The Critics Respond: “This Is What’s Wrong With Society” Edition



Eff you, Greg Barker. In response to what I believe to be the best car review in a magazine so far this year, that being my brother’s tour de force in Road and Track about the Huracan, you sound like effing Emperor Joseph II complaining about Mozart. 

Eff you and your Audrey Tautou wannabe girlfriend and whatever that thing on your forehead is. You are what makes it impossible to get anything more than eight hundred words into print without a act of Congress. 


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  1. Will Litten

    Soon the world shall be divided into two castes. Those who prefer to watch a video review and those who can read. Those who can read shall inherit the Earth for they hath not lost their fortunes going over their monthly data limits. The video watchers shall be cast down into the flaming abyss of overage fees.

    • VolandoBajo

      Why do you wonder, Ronnie? If you think about it for a minute, you know in your heart that he is one of those superficial people who does not.

      Jack’s Lambo review is one of the best pieces of auto journalism I have read in close to fifty years of reading. For too many reasons to be able to articulate in a comment.

      And Jack, thanks for your explanation of the circumstances surrounding the way the speed limit photo came about. It makes sense, though I hadn’t thought about the lawyers being a force field that would warp the normal course of events.

      I knew you were too smart to just get rolled up on, but the things you related make perfect sense. After all, you don’t want to end up purportedly waiving your Fifth Amendment rights, a la the guy who did the lap around Manhattan, whose name eludes me, and I don’t feel like looking up.

      As Ron Burgundy says, with no rancor or sarcasm intended, “stay classy, Jack!” Ignore twits with baseless criticisms such as

      I wish our age gap was about two decades less, and our paths could have crossed in a younger day.

      Barker just doesn’t get it, from stem to stern. Even his knock on the green color is deficient: first, you had to take what they gave you, and secondly, your anecdote about the bystander’s critique of performance car colors, is spot on. Green IS a great color for that car. Perhaps the best color, even. It gets my vote.

  2. CGHill

    Since you’re the only hit on Bing for FYAYMITEWYGDW, I’ll hang back and wait for an explanation of the middle. (I think I have both ends covered.)

  3. galactagog

    stream of consciousness, all I could fathom from that string of acronym:

    ” fark you and your midget inbred tongueless eunuch, with Yobbo’s gigantic didgereedoo wanker ”

    Christopher Cross kicks ass…who the hell is Greg Barker??

  4. -Nate

    A funny thing , this ;
    I’m always upset because most articles these days seem to be all video and I want to read someone’s thoughts .
    I realize some thought goes into even the worst video but I don’t really get their thoughts and ideas .
    I don’t waste any time writing complaints about crappy videos instead of real Journalism though .
    I’m still wondering what the acronym is……
    I can only assume Mr. Barker is illiterate , a sad thing indeed .

  5. VolandoBajo

    Illiteracy is one of nature’s mechanisms for the survival of the fittest.

    In its extreme form, it extends to being unable to comprehend traffic signage.

    And I say “…and the horse he rode in on, too. And the saddlemaker as well.”


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