Number 100, And A Retrospective


It isn’t a particularly remarkable post in any way, but my article on TTAC today is the one hundredth article that I’ve posted on car blogs (TTAC, Jalopnik, and Road and Track, specifically). I thought I’d take this moment to do a look back on some of my favorites, and to send out some shoutouts to those who’ve made it possible.

My very first post ever was thanks to my big brother, who let me share my impressions of the 2008 SCCA Solo Nationals on Speed:Sport:Life, Zerin Dube’s fine blog. I was thrilled at the time, because it got four comments, and there was even a thread about it on I never planned to write anything else.

I’ve gone on and on about my first TTAC post ever, so I won’t bother linking that one again. Instead, I’d like to take this chance to share some of my favorites from the last three years under four different editors that you might have missed.

I shared the story of the “Big Dog” with readers here. I talked about my own relationship with my dad (and uncovered a lot of jealousy in the B&B) here. I offended an entire nation of jorts wearers in this one. I helped my friend Angela get a resolution from GM. I got the chance the drive a new Chevrolet SS, thanks to one of our loyal readers, despite writing an article that was was the second-most popular Reddit of the year about how much it sucked.

Back when we used to do fiction, I wrote a bunch of it, including this favorite—or maybe this favorite. I challenged the way a lot of the B&B think about car buying many times, including this one. I wrote a recap of the strangest day of my adult life. 

Travis Okulski and Patrick George have been nice enough to let me contribute here and there at Jalopnik, and Travis has even taken a couple of pieces from me at Road and Track, too. Thanks, guys. Hopefully I can keep sending you stuff, and maybe you’ll even keep printing it.

But I wouldn’t have any of these bylines if it weren’t for my big brother, who has always been my biggest fan and biggest supporter. I’ve been happy to ride your 48L coattails, bro.

Here’s looking forward to the next hundred, and here’s hoping that I keep getting better as a writer, too. It’s always been just a hobby, but I realize that with great power comes great responsibility. I know that literally thousands of people would love to have the opportunities that I’ve been given, and I take it all very seriously. Thanks to all of you who’ve ever clicked on a single post of mine. It means the world to me.

And if you’re in Detroit this weekend, let me know. I’d love to hang out.


6 Replies to “Number 100, And A Retrospective”

    • Bark M Post author

      I’m happy to be able to claim some sort of responsibility for your participation at TTAC. You’ve done me proud, son. Sniff.

  1. Dan S

    I generally spend a bit more time commenting on hour brother’s articles, but I live in the area, would love to meet up if either of you are in town, just shoot me an email.

    If nothing else, I can talk cars like its my job (it is), and give you the lowdown on good bars in Ann arbor, ferndale, or some other parts of metro Detroit.


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