This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: 1976 Town Coupe

This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: 1976 Town Coupe
This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: 1976 Town Coupe

So spur of the moment I decided to go up to the lake since my folks were going to be visiting friends the next couple days. Yesterday was great and I was hoping Saturday would be the same.

But of course, Mother Nature, seeing me heading northeast on Highway 52, said “Screw you Klockau!”

So today I’m on the couch drinking coffee, playing with my phone and reading Lake Wobegon 1956. And my friend and car show partner in crime Jayson texted me this link that our mutual friend, Chris, texted him.

Say what you will about social media and internet, but if you stay out of the more hysterical corners it can really work out nicely.

I immediately went on the Craigslist post to investigate.

As the ad related, “This is a rear [drive] Lincoln (Town Coupe), original miles 42000. Original paint, solid car, rides like new.”

Don’t you love detail like that? Kidding aside I was immediately smitten, especially with the colors.

Said color being Medium Taupe Diamond Fire, an extra cost color.

It’s a little pricey at almost 16k, but it’s so pretty! Those seats are better than anything made in 2022. Style…something lost as the manufacturers suck up to politicians with electric schlock and combovers for well-to-do fat people.

But I digress. Today let’s just bask in the Broughaminess of this Medium Taupe land cruiser!


  1. Modern car designers have such a hate on for overhangs beyond the wheelbase. Marketing it as wheels in the corners, as if this indicates purpose.

    Here is the counterfactual. It is easy how much the Town Coupe could have been shortened. Passenger room unaffected and still room for the 460 V8. The trunk would have shrunk but that could have been addressed with a higher trunk lid in the modern slot style. The results of all that purpose and intelligent design, no presence, no character, no style. No wonder Lincoln tried to just miniaturize the same style for 1980.

    1. When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate these cars – but now that they are gone you can see what was lost, especially in the best examples of the breed, of which this is one! It is Tom that really pointed out the incredible color combos that existed…and are no longer available anywhere.

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