The Barkcast is BACK for NYIAS, And YOU Can Steer The Script

That’s right—we’ll be Barkcasting LIVE from the crown jewel of the Kimpton hotel chain, Ink48, next week. Featured guests to include the Boost Brothers, otherwise known as Bozi and Bojan Tatarevic, the legendary Danger Girl, and maybe even another guest or two to be named later (hint: one of them likes to wear scarves and the other one… also likes to wear scarves, but is a girl).

What are we gonna talk about? Well, that’s up to you!

This is your chance to have us rap about whatever you would like. What does Jack really think of Motor Trend? Does Bark ever see himself buying a car that isn’t a Ford? Do you still not understand the whole concept of the banks controlling the late-model used car market? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll talk about it.

Also, does the podcast format work for you, or do you prefer Facebook Live? Or SHOULD WE DO BOTH??

Anyway, the floor is yours. Go!

19 Replies to “The Barkcast is BACK for NYIAS, And YOU Can Steer The Script”

  1. Highly Filtered Female

    More Danger Girl!!!!! What would she do differently in her racing career? How important is her SCCA training and license? What path would she recommend to those starting out? What kind of track car should a novice start out with? What is her favorite track? What is coming up next?

    As for the format… Whatever we can watch later if we can’t watch it live.

  2. Dale

    I always liked Cameron Auberon’s writing, so any chance you could have her on?

    Podcast works better for me.

  3. Disinterested-Observer

    In the Boost Bros video about DG’s Miata I was admiring the massive cage, esp the side impact on the driver’s side. Can you tell us about it?

  4. zzr rider

    No Facebook because eff that thing.

    New Golf R is already discounted here, with financing stretched out til the sun burns up the earth. Should I?

    What track/driving school combo should a racer wannabe attend for max learning and max enjoyment? (FYI, superbikes suck at Sears Point but are unbelievably great at Utah Motorsports Campus)

    Does R&T have any explicit mission to remain a bastion of literacy and actual driving enthusiasm? It can’t be lucrative but if we lose R&T, all we’ve got left are bloggists who kant spel

  5. dave

    In the immortal words of Paul Mooney – ‘Everybody wanna be a nigga but don’t nobody wanna be a nigga.’

  6. Economist

    Podcast, please. The less I have to interact with Facebook, the better.
    The last two podcasts with Bark and Jack were hilarious, you guys can talk about whatever you want and it will probably turn out just fine.

  7. Paul

    Bark, questions for you,
    Do you miss your Mustang? What do you miss most about it?
    I keep reading RS ride is harsh, is that true?
    Will you consider buying another Mustang?

  8. Bigtruckseriesreview

    I’ll be at NYIAS shooting the entire show on my iPhone 7 Plus 256GB (with the help of a Mophie 8x)

    My ticket is for opening Friday so I will be there as soon as the doors open.

    There’s really nothing of interest to me besides the TRACKHAWK, Demon and The Durango SRT (which I myself wouldn’t be in the market for).

    What days will you be at the show Jack cause I’ll drive there just to say hi in person.

  9. Bigtruckseriesreview

    I’ll warn you right now…if you plan on doing Facebook Live or Youtube Live, you’d better be sure to secure a stable internet connection. the WiFi will be overloaded and my AT&T cellular, inside Javitz is not strong enough to keep me live for long.

    It’s actually just better to wait till I can upload my videos to Youtube so I get 1080p and 4K rather than Facebook’s or Youtube Live’s shitty 720p cap.

  10. Nick D

    Here’s what’s on my mind.

    1. I’m considering exercising my 2A rights and torn between the default Glock 19, an XD Mod 2, or a CZ P07. I’d probably appendix carry, which makes me lean toward the XD as the grip safety provides another layer of security (yes, I know guns just don’t go off, but a state police swat team friend just told me a guy on his team put a round through the floor of his car). I would also want to compete with it, hence the desire for a double stack wonder 9. I learned to shoot pistols on a Sig, so don’t hate a DA/SA setup, but recognize the impact the longer pull can have on sight picture.

    2. I sent an ask bark question in and demand instant feedback for free advice. Why have I not gotten any? I AM A SNOWFLAKE DAMNIT.

    3. Has anyone run a World Racing League event? I’m making the jump from lemons (class C and class A car expirence). What’s it like if you know?

    4. On the subject of entitlements to free things, my Insight looks so forlorn with 4 track decals and an explorer V8 badge on the back window. When will a Texas edition badge arrive? I die a little inside every time I hear the iron duke mail jeep pull up and drive away without leaving the badge.

    • Disinterested-Observer

      1. CZ FTW, or just stick with Sig. However, If you are truly going to exercise your rights, unless you are a really big dude who wears baggy clothes you will quickly find that none of those options are great for everyday carry. As Robert Farago used to say (yes it’s a much older expression but he was the first person I read who used it) “Horses for courses”.

      2. I too, have requested free advice from Bark and not heard anything. ACKNOWLEDGE MEEEEEE!!!!

    • Jack Baruth

      1. A Glock is a tool for killing people. Anything else is a toy that might work when you need it. Source: have used a pistol in a social situation.

      3. I ran with them two years ago. At the time I got the impression that they were still working things out. But I had dinner with Ross Bentley on Friday and he told me a lot of good things. We are thinking about doing their Daytona event.

      4. I never sent them for a few reasons — but let me go through my spreadsheet and get you taken care of.

  11. Nick D

    I’ve been day drinking smoking a nice brisket, so here are a few more.

    5. I’ve doubled the voltage in our power wheel, making my oldest boy swamped by a pair of twins and two other girls his age. He’s 6. How should i handle?

    6. See above. My son has the only overdriven nerf rival gun on the block. With LiOn batteries, it leaves welts worse than paintballs but makes my son dominate the street’s nerf gun wars.

    • Jack Baruth

      5. 50cc Comer C51 is the next logical upgrade. Outlaw build should get you 3.7 hp which will take even a blocky Power Wheels to 45mph.

      6. Try SuperGluing a BB into the nose of the MEGA Darts.

      • Nick D

        Thanks for the input.

        I am actually in the process of scheduling a lesson/kart rental/instruction with my oldest at the New Castle Speedway to see how he likes it.

  12. Aoletsgo

    The wife and daughter are both running over their allotted monthly miles on their lease cars. So I was considering an extra car to burn some miles and use as a mini hauler of junk and stuff. I qualify for a 24 month lease on a Chevy Equinox LS FWD for $999 down and $55 per month. I know it is not a fantastic car but does this not look like a deal can’t be beat?


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