of my neighbors here in southeastern Michigan are employed, the notion that I think all Asian manufacturers are superior to American companies is laughable. I started writing about cars back in 2007-2008, as the domestic auto industry was circling the drain. I advocated bailing out GM and Chrysler because I thought the automotive supply chain shared a lot with our defense industry and that supply chain needed to be preserved.
          If you could point to actual examples where I indicated a perception of Asian superiority, I’d appreciate it. I’ve probably reviewed more Asian cars than American, but that’s only because Chrysler’s the only domestic car company that has loaned me press cars.
          In general I try to buy American products, while recognizing that there are countries that make high quality goods. Japan embraced Dr. Demming’s quality control methods and in general, Japanese made goods tend to be high quality. The Koreans have upped their game a lot. The first Korean cars I reviewed were cheap in every meaning of that word but Kia and Hyundai have significantly improved though I think they’re still a half step behind the Japanese and Americans. Taiwan produces world class electronics. On the other hand I actively try to avoid Chinese products. Do I own stuff made in China? Sure, that’s almost impossible to avoid but if I have a choice, I’ll buy something else. I recently needed a fairly high amperage extension cord. Rather than buy something Chinese, I bought some American-made romex and Mexican made connectors.

          • John C.

            “Designated Defender”. The whole purpose of the site was to let the half of boomers that were aging hippies revel in the failure of General Motors. Were you there mansplaining as an older person should the mistake of intellectual midgets buying the loser talk of a Csabe Csere or a Joe Rusc or Brock Yates? You a fellow close enough to that generation that you understood that what they were doing when they talked up Honda or Mazda and were just trying to fit in with the gonzo journOlism,(not a typo) of the period. Did any of you really look at an 82 Accord and compare it favorably to the worldwide achievement in massively different forms of the J car, or what VW had done replacing the rear engine or even what Sperlich had done with the K car. No you convinced your father to replace his Marquis with an sub 2-0 stick shift 84 Accord. We all know where you stand. The lie is why you don’t deserve a lazy tee shirt on China or any other Asian halfwit.

          • Ronnie Schreiber Post author

            As I recall, I had very little to no input into my father’s purchase of an ’84 Accord. He showed up in my driveway with it one day. Perhaps your memories of my father’s purchases are more accurate. By then the Marquis Brougham was 10 years old and wearing out. I was driving VW buses and Volvos back then, with a ’77 Chevy Caprice in the mix. My dad was impressed with my brother’s 1st gen Accord, which hadn’t yet started being eaten by the tin worm. Later on my folks got a Chrysler E Class, a stretched K. I’ve owned two K cars, rebuilt the top half of one of the engines. Not bad cars overall, but not great. The Accords ran better, were more reliable, and handled better.

          • John C.

            Spoken like a true defender of the importance of retaining the uniqueness of the American car, both for what it offered intrinsically and what the production offered the country.

            Oh sorry, I misread. Let me start again. Spoken like a true defender of the importance of retaining the uniqueness of the Honda car, both for what it offered intrinsically and what the production offered the country of Japan.

            Is there some sort of Commissar in your line that makes all of you say exactly the same thing, perhaps a Josh Marshall style Talking Points Memo?

          • snorlax

            Unlike the Chinese by way of Sweden brands you prefer to purchase, the ’84 Accord (in fact, all US-market Accords starting with that model year) was built in Marysville, Ohio.

  5. -Nate

    Interesting .

    I live in Southern California where there are simply shit loads of Chinese, nice hard working ones, wah-ching (SP) gangsters, those who are human traffickers and plenty of illegals trying to make a new life as so many immigrants before them did along with plenty of generic chinese who were born right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. . .

    Right now, here, _all_ of them are being hassled and attacked because of what mainland china did and does .

    “The people’s party” ~ yeah, right .

    Me, I’d wear a face mask that had this printed on it, I don’t wear T-Shirts period .

