What/Who/Where/Why/How the BarkCast?


Unfortunately, I was unable to get the gentlemen with me in the picture above to agree to be the next guests on the BarkCast, but I did make a valiant effort. I think they thought that Matt Farah and Sam Smith would be tough acts to follow.

That being said, I want to take this opportunity to talk about what the BarkCast is, what it might be, what it definitely isn’t, and how it can serve you, the reader, better.

The BarkCast is definitely not an automotive-only podcast. There are people doing that already, and they’re doing it better than we ever could. If you listened to the first episode, you’ll notice that we barely talked about anything related to cars, and I think the result was better because of it. Most of the people in this business that have great opinions about cars (i.e., not just ad-copy reviewers) also have great opinions about other things, and I want to bring those to you.

I’d also like to have episodes that deal with music, art, fashion, literature, politics…you name it, we’ll discuss it in a typically irreverent fashion. I want to bring people to you that have compelling personal stories and experiences.

But mostly, I want to hear from you. Whom would you be interesting in hearing about? What topics would you like to hear us touch on?

There’s a good chance that the BarkCast could be coming to a town near YOU in the not-too-distant future. As my business travels take me around the world, I’d love the chance to invite some of you to be audience members, or maybe even guests (assuming you have interesting things to say).  If you have cool venues in mind in your town where we can set up a TASCAM, let us know.

I can assure you that we already have a fantastic guest tentatively lined up for BarkCast #2, and we’ll work to make it interesting each and every time we click “record.”

So feel free to either comment below or contact me directly at barkm302@gmail.com and we will do our best to make our literally dozens of readers happy.

8 Replies to “What/Who/Where/Why/How the BarkCast?”

  1. jz78817

    I’ll have to give it a listen. After WRIF dropped Drew & Mike I haven’t found anything on the radio worth listening to during drive time (Dave & Chuck “The Freak” can piss off.) I’ve been slow getting into podcasts since a few of the early one I tried listening to were too much “uhh. huh-huh, so this is uh… like, uh, our podcast or something? lol I can talking on intarneeet!”

    next time you’re in the Detroit area, give me a heads-up 🙂 I’m sure you can see my e-mail address from there.

  2. VTNoah

    Are you guys going to use shout engine as your platform? Tried finding episode one on my podcast app and couldn’t find it. Look forward to listening.

  3. CGHill

    Well, I listened to all 40 minutes of it, and it was about as automotive as the Itty Bitty Security Podcast (now apparently on hiatus), but the interplay among the participants made it all worthwhile.

    Well, that and the Femme From Nowhere who suddenly appeared and expressed her desire for a Civic Si.

  4. Nostrathomas

    I always thought you’d make a great guest on the Autoblog podcast, so I’m glad to hear you guys are wading into the pool to see where that can go. Content wise, just give us what you think is good. I’m sure whatever it is, it will be smart and insightful. Do realize though that people mainly come here for the automotive insight…I know I do. The fashion tips are just a bonus.

    As for the first episode, to be honest, I had to turn it off after 2 minutes. No because of the content, but because the production value was so poor it made it hard to listen to. It doesn’t matter what the story is, if it’s just 4 guys in a hotel room yelling over each other at the same time, its hard to keep listening. Mic everyone up, and you’re good to go.


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