Number 100, And A Retrospective


It isn’t a particularly remarkable post in any way, but my article on TTAC today is the one hundredth article that I’ve posted on car blogs (TTAC, Jalopnik, and Road and Track, specifically). I thought I’d take this moment to do a look back on some of my favorites, and to send out some shoutouts to those who’ve made it possible.

My very first post ever was thanks to my big brother, who let me share my impressions of the 2008 SCCA Solo Nationals on Speed:Sport:Life, Zerin Dube’s fine blog. I was thrilled at the time, because it got four comments, and there was even a thread about it on I never planned to write anything else.

I’ve gone on and on about my first TTAC post ever, so I won’t bother linking that one again. Instead, I’d like to take this chance to share some of my favorites from the last three years under four different editors that you might have missed.

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Why Don’t Readers Care More About Actual Driving?


I spent a significant amount of time this week editing video and piecing together a write-up of my experiences at the Ford ST Octane Academy over the weekend for TTAC. I did all this despite knowing that it would probably receive less than ten comments and be read by virtually nobody.

What I’ve learned in my three years of writing for The Truth About Cars is that automotive blog readers mostly care about the following things, in order:

0. Shiny pictures of new cars

1. Talking about how you should never actually buy one of those shiny new cars

2. Talking about how financing new cars is only for idiots

3-999. Anything and everything other than how they can drive their own cars or rent racecars and drive on actual racetracks

1000. Driving cars on racetracks

I think I might know why that is.

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