Spotter’s Guide To Radius Issue 3

What the heck is a Radius, anyway?

I’m (kinda) glad you asked. Radius is Hagerty’s private giveaway magazine for certain insurance customers and intenders. I believe that they think of it as a sort of American take on Octane. After reading the bulk of the first issue, to which I contributed a small piece, I asked to be left out of future issues.

Prior to my termination, however, I was directed by management to contribute a pair of pieces to Radius 03. The first was a drastically bowdlerized version of my 765LT Spider review for Hagerty’s website. The other one, which was also the final thing I wrote for Hagerty’s printed media, happens to be a damp squib of a non-driving summary piece about the new V6 Ferrari Dino. What a way to end a career!

As a kindness, or perhaps as a way to make some room on the list for someone who didn’t write anything in the issue, I was left off the masthead for Radius 03. Hope she saw it, bro.

I can’t tell you to get a copy of Radius, although the first person to stop by my house and ask can have the one in the photo for free. I can tell you how to read my Substack, which is 100% full of things that I wrote with a full heart (clear eyes, can’t lose a Honda Challenge race and in fact I never did) and no sense of compulsion, obligation, or desperation behind the words. It’s at Avoidable Contact Forever, and I’d like you to join me there. You can read more than one thousand free articles and decide if you’re willing to pay for the rest. I can also be periodically found in the Washington Examiner and various cycling publications.

This site will continue into the foreseeable future with my brilliant co-writers and the occasional contribution from me as well. I remain grateful to all my friends and readers. Your loyalty and kindness has enabled me to feed my son when other people chose to let me down at the worst possible time. See you around.

25 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To Radius Issue 3”

  1. Frightastic

    Um, Cosine? Vector? Tangent? Vertigo? Speculum? Phallus no wait PHALLIC!! Guess my media marketing and product planning career is not off to an auspicious start. Seems Jack isn’t just burning the longship on the invasion beach but freakin’ napalming it with lasers man, freakin lasers!
    PS: yeah, Jack’s new substack is that good and he’s just getting started. Sign up now (this writer has no financial conflicts to disclose)

  2. CJinSD

    The Hack Mechanic wrote that he told someone he did a favor to that they should make a donation to Planned Parenthood in his mother’s name. Somehow endorsing a genocidal white supremacist organization isn’t as offensive to Hagerty as hurting the feelings of a GM exec.

    • Mr. Ed

      What’s rich is that he wrote that with no sense of irony whatsoever…a sexagenarian whose mother obviously did not abort him requesting a donation to an abortion provider in his *mother’s* name. The joke writes itself.

    • Scotten

      Sadly this so-called genocide organization didn’t get to you parents before they performed their Christian Duty and created you.

      • JMcG

        Sadly, your parents didn’t perform their duty and see that you were properly educated in the fundamentals of grammar.

  3. anatoly arutunoff

    i subscribed to whatever you required a subscription to. is this it? if not, how do i get to it? thanks!

  4. -Nate

    Waitaminnit ! .

    I didn’t have to join and pay to read substack ?! .

    Oh well, too late now and I’m enjoying it, that’s the main thing .


        • John C.

          Regarding stamps, a collector buys, never sells. The problem usually comes in when the stamp dealer rips off the widow. As my daughter also collects…

          Jack’s prices, especially with the discount code, are quite reasonable. His new direction of tearing things down and “starting shit” are really not for me. Insulting and belittling that second gen GM exec while ignoring the mass of AA execs really rubbed me the wrong way. So If I was over there, I would be mostly posting heckling comments. Jack doesn’t need that, it is his megaphone..

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Most of the new stuff is and will be part of the paid subscription. I’ll do one or two free articles a week.

  5. Sobro

    Yeah, I noticed the newest article about the Toyobaru had a “lock”.

    On we had a thread started about the blown motor guy and I wanted to link to Jack’s take but didn’t know if it would even take due to being locked. And unless I had permission I wasn’t going to copy/pasta anything.

  6. -Nate

    “You can’t read more than a teaser of the current article or comment unless you subscribe.”

    Okay, now I get it .

    Good thing I subscribed .



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