Super Bowl 50: The Bark Pick

Short and sweet:

Panthers 45, Broncos 10

Unfortunately, I don’t see any way that this ends well for Peyton Manning. Demaryius Thomas has disappeared this postseason, and Manning simply cannot throw the ball downfield. This will allow the Panthers to set their linebackers loose on the run game, rendering Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson useless. 

On the other side, Cam Newton is more difficult to defend than any other quarterback in football. The Broncos’ pass rush will be slowed by Newton’s running ability, and the Panthers will be the beneficiary of good field position all night, due to Manning’s inability to move the Broncos against the Panthers’ elite defense. 

In other words, if you’re a Broncos fan, I suggest that you find something else to do for the second half, as this game is going to be ugly. 

11 Replies to “Super Bowl 50: The Bark Pick”

  1. Steve Lynch

    Bark is right, it will be a blowout.

    Why do all the so-called experts think the Panthers will win by only 3 to 10 points?

  2. Josh

    If the Panthers play THEIR game–the same way they’ve played all year–they win in a walk. If they headcase it up, if the game is too big for them, then give me Manning. If the running game can hold up, they play keep away & the Broncos win close.

  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Glad I didn’t read this before the game and put my money on Carolina. 🙂

    Actually, I don’t bet on feetball, or any game for that matter. Did see clips and bits of the game while at a party, but typically I don’t watch any games. Just not my cup of tea.

  4. Felis Concolor

    And this is why you actually play the game. Thug levels, while minimal, were a much bigger blow against the kitties, and early momentum – as always – is the single most important factor.

  5. Bark M Post author

    Good lord, was I ever wrong.

    I think the stage was too big for the Panthers. I didn’t anticipate a total collapse by Cam. He didn’t play like Cam Newton. I think the interior line pressure prevented him from escaping the pocket.

    That being said, the Broncos came very close to being the first team to win without scoring an offensive touchdown. Without Cam’s two fumbles and a missed field goal…but, as you said, that’s why they play the games.

    • Felis Concolor

      I did enjoy the moment when Manning figured out handing the field to his defense was the optimal strategy – and they delivered him a 1st and goal position. It also looked like the Broncos were slowing up their defense and not allowing for a chaotic rush, in which Cam seems to excel.

      Win or lose, it was a much better game than most I have watched. Blowouts are boring.

      • Bark M Post author

        It was almost like The Waterboy, when they figured out that the best way to score was to have Bobby Boucher do it on defense.


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