This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: Firethorn 1976 Seville

This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: Firethorn 1976 Seville
This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: Firethorn 1976 Seville

I had too much popcorn this morning (our office has a popcorn machine, and your author takes perhaps unfair advantage of that fact) so I skipped lunch and used the hour break alternating between reading a Jack Reacher novel and skimming the internet.

And lo and behold, I spot this magnificent example of first gen Seville, on offer in Boise, Idaho. Yumpin’ yiminy!

It looked just fantastic in triple Firethorn Red, with the seldom seen Mansion knit cloth interior instead of the far more common Sierra grain leather.

It’s well known I love these, but this one was just so sharp, with the colors, condition and the more subtle ’76 only eggcrate grille.

As the ad related, “1976 Cadillac Seville, very nice, been in the family since 1977.”

“New tires, interior very nice, hood has some paint defects, other than that very clean.”

The $8500 ask seems pretty fair, provided there isn’t too much rust hiding out.

If it wasn’t so far away I’d be tempted to nab it, just to lounge in that fantastic interior once in a while! Hopefully she’ll go to a good home!


  1. Tom you are closer then I am but that is a buy if there are not rust bubbles under that vinyl top. Notice the fuel ecomomy system is still working (tiny green light in the upper dash directly above the speedometer). Interior looks excellent, I had a 76 and one weak spot was the drivers side arm rest, my broke off and I had to rebuild/resupport from the inside with wooden paint stirrers. Also the wood grain is still present in the steering wheel so it has not spent days weeks months parked in the sun. Also supported by the fact that the carpet has not turned orange as firethorn carpet is prone to do. Should sell fast as Idaho is been overrun with California transplants and all their cash from selling their $1M 1000sqft 3br/1bath ranchers……. Oh and about the free popcorn, better enjoy while you can. As I see that Google is cutting back on the free gormet lunches, gym memberships, free Starbucks, free Teslas to motor around campus. Glad to see you back on RG. 🙂 🙂

    1. You’re right about the housing market, between the inflated prices and a super low-interest loan, I won’t be moving and I won’t be using this ridiculous amount of equity I (theoretically) have available. I’m glad I work for a local monopoly!

  2. This is a really nice example, I also like the “mansion” color keyed interior. As with the current for not much longer CT5, it shares a few platform similarities with the concurrent Camaro. In 1976, Caddy was not afraid to make it a recognizable Cadillac, even if they were willing to offer it in the international size.

    If they had done this with the CT5, they might have had more success with it outside of China. Just offering over the top high output variants, even making clear it was for the last time, like you know a Z-28 with 4 doors didn’t save it. Would a real Cadillac? who knows, but maybe a hill more worthy of dying on.

  3. While I do really like these, I have it in my mind that all 6’4 of me would not be happy behind the wheel. Or am I confusing it with the 79+ Eldo, that was also not tall guy friendly.

    Spectacular example at a very fair price. The design really seems ageless. It just doesn’t feel like it’s from the 70s. Great job from Cadillac. Sad that they don’t produce anything as timeless today.

    1. Erik, You would fit in a first generation Seville. I am 6’3 and for the years there was excess room. The great thing about the first generation Sevilles (the best IMHO) is the interior was quite rommy by todays standards. It was the third generation Sevilles/Eldorados that were a challenge for anyone over 6′.

      1. Thank you, Lynn.
        Very much appreciate that. Now time to go Seville shopping. 🙂
        I did recall last night in the road test, or actually the counterpoint, to the Car and Driver test, one of their writers complained that the 79 Eldo didn’t have enough room for his 6 foot tall frame. Likely what I remember.
        It’s one thing I always admired about MB. They would allow the driver seat go back as far as needed, even if it eliminated all rear seat legroom. Made sense to me.

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