This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: Mauve Prairie Schooner

This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: Mauve Prairie Schooner
This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: Mauve Prairie Schooner

As is often the case, I was perusing the FB group Finding Future Classic Cars, which prides itself on showing interesting old cars for sale, rather than the usual Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros. Anyway, I recently spotted this one and had to share it to the group: A 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car, in a most unusual color combination.

It’s no secret I love these ’70s mastodons, but the color combo on this one really popped out at me. It appears to be Rose Metallic, a color I see usually on the 1976 Mark IV with the Red/Rose Luxury Group. But before now I couldn’t recall ever seeing a Continental sedan in this hue.

As it turns out, Rose Diamond Fire was an optional color on the 1977 Mark V, but was not available on the Continental sedan or coupe, so this is a special-order color. You can tell because on all special-paint Ford products, the bumper fillers were painted silver, as on this car.

It’s certainly a matter of taste, but I love it, it’s so unapologetically bold, unlike most new cars seen today, in safe, boring shades of black, gray and white.

Anyway, it’s for sale in Marion, Iowa, just north of Cedar Rapids. According to the seller: “The paint is faded and beginning to flake off. Inside still looks like it is 1977! Runs great….Heater works, power windows, locks, cruise. Near new tires. The owner said he purchased out of an estate.”

Not exactly a show car, then, but she still presents well, and ’77 was the last year these biggie Connies had the cool dash. Starting in ’78, it got a slightly more gilded version of the LTD/Marquis dash, and was much less cool.

So there you have it. It’s old, it’s giant, it probably needs some TLC. Oh, and it seriously sucks gas. But I still love it.


  1. I wonder if that was a Mary Kay prize. Love those giant 70s Fords and Lincolns. If I stumble across the right T-bird from that era I may not be able to resist.

  2. One of the things I love about these 1970s federal style big four doors is how well they fit those community business leaders of the time, big town and small. In this color scheme though, the Lincoln seems more appropriate for one of those old bitch widows that use their dead husbands stock to intrude and harass current management, just because she is bored and likes to have her ring kissed. Well I suppose that is a type of power wielding.

    1. Alternately, it could be a woman who worked to raise five children and stretched every dime to its breaking point until her husband’s business paid off, at which point the fellow died with all his kids taken care of and a mandate from their family attorney for Mildred to finally have a nice car of her own.

      1. Sorry Jack, my money making career was in small town community banks before everyone realized that they had been deemed superfluous, those old hags were total bitches.

          1. No, there were several women like this, and they were always opposed to what I was proposing. My proposal was solving the problem that their short sighted dead husbands had put them in.

  3. Yeah, some folks say it’s a little too big and uses too much gas
    Some folks say it’s too old, it goes just a little too slow
    But my love is bigger than a Honda, it’s bigger than a Subaru
    Hey man, there’s only one thing and there’s one car that will do
    Anyway we don’t have to drive it, we can park it out in back
    Have a party in your pink Continental, fine leather seats
    Riding in the back, oozing down the street
    Waving to the girls, feeling out of sight
    Spending all my money on a Saturday night
    Honey I just wonder what it feels like in the back of your pink Continental.
    Pink Continental.

    Continental just doesn’t have the same ring does it? No wonder Jerry Lee went with the Cadillac.

      1. I was in Ireland some years ago. There was an article in the newspaper about how his lordship, Bruce Springsteen, had chartered a jet to bring his daughter’s horse over for the Dublin horse show.
        He’d be happy having all of us riding bicycles, but I’m sure he doesn’t drive a Prius.

        1. One of my family’s favorite shows during this pandemic is the Irish RM, set in the Ireland of the first decade of the twentieth century. If that great show is any kind of guide, one can imagine how Irish Scali wags were annoyed how Miss infinite money didn’t just trust them to sell her a horse that could win the Dublin horse show and I suppose protect the environment.

      2. Yes you are right, but when I looked up the lyrics the site credited Jerry Lee as the author and he did a nice cover of it, Springsteen used to be a car guy with a preference for old Vettes, but I’m sure he has repented by now with a Tesla or 10.

  4. “Sir, Mrs. Hiefenhofer is here…again…” (Meant to reply to John’s comment, it reminded me of Mr. Carlson’s mom on WKRP in Cincinnati, ha ha.)

  5. I normally can’t stand Giant American ’70s Landbarges, but daaaamn, that paint job.

    I’m always a sucker for two-tone and weird colors.

    (Plus this one doesn’t have the pronounced “hips” that make me twitchy about so many domestic ’70s cars.)

    (Now I kinda want one of those, with a modernized interior and drivetrain.)

  6. Tom,
    I am at Mecum this week and just had to let you know this one is coming up for auction at Kissimmee tomorrow (Friday 1/15/21). The Lincoln in the SO paint color is great but this one has it beat and it was not even a SO color… It is not to late to register to bid and this car is highly optioned…..

    I think the swivel bucket seats and the color matched seatbelts look great and that dashboard matches the car… Oh, someone commented on another Monte Carlo that had idiot light, this one does not even has the fuel monitor. This is an example of when you had a choice of colors more then gray, black, or white….. 🙂

    1. That is gorgeous. It’s almost identical to a friend’s ’76, but Chris’s car has the bench seat instead of buckets and console. Same paint, top, wheels and interior combo though.

    2. With matching dash, carpet, and belts! Now half the cars are mostly black inside. Who wants to drive in an oven?

  7. My mother had a car identical to this one when my sister and I were very young. My dad bought it for her because he thought if she ever got into an accident we’d all survive lol

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