I’m Back Like a Rebel Making Trouble at Jalopnik

Go read me at Jalopnik. Please. It’s a wonderful tale of a brilliant young M&A specialist and his gorgeous Porsche, and how I drove the heck out of it at Atlanta Motorsports Park. I give my own work two thumbs up. 

8 Replies to “I’m Back Like a Rebel Making Trouble at Jalopnik”

  1. Gert Frobe's Body Double

    There’s a seriously good chance that you’ll be giving a point by ortwo to an MR2, or BRZ, or especially the aforementioned NA Miata

    contorted my brain looking for obscure racing lingo for about 10 seconds before realizing it was a typo.

    that’s cruel.

    • Bark M Post author

      I should have taken some. That thing was great. Totally stock, as far as I could tell. Kinda removes all the excuses one has for not tracking.


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