    Interestingly, I was reading some OnLine news story to – day that went off on a rant tangent saying “calling the covid-19 the ‘wuhan flue’ is _racist_ !” .

    I don’t see it that way, it came from wuhan, China and the ccp deliberately tried to cover it up .

    Facts are not racist .

    If anyone can get me a printed mask I’ll pay for it, money where my (big) mouth is as always .

    Jack knows how to contact me .


  6. Daniel J

    Its sad to say but Coronavirus or COVID-19 or whatever you want to call it will be highly debated and highly politicized for years to come.

    When this first came down many liberals were wanting the country as a whole to shut down. When I mentioned that the only way to legally do this is for Trump to declare marshall law on the land, the liberals back pedaled. What they really want is their guy/woman to have supreme power to control others, full stop.

    Then they became highly hypocritical for the liberals when they screamed at Trump when Trump said said, incorrectly in my opinion, that he has the power to open up the economy. Either the President has control over the States or he doesn’t, not when its convenient for the political party.

    Trump in some ways has handled it well and others horribly. Its obvious the FDA and CDC are slow and bloated. The solution is to trim and make more efficient these government agencies. The liberal agenda is always more government when its in fact that the government gets in the way of solutions. Liberals tell us to look at South Korea when in fact it was a private company, a private lab that provided the test. The CDC and FDA dropped the ball. In my state most tests are being performed at private labs. In many ways capitalism is solving the problems, not larger government.

  7. rambo furum

    The EMT nephew is Shomrim, right? But more importantly, how Wuhan lab get this virus? Was the federally indicted Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard involved?
    I was amused that the goofy “Whitler” gag was not used.

    • Ronnie Schreiber Post author

      “The goyim know!” Yeah, right. Shomrim are more like rent-a-cops, you have them confused with Hatzalah, a communally run ambulance and EMT service in a number of cities around the world. I have friends who volunteer, one of their emergency vehicles is usually parked next door to my son’s house.
      I know you think that Jews only serve themselves, but as it happens, my nephew is a NYFD EMT, currently pulling 12 hours shifts. Come to think of it, I do have a first cousin once removed who I think might have volunteered for Hatzalah when he worked as an EMT for an ambulance company. Very impressive young man. He runs a successful plumbing business with residential and commercial accounts, has a side business doing PA and sound reinforcement, and is a licensed pilot rated on multi-engine aircraft and small jets.
      I would never minimize the crimes of Hitler by comparing him to a two-bit, tin horn, grinning incipient totalitarian like Gov. Karen.

      • -Nate

        “I would never minimize the crimes of Hitler by comparing him to a two-bit, tin horn, grinning incipient totalitarian like Gov. Karen.”

        More like trump if you truly mean totalitarian .


        • Dirty Dingus McGee

          Trump isn’t the one sending the local Stasi out, nor is he making the decision of which businesses can remain open and what they can sell.

          I was at Big Orange Friday. The garden section is shut down (according to an employee by local gov edict), yet I can buy a lawn mower. I have heard from others that the same is true for Wally World.

          Everyone’s perception of who is at fault for the various issues, is based on their own beliefs. Liberal=Orange Man Bad, conservative= Pelosi/Schumer are idiots.

          As always, the reality is somewhere in the middle.

          • -Nate

            Way to try and change the subject .

            trump said he’d like to be and should be, President for life , he also said anyone who doesn’t applaud anything he says is treasonous and should be jailed .

            He also ignored this covid-19 from the jump and actually said it’s a democratic hoax to make him look bad .

            He disbanded the pandemic response office President Obama set up and cut funding to the CDC because he’s more interested in attacking anything Obama did than serving American Citizens, supposedly his job .

            Don’t forget his open racism .

            The Governor never said / did anything as bad or plain old stupid as trump did, she may well not be much good but the President sets a whole new paradigm for ignorance and lack of critical thinking .

            Them’s the facts, jack, no way ’round them .

            Don’t be disingenuous and try to call me a leftist or other bullshit because I’m not .

