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As most of you know, my dear brother and I decided to combine our blogs a little over two months ago. As a result, I won’t be renewing the domain over at

However, it occurred to me that the page still gets a fair number of hits (around a hundred a day or so), and that some of the articles still get occasional links from elsewhere on the internet. So, I thought I’d move some of the more popular ones over here.

I’ve created a new category here called “Best of Bark,” and over the next few weeks, I’ll be moving much of my archive from the old site to the new one. If you are only familiar with my writings here, feel free to search the new category and check out some of my older work.

Here are some quick links to my favorites:

One Article That Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With Society

People Who Can’t Afford The Acura NSX Are Disappointed By It

I Never Did Like The Strokes

Flying on 9/11

The Best Kept Secret in Business Travel

Happy Weekend!

3 Replies to “New Category: Best of Bark”

  1. jstyer

    Enjoyed the stories, thanks for archiving them over here!

    Also, your picture looks… I don’t want to say creepy… odd? eerie? unsettling? That’s it, unsettling.

    Looks like you’re giving Mr. Bond one last farewell via video as he’s strapped to the doomsday device.

  2. Paul Alexander

    Thanks for the heads up on Kimpton Hotels, I’m going to have to check one of them out. They’re building one near me in Sac, but I guess the Sir Francis Drake in SF is already a Kimpton hotel, which is an amazing building near Union Square.

    The rooftop lounges sound awesome. And that story about the car in Portland, that’s how you do it!


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