Cut to the Chase: Joe’s Beck 550

Cut to the Chase: Joe’s Beck 550
Cut to the Chase: Joe’s Beck 550

So, a long, long time ago, I wrote an initial multi-part series on my friend’s Beck 550–a reproduction of the classic, mega-bucks Porsche 550 Spyder–on some Oregon-dweller’s site. I did two or three posts, then, ahem, parted ways from that site, because the guy who ran it was a jerk. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, I never got to finish it. It was a Beck 550 my pal Joe Pheifer had commissioned. He picked the colors, options, everything, and then when it was all done, he went to Bremen, Indiana, and brought it home.

Joe is one of us, a true car guy, and he’s had everything from a ’69 Super Bee to an ’83 911SC Targa to a ’69 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Town Sedan (his dad had one). He’s a great guy and I’ve had the pleasure of riding in many of the cars he’s had over the years.

Anyway, the Beck was pretty cool. The donor engine came from an Impreza wagon, and I loved the color combination of black with oxblood leather.

He was nice enough to give me a ride in it when it was all done. It was a cool spring night, and Joe always drives, er, spiritedly. It was a great ride.

He had his fun with it, but the car had periodic teething and drivability issues, so he finally sold it off and got something else. I can’t remember if it was the black cherry S-Class or the Land Cruiser. But it was fun while it lasted! And who knows what he’ll be getting next!

So if there are two or three of you who remember my posts about ten years ago, this was the result, and the resolution!


  1. That’s very nice and I see the transaxle is Mmmmm _beefy_ ~ a good thing as it’s not too hard to splinter one if you’re stomping & romping the throttle .

    I see these around So. Cal. and think they’re great .

    I’ve found more than a few 1/2 way built, always looks like fun but I doubt I’d even finish it up .


  2. Tastefully done Beck. I can’t imagine getting tired of this but if you can only use it for parts of the year I can see getting something more practical. Happy 4th Tom and bring us more classy big bodied cars as you come across them.

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