            I’m a staunch Conservative and proudly so .

            I believe in honesty , equality and fairness unlike President trump .

            I don’t think President Obama was a particularly good President but trump is beyond the pale of any President the U.S.A. has ever had.


          • Dirty Dingus McGee

            “trump said he’d like to be and should be, President for life , he also said anyone who doesn’t applaud anything he says is treasonous and should be jailed .”

            Ever heard of trolling?

            “He also ignored this covid-19 from the jump and actually said it’s a democratic hoax to make him look bad .”

            Banned travel from China BEFORE before the pandemic was recognized by most in the US.

            “Don’t forget his open racism ”

            For wanting secure borders and deportation of illegal immigrants?

            I could continue but why bother. Arguing politics on the internet is a waste. Nobody’s mind will be changed, and all will end up pissed off.You don’t like Trump and that’s fine. He wouldn’t have been my choice, but given who his opponent was………
            The only thing I liked about him was that he wasn’t part of the Washington establishment. Time to run all them, Dem or Repub, out of town on a rail.

            That said, have you ever been involved in politics from the inside? I have. I was a lobbyist for several years and also worked on a successful gubernatorial campaign. As a lobbyist you are a “one issue” person. As a campaign worker, you have to look at, and listen to, EVERYONE. And you get EVERY kind of group imaginable trying to get the candidates ear. It gets tiring.

          • -Nate

            Pointing out facts is hardly trolling .

            I agree, hillary was a crappy candidate but, she did win the election, the electoral college gave the Presidency to trump, he didn’t win it .

            Agreed both major parties are crap, I keep saying that, you keep ignoring that and any other facts that don’t please you .


          • Jack Baruth

            Nate —

            Hillary didn’t win the election. She won the popular vote, which isn’t how the election is decided. It’s never been how the election was decided. It would be like deciding the Indy 500 based on fastest lap instead of the first person to finish 500 laps.

            With something like one-tenth of Hillary’s campaign budget, Trump did a lot of smart things. In particular, he didn’t bother to campaign in, or tailor his campaign to, places where Hillary was guaranteed a “blue wave” due to demographic considerations. The popular vote difference was 2.9 million — had Trump bothered to campaign in California or the other deep blue states, he could have made that win happen as well.

            God help us if we ever have a country where the Presidential election is decided by popular vote. EIGHTY-ONE PERCENT of the American population lives on three percent of the land. It would be like the fuckin’ Hunger Games, where anyone outside New York and Los Angeles can be hunted for food.

  8. Will

    I got my “Free Hong Kong” and “Tienanmen Square” T-shirts through that I use to troll all the Chinese students on a college campus with through. So there’s hope.

  9. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I’m surprised that with all Ronnie’s contacts in the industry, he didn’t go to a small local screen printer. From past experience, they will print ANYTHING on a shirt. Reason being, #1, their name isn’t on the shirt.
    #2, your money is as good as anyone else’s and they like to make money.

    Unless this a deliberate troll move. In which case, well played sir.

    • Ronnie Schreiber Post author

      Having shirts screenprinted by a local screenprinter would mean an up front investment in the shirts and paying a couple of bucks a shirt for printing. Using an online fulfillment house means I don’t have to invest anything.

      Of course, finding a screenprinter that’s open right now is, as the kids say, problematic.

      Troublemaker that I am, it wasn’t originally a troll move, though I wasn’t surprised that they canned it.

  10. -Nate


    I’m not sure if this was just click bait or what ~ I asked jack for the image and ronnie’s contact info because I *think* I’ve found a place that will do this, I have to see if they’ll do me just one to ensure they’ll do it exactly and correctly….

    No response from Jack/ ronnie, stand by and I’ll see what I can do .

    FWIW, I won’t be selling these, if I find a conduit I’ll share it is all .


  11. -Nate

    It was all bull$#it anyway ~ I found a place to have them made neither jack nor Ronnie even bothered to answer me .

    More fake nationalist rah rah .